Monday, August 08, 2005

Two Fer Tuesdaze Gone

I just stormed out of a job today, laughing at some jerk who I was working a temp assignment for at the Linux World convention here in SF, and after an hour just decided it wasn't worth the piddly money.

Just cuz yer paying slave wages, doesn't mean I am yer f*ckin slave... you fat forty something bearded bitch boy!

some rebel rawk downloads for y'all ( note: I'm repeating some SaveFile links from recent posts because they'll be deleted within a few days if no one downloads 'em) -

Dsico (That No Talent Hack) - Jailbreak [AC / DC cover]

Bone Cootes - No More Flowers

The Avengers - Teenage Rebel

Bad Brains - Pay To Cum

MC5 - American Ruse

Flipper - Get Away

Some sweaty hairy fat dweeb from some magazine based in Jersey got off on the wrong foot with me, and pissed me off one to many times in the hour and a half I spent around him on the convention floor. I was doing a no brainer job, collecting leads via badge scanning, and distributing literature politely, and doing so fairly efficiently if I don't say so myself.

Me and the hot tradeshow talentrix brazilian babe & me had 140 some leads collected with one scanner in less than 90 minutes...

But this guy was a bitchy whiner worry wart, so I left him holding his own bag, literally, surrounded by anxious geeks grabbing for his lame canvas tote bags.

Oh well.. I'll burn another bridge when I come to it I suppose... but fuck if I'm gonna be around that prick three days making him feel superior...

I've always been a rebel, and I love being free & unashamed enough to just say "F You" and walk when I want... It may be dumb, but I gottta have my "FreeDumb" ...

better broke than bent over a barrel I say...

Another lady that won't take shit and gets a salute from me is Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in Sadr City Iraq fighting that senseless piece of sh*t war. She spent the weekend out in Crawford outside Bush's ranch trying to ask the Prez for what good reason did her son have to die.

If you'd like to contribute to keep Cindy Sheehan & other Gold Star Families For Peace making appearnaces and pressuring President Bush, send a couple bucks their way.

We can barely even focus on getting our own country on it's feet, yet we're spending an arm & a leg thousands of miles away so Bush & his buddies can clean up on no-bid contracts and backroom deals.

Great, just fricking great... I'm sure Cindy Sheehan is excited that her gas prices went down, oh , they didn't?

I remember growing up in upstate NY listening to one of those corporate rock stations that had the same format as a thousand other identical stations coast to coast.

Their slogan was "Long Live Rock" and I had me one of those 3/4 length baseball sleeve shirts that advertised that slogan in a silkscreen of bleeding red spray paint on the back and their call letters on the front.

I remember being on vacation on some other town and seeing an identical shirt, but with different call letters...

hey... was I duped into thinking we something special in our town & that the man couldn't bust our music?

you mean my fave 70s & 80s hard rock jams are a format! what ?

you mean someguy in Atlanta was programming the whole country?

man ! hey... I thought I was a rebel rocker... so much for the individual flava...

actual backstage promo-ganda from back in the day

It wasn't long until I rejected the recycled radio ready dinosaur rock churned out by Foreigner & Styx and friends started exploring new and more exciting musical landscapes.

Some of these "New Wave" tunes ame from across the pond courtesy of my new found friends at Miles Copeland's IRS Records, tunes from "The Damned", "Wazmo Nariz", "Squeeze" & "The Police" entered my world...

IRS even had some US bands like "The Fleshtones", "Cramps", and "The Dickies" and from Canada , Bob Rock's "Payola$".

link to :

an IRS records tribute page called IRS Corner


There was also the " New Wave of British Heavy Metal" from Iron Maiden, Motorhead & Girlschool etc...

I read about more indie stuff including some bands made right here in the USA via mags like Ira Robbin's Trouser Press & NY Rocker. The NY Scene was rich with underground groups including my neighborhood pal's cousins bands like "8 Eyed Spy". and "Teenage Jesus & The Jerks". Her name was Lydia Lunch and she looked scary and never came home to visit on holidays.

I discovered the left of the dial... the local college stations pumping early cuts by local area bands like "Blotto", "10,000 maniacs" and "Chesterfield Kings". Their were also groups hitting the airwaves from afar like "Romeovoid" & "The Blasters" who filtered in via obscure FM signals coming via Buffalo and over Lake Ontario from Toronto...

bands that were likely never heard from again,

Then MTV came along, and in it's early years actually played some cool videos, not "reality shows" and indeed introduced millions of viewers to groups like The Ramones, Flock of Seagulls & Devo.

Originally MTV had to play obscure European band videos because the major US groups were so busy raking in tour dough & buying cocaine, that they didn't really have any promo clips... ( Eventually Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac & Tom Petty caught on and the channel turned into a video version of Top 40 radio and then whatever the hell it is to this day)

an early MTV faves:

Flock of Seagulls - I Ran

which begat Haircut 100 & Spandau Ballet, soon the amazing rise of mega budget Michael Jackson, and cheese layered all over everything from New Edition , New Kids On The Block, all the way to Lil Bow Wow, Hanson, R Kelly, Matchbox 20, Staind and the rest of today's brightest and most deplorable MTV/VH1 stars...

As you can see though, the good ol' days of MTV were pretty short lived... and to this day The Ramones are only ever seen on MTV when someone in the band dies...

which leads one to believe, of course , the more things change, the more they stay the same...

FCC Payola Probe to Open

The FCC finally getting off their collective ass will now investigate the radio "pay for play" scandal that NY Attorney General Elliott Spitzer initiated against music giant Sony BMG to pay $10 million to settle payola charges. Now the FCC has jumped onboard, saying the scandal "may represent the most widespread violation of FCC rules in the history of American broadcasting," claims once blissfully unaware commissioner Jonathan Adelstein.

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