Sunday, August 21, 2005

Joan Jett - ain't selling out , but Garth Brooks ...sheeeeeet! R.I.P to Bisquit & John Loder

I'm posting a 4 song / 15 minute mini concert from a Joan Jett show held at some club in the Rockies awhile back. I have this gig on a DVD and excerpted the music from a late set medley that incorporates the Replacements' "Androgynous", Joan's own dirty little rocker "Fetish" with lyrics like "relax , I'm gonna pound your ass" and "watch you come". She then tears it up into a lively rockabilly infused version of James "Iggy" Osterberg's "Wild Child" and finishes up with Sly Stone's near immortal and unifying feel good anthem "Everyday People"... damn!

You can order the same show for less than $12 via Video Universe

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I bet a lot of people may have forgotten about Joan Jett, but she is far from slacking...and this rocking edgy set proves it. I think my favorite Joan Jett show is when I saw her perform with The Gits as Evil Stig back in 1995. Joan was helping bring to light the story of this largely unsung band, whose singer had been murdered. Joan cut an album of their old songs, and toured with The Gits, which made for an incredibly fierce live set.
The album itself is only in print in Japan, but if someone bugs me I might post a couple tracks for y'all soon, plus a rare Gits video I shot at The Covered Wagon Saloon in SF in 1993.

Unlike the money grubbing music industry tools like Jet, Led Zep & even Bob Dylan (or Garth Brooks mentioned below), Joan Jett has refused to participate in any marketing deals and you don't hear her music in commercials, despite some rather huge offers. I read an interview once where she said...

"It's hard to turn down, because there is no reward other than your integrity, and no one pats you on the back at the end of the day to thank you for that."

bonus track that it seems peeps been looking for due to a previous post :

Joan Jett - Wild Thing

and one more Joan track , even though that gawdawful Desmond Child co-wrote it

Joan Jett - I Hate Myself For Loving You

--------- music biz b.s ----------------

Garth Brooks Inks Exclusive Deal with Wal-Mart

Garth Brooks is entering a multi-year, exclusive pact with the world's dominant retailer, Wal-Mart, making Wal Mart's, Sam's Clubs and outlets the only places where his music will be commercially available. The deal marks the first time an artist has aligned himself and his entire catalog with one retail chain.

In the early 90's Brooks caused controversy when he cut an exclusive CD deal with a large burger chain that bypassed & pissed off traditional retailers who had helped build his new mass audience.

In Other News, while scanning the always informative Something I Learned Today:

I learned that Randall Biscuit Turner or The Big Boys & indie music distribution empresario John Loder have both passed away.

Randy / Bisquit was a flamboyant Austin denizen whose hi octane rock n roll bands broke musical ground in the eighties, and whose artwork decorated sleeves of many memorable releases. An artshow previously scheduled in Austin tonight, has instead become an impromptu wake, Turner was 56. His death was caused by "cirrhosis". Read more in articles from Austin American-Statesman and a cover profile that was coincidentally running this week in the Chronicle.

A little over a month ago I did a post that included 3 Big Boys MP3'z, and the always excellent Moistworks had recently done a post on The Big Boys that features several MP3z including the beautiful Sound on Sound and here's one more, a great jam in the tradition of their pals Minor Threat's :"Cashing In" called We Got Your Money"

While I never met Loder, 54, he was an Englishman held in high esteem by many people I knew, and his impact on underground music was vast. The London based Scientologist worked with Crass Records, and eventually ran Southern Distribution whose far reaching arms brought music from US labels like Dischord, Touch & Go, Ipecac and many others to hundreds of thousands of fans beginning in the eighties & through today. He was a big fan and help to Minor Threat & Fugazi, as well as groups like Babes in Toyland, MDC and many more.

Said Steve Albini of Loder's impact on his own life :

John was a hero and mentor to me. He was one of the great men: One who made greatness possible for others. I owe him a debt I can never repay, and I am having a hard time envisioning the world without him.

...John was not just admired and respected, he was loved -- truly loved -- by people like me. People like me, by the hundreds, who he helped, taught and honored with a blinding dedication, purity of vision and effort.I learned a lot from John, and I learned that one is never so wise that he can't still learn something new.

------------------- more trax from the Lil Mike e-wards program ---------------------

some other trax to continue your wicked weekend:

Billie Holiday - Yesterdays ( Junior Boys remix)

MIA - $10 - (cutprice poj mix)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood - Summerwine

Arthur Lee & Love - Wonder People

The Coup - Not Yet Free

Apollo Sunshine - I Was On The Moon

Supersuckers - Drink & Complain

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