Saturday, August 06, 2005

Buñuel = Bummer whereas Bun E Carlos = The Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!! while Bob Novak = Boring Nincompoop

Thanks to the upstanding blogging at some site known as B12 Partners Solipsism, I'm now privy to the paranoid Novakian concepts and constructs that plague the man and myth known as Bob... Indeed this aged attention grabbing Novak, Man of Mystery is everywhere these days. Which leads us to his comments just prior to his much publicized storming off the CNN Crossfire set this week ( I suggest you read Lakshmi Chaudhry's take on Novak-o-rama if yer seeking some actual semblance of sense ... or just watch the clip at I film)

Moments before Carville got his goat, and with a copy of Who's Who lurking, the topic was on FL's Katherine Harris, who claims the media exaggerates her features in photoshopped images...a claim which Novak sympathizes with.

Novak: A lot of my trouble in the world is that they’ve doctored my make-up and colorized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture. So, I sympathize with her.

Now via the volunteer Photoshop army has been called out to properly display Novak's inner beauty, send yers in today and be famous for 15 seconds.

Anyhow, not to dwell in the hyperbole, semiotics and general b.s of everyday tv-landia, which is some sh*t I just don't plain have much time for... but via the blogosphere's crooksandliars I got to catch this outlandish lil piece of "Fox News Live". In this Quicktime clip, Rupert's commentator blathers on about his theory that Al Qaeda may be planting Brazilians on the London subway so that British cops would shoot them...remarking of of our invisible enemies "They can do all kinds of things..."

So where were we, oh yes, welcome to my moonlit miasma of mp3 mania

another pointless post of incomplete thoughts & wanton web scavenging for yer hungry ears (as I wait for the new improved Audioscrobbler site to emerge from a restful slumber...)

It seems I can't sleep or stop sharing these tracks... so y'all just better dig on 'em.

In our first section of this post , some of my fave Mash Up masters known as Team 9 are whacking up some fine oldies for our amusement. Paying their dues in this all star virtual collaboration are john lennon vs the temptations Ball of Confusion and even a cameo from Jim Morrison. THe next one is even naughtier , juxtaposing Aerosmith's old school cut "Mama Kin" w/ Martha and the Vandella's 'Dancing in the Street'. If Steven Tyler weren't a Stepford rocking clone these days, he'd prolly even be proud.

Team 9 - Ball of Confused Imagination

Team 9 - Mama Kin in the Street..

Way slick and hip these daze is the ex-Marine known as Shaggy , here he is rockin one of his breakthrough tracks of awhile back...

Shaggy - Mr. Boombastic

One of the better tunes to emerge from the speedfreak & dope dens around the SF Mission District circa 1995, was this budget classic from Hickey written by the late rock n roll junkie warrior Matty Luv about an incident at a local late night taqueria ..."El Farolito (Saved My Life Tonight)"

Hickey- El Farolito (Saved My Life Tonight)

the track above was originally on a split 7" w/ Hickey's buddies, the band All You Can Eat, who lived a little less hard, but travelled around way more... who despite their obscurity, managed to tour to Brazil & Japan. Here's their sloppy rockin' cover of a Run DMC classic

All You Can Eat - It's Tricky

Speaking of sloppy, Lee Scratch Perry the ancient dub master should be in the sloppy hall of fame. This muddy lil' track might play be Black Ark elevator music for when ya get stuck in the time space continuum between joints between floors in the house that dub built...

Lee Scratch Perry - Dub Voodoo

Ratatat, less frenetically charged than their name might suggest, we get a dose of illusory ambient po-mo shoegazer disco videogame post - rock ? Tortoise meets Pac Man? whatever looks like this...

but it sounds like this... Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Ratatat - Pico

In the 80's, in the grand insanely beatific tradition of fellow Texan Roky Erikson, emerged so called outsider artist Daniel Johnston. Falling somewhere between Brian Wilson & the late Wesley Willis on the songwriting map, here's some of his homespun self analysis in song from the Rejected Unknown fansite with tons more Daniel downloads...

Daniel Johnston - Lazy

Daniel Johnston - I Picture Myself With A Guitar

Come Tomorrow Night :

I'll be slinging drinks and hopefully it's more fun than the ideal joint described here...

"The bar . . . is an exercise in solitude. Above all else, it must be quiet, dark, very comfortable—and, contrary to modern mores, no music of any kind, no matter how faint. In sum, there should be no more than a dozen tables, and a clientele that doesn’t like to talk. "

Luis Buñuel

not sure i agree with that ornery euro trash filmmaker: but i sure dig that Bun E Carlos.

Cheap Trick - Southern Girls

Cheap Trick - Surrender

and while we're at it, who doesn't love the stupid & strangely inspiring pix of obscure old defunct glam bands i found at Glam Rock Bear's site...


Bearded Lady

The Jook


Yellow Bird


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