Friday, August 05, 2005

working for the weekend

the liquored up life of Lil Mike:

A lot of you have asked what is it like living it up oh yeah out here on the left coast...

well, it's highly freaking glamorous I'd like to tell ya, but I've been a busy lil beaver and have hardly had time to think, much less sleep...

Dirtbombs- Chains of Love

been trudging the LA zone down south for daze on a mission...heat, smog & very little leisure relief

The Residents - Ramblin' Man

( note : I once owned a disco ball that hung in the wherehouse these guys used to live in at 18 Sycamore... We then hung it at Komotion in the mission for years over the stage, and I think my pal Jimmy might still have it. )

While In L.A there was no rest for the wicked, although, I did manage to catch the cute as a button "Mad Hot Ballroom" documentary one night at that theater near Pink's Hotdogs on La Brea...

One night I stumbled into a bar in Carson looking for a beer and caught some crazy ghetto comedy night hosted by one Black Kasper supposedly of BET fame. It became apparent rather quickly that I was shocking people by being the only white guy in the room, including the doorman who brusquely asked me " What Do You Want?"

"uh, a beer?" was my sheepish answer... I soon got a lot more than I bargained for, and was privy to quite a few rants of quasi amateur hood rat comedy material that was uh, sorta "bawdy" I suppose you could say. A lot more so than the night I caught Paul Mooney, Chris Rock & Eddie Griffin opening up for Richard Pryor at The Comedy Store.

Here the focus was on various sexual techniques including Michael Jackson's, the weight loss benefits of crack smoking, how to's on keeping bitches in line, Easy E's downfall by AIDS and how we can all better deal with various sexually transmitted diseases through homophobia. A fine wholesome time was had by all...brought to us by our sponsor "Nitro 2 Go" energy drinks. I think I ended up with a t-shirt after a few vodka greyhounds...

here's a list of the near misses:

tried to catch the Violent Femmes at Amoeba, but the traffic was snarled at rush hour coming from downtown and was worse all over Sunset & Vine. When I saw the hordes streaming out of the joint into the packed parking garage at The Cinerama Dome, I realized I was more than a few minutes late, so I went to Shakey's pizza to cry into a $2 beer... mmm beer.

beer is good...

Missed my pal Jon's band The Underwater City People at Kiss or Kill Night @ The Echo with The Muffs. If only I lved closer, cuz they always have happening shows including their CD release on Aug 30th at The Echo, a slot at The Sunset Junction Streetfair and this swell upcoming punky ring ding & Bar BQ of sorts...

Underwater City People - Kiss Or Kill Podcast

The Muffs - Nothing

The Muffs - Silly People

other sh*t that looked cool I couldn't get to:

Since catching culture wasn't seemingly on the menu, it was dinner time I suppose...

Considered eating at Alegria on Pine in Long Beach where I had a great paella the last time I was through , or Wasabi's rock n roll sushi joint, but instead ate at King's Fish House, which was pretty good... hearty american old school seafood fare...

other restaurants I testify beyond a doubt are worth a stop, sip & bite in L.A : Canter's & The Kibitz Room, Vienna Cafe' & Melrose Baking Co., Ammo , Barbara's at The Brewery, Yamishiro, Chinois on Main, Zip Fusion , Sushi Roku in Santa Monica and numerous anonymous taco stands..

Then, on the last morning, after an early morning wake up call, a chance purchase of some bootleg DVDs and more beebopping around downtown, it was time to spend hours in the vehicle on the rebound. Highlights included watching the temperature gauge, a gnarly up hill traffic jam on the grapevine & a whole day spent hurtling into the heat across the 108 degree fahrenheit central valley lasterday... ( that's 42 celsius my metric minions). Lunch was a 7 Layer Taco Bell burrito somewhere outside of Cow-shwitz aka Harris Ranch near Coalinga on Hwy 5.

John Doe - Hwy 5

Lagwagon - A Feedbag of Truckstop Poetry

( Lagwagon are a band I've always been fond of, not so much for the sound, but their adorable little souls, likely long since soild to the devil. Until you've seen them play with ferrets, and wake up your sleeping girlfriend while drunkenly arguing the merits of Iron Maiden in your basement at 3 am, you really just don't know all their is to know about Lagwagon)

Arrived back in bay area at dusk & worked last night til 2 am, afterwards realized i didn't have my apt keys in SF! If only I lived in Monsanto's Home of The Future... It would be so much more fun to be locked out.

Disneyland - Monsanto's Home Of The Future - 5 min tour

DOH ! so I got a ride to crash in Oakland, which then got stuck in bar closing & Bay Bridge construction traffic, so being clever we then went around another 20 miles to the San Mateo Bridge to "save time"... finally hit sack around 4 am and awoke in a panic at 7am in order to get in town in time for a job interview... which surprisingly went well...

and instead of celebrating, and meeting my pal Bone Cootes for a beer like I said I would, i'm blogging in my office, and holding onto my last $6 so i can get to work tomorrow morn...

Bone Cootes - No More Flowers - from his top secret Mock Piehole Cd

enjoy yer weekend

cuz i'm a be working y'all.

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