Monday, February 27, 2006

Sexadelic Dead Hawaiian Fat Guy Dance Party

Google AdSense says We're over 80,000 random revelations page viewers since I started keeping track last spring almost a year or so ago in 2005...

by contrast, I note that McDonald's has served over 175 Billion Hamburgers since 1955

hmm... but i'm catching up...and doing it madcow & bird flu free in electronic hyperlinked vegetarian stylee, leaving behind way less methane, and wrappers...and slaughterhouse "offal"...

hmmm. ... uh, what else to say before we start the dance party...

how about, Today I just attended a lecture on "Rape in Renaissance Italy"...

uh, I had no idea the topic was so in depth, their was even a professor who'd flown out from from Texas Tech to speak to all 6 or 7 of us in the room... sadly, I could only stay a few minutes, and had to leave before it was even wrapped up...

tings i learned about Rape in Renaissance Italy, well it was popular, at least in art...
rape of the sabine women In fact the Romans sorta built a whole lotta heroic folklore on it, if not the basis of their culture. Check out the story about Romulus and the rape of the Sabine Women for background...

oh, and I guess you can even research court documents going back to the 1600's to read rape trial backround... old Roman paintings and sculptures are sorta like the court TV of their time. In fact the Italians loved rape so much, it was hardly a crime, and until 1981 as long as you married your rape victim, you could be exonerated !

That's like so, totally progressive... in an Italian goombah sort of way. In fact it's now 2006, and an Italian court recently rule d in favor of a man who forced his stepdaugther into performing oral copulation when she wouldn't have intercourse.mazing what passes for reason in some regions of the world. Read a recent news blurb I found that will "enlighten" you:
Sexually abusing a teenager is less serious a crime if the girl is not a virgin, An Italian court ruled in favor on Friday of a man in his forties, identified only as Marco T., who forced his 14-year old stepdaughter to have oral sex with him after she refused intercourse.

The man, had been sentenced to three years and four months in jail, lodged an appeal arguing that the fact that his stepdaughter had had sex with men before should have been taken into consideration during his trial as a mitigating factor.

The supreme court agreed, saying that because of her previous sexual experiences, the victim's "personality, from a sexual point of view, is much more developed than what would be normally expected of a girl of her age".

"It is therefore fair to argue that (the damage for the victim) would be lower" if the abused girl was not a virgin, Italian news agencies quoted the court as saying.
In recent years Italy's high courts have ruled that "an isolated and impulsive" pat on a woman's buttocks at work did not constitute sexual harassment, and returned a verdict that a woman could not have been raped because she was wearing skin-tight jeans.

Here's some realted links on Rape in Renaissance Art if ya have the time to get as sidetracked as I

hey now, before ya start downloadin' the music, do ya wanna ...

Add this page to Del.ICIO.US ?

anyhow...Vampyros Lesbos...goofy german horror classic

this flick has a great psychedelic euro trash late 60's soundtrack by Manfred Hubler & Siegfreid Schwab... not only is the film finally out on DVD, but the soundtrack... it's available on CD, here's some cuts from it ... check it out...

Vampyros Lesbos (Sdtrk)- We Don't Care

Vampyros Lesbos (Sdtrk ) The Lion & The Cucumber

speaking of scary psychedelic homo monsters on the loose...

here's something for all you George Michael fans ... a song where he claims to be a manaic, and dangerous...and really who knew?

Wham... a track from their last single, Edge of Heaven... circa 1990 or so

Wham - Edge of Heaven

and we all know that trying to get to the Edge of Heaven leads to, uh, passing out in a parked car, who hasn't done that, oh wait..maybe the answer is somewhere over the rainbow...

The guy who recorded this next song was a huge Hawaiian, and not just huge in the showbiz sense. Israel was a severley overweight behemoth, with a high beautiful lilting voice.
performing before his death with atube in his nose

A true giant, who was once part of the group called the Makaha Sons Of Nihau... Nihau is an island in the Hawaiian islands reserved for true natives, and is basically untainted by tourists in rental cars from Iowa with cameras around their necks ...

Read about Iz's past in this informative article printed last year from the Honolulu Star

He put out several albums before his death at age 38, but this track is likely his most famous... having been in various movies like "Meet Joe Black", "Gideon's Crossing," "Finding Forrester," "50 First Dates" and a season ending episode of ER in 2001 as well as an TV commercial.

His music is perfect for when you're lazily hanging out in the islands , or even just wishing maybe you was there...

from his popular 1993 album Facing Future

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole What A Wonderful World / Somewhere Over The Rainbow

and from that same album, a 1 minute snippet of his island reggae version of John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads

Here's the a track from his album "In This Life"

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - "In This This Life"

here is a live recording from the posthumous album "Iz in Concert"

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Hene Hene Kou Aka

anyhow... here's a review from one of Iz's last tour shows in Marin circa 1996.... and enjoy the music and the mele nahenahe

I gots to go...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday You Need Love, Monday Be Alone

Well, it's a lazy overcast Sunday here out in the Frisco bay...
uh, almost gloomy by golly...

in fact comes the rain again...

Yesterday was simply another matter all together, sparkling and gorgeous and I spent it galavanting around my former stomping grounds in the Valley Of The Moon in eastern Sonoma County.

Indeed the mustard was in bloom, just like in the picture...

Spent the afternoon enjoying the fresh air, and drinking afair amount of very fine wine, mostly reds. Here's a snapshot I took of the Viansa wetlands preserve in Carneros as the fog burned off...Viansa Wetlands

I even picked up a case of a remarkable red from Kunde vineyardds (near Kenwood) called appropriately "Vallee De La Luna". It spent about 18 months in oak, and a couple more in the bottle, and is a robust blend of ready to drink mellowed fruit flavor...a distinct blend of all Sonoma grown grapes, 42% Petite Sirah, 33% Grenache, 18% Mourvedre, and 7% Muscat Canelli and I'm pretty happy so far, especially since they marked it down about 60% for me from $22 a bottle to around $7 a bottle... yeah boyee!Kunde Tasting Room

This of course was followed by my second evening of Scotch tasting and mini golf sponsored by The Glenlivet at an undisclosed location South of Market.

Glenlivin It !

Somehow, I kept it together and I followed all that hoopla that all up with an Italian family style dnner at the legendary North Beach spot known as Capp's Corner on Beach Blanket Boulevard. After all that, and badly stubbing my toe on my already broken left foot, I think today I'll just get reflective, and lay low for awhile before venturing forth in the eve. Since the Sunday paper around here sucks, I'll just troll the web, reading distant communiques from the properly appointed newspaper assemblers of England, Toronto, Washington, New York and LA.

From the L.A Times we get more revelations on the Anthony Pellicano related P.I gone amok tales that have shaken up L.A's entertainment industry, and the power wielding attorneys behind the scenes and their dirty deeds done not so cheaply...

Speaking of "dirty deeds" the LA paper also carried a basic wire piece about the 7 Army Paratroopers out of Fort Bragg NC's 82 Airborne that were facing court martial over "knowingly engaging in sex for money on a public Web site". I of course, intrepidly followed this up with a more research from other newsources, and CNN was willing to share more on the lurid story, as was N.C's Charlotte Observer...apparently though, the actual Real Military Men site has since been removed...oh darn!

From The Washington Post provides many interesting links, and tidbits including Justice Scalia fondly recalling his riding the NYC Subway armed with a rifle in a speech to a turkey hunting organization, as well as the the tale of a New York blogger/cabbie operating her website url as

The Phillipine Star has an in depth look at the tense post-coup attempt atmosphere, and an armed Marine standoff at Fort Bonifacio, as the gov't still under leadership of Pres. Arroyo, struggles to maintain order in that troubled & largely impoversihed island nation.

The Toronto Star has a story about the hardball door to door fundraising tactics used by the local branch of Sri Lanka's militant Tamil Tigers. Andof course for days now I've been amused by the breaking news about so-called Jurassic Beaver, which one cannot help but smile at.

and then the distressing news 80's pop icon George Michael aka Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou was found "slumped" behind the wheel near Hyde Park and charged with drug possesion in London. The 'retired' singer, whose sold 85 million records, is considered one of the most sucesful entertainers ever, despite spending most of the 90's embroiled in a lawsuit against Sony that prevented him for recording. Michael who was arrested in 1998 for "Lewd" behavior in a Beverly Hlls park restroom, told Reuters last year, that he was quitting showbiz and had found celebrity life unbearable.

Hey do I hear someone asking me, what about the tunes bro?

Well we'll skip the George Michael music, since I can't stand it...But, on Friday night, I was on the dancefloor at the Delerium in SF when the my DJ pal Scotty dropped the needle on the studio version of this old fave...

It confused some of the kids, whom I don't think were familiar with the 1979 heroin/pub punk of The Only Ones... but here's a bitching live version of a song that's been covered by Paul Westerberg & even Blink 182...

The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet

Scootty also was jamming this cut to the soky backroom posse when I walked in around midnight, it's another circa 79 pop punk fave...

The Vapors - Turning Japanese

One of my fave bands ever are the minimalist German group, Trio. Where I could banter endlessly about obscure Memphis soul, or British punkers, I know surprisingly little about Trio.

I bought their import "Trio" LP on the Phonogram label, produced by former Beatle associate Klaus Voorman, in a Washington DC record store in 1982 or something, and it's long been a fave. The Lp came with mostly German lyrics includng the worldwide hit "Da da da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha " or in da USA, the song simply known as "Da Da Da".

In America, these Casiotone equipped punk/new wavers only had an EP called "Trio & Error" that came out via Mercury. Eventually in the late 1990's, a Volkswagen ad campaign revived their best known song, the early 80's novelty hit "Da Da Da ( I don't love you , you don't love me)", causing Polygram to release a full CD of out of print material.

Anyhow, besides quirky originals, the group recorded some punky style early Louisiana-centric Little Richard & Lee Dorsey covers. I sought out additional info via Google and eventually found vocalist Stephen's official site...

here's the worlwide hit:

Trio - "Da da da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha "

& here's a lesser known fave, originally on their original demo that Mr Voorman herad like, geez, 25 some years ago...

Trio - Sunday You Need Love, Monday Be Alone

You see her dancing out on the floor
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
You wanna, wanna, wanna have her like before
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
But you gonna use her, shape her for your needs
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
You gonna make promises you never, never keep
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
You gonna leave her out on her own
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
'Cause sunday you need love, love, monday be alone
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
Hey you, you, you, you
Tender young lady
Wonder where you go, where you sleep tonight
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
Hey you
Everlovin woman
Beware you don't pass the borderlines of light, again tonight
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
You gonna use her, use her, shape her for your needs
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
You gonna make promises you never, never keep
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
You gonna leave her out on her own
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
'Cause sometimes you want her, want her, then again you don't
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
Sunday you need love, love, monday be alone, lone
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
Hey you, you, you, you
Tender young lady
Wonder where you go, where you sleep tonight
(Sunday you need love, monday be alone)
Hey you
Everlovin woman
Beware you don't pass the borderlines of light, again tonight

funny thing was I searched for that obscure tune, and it popped right up, and the blog that had it linked also had one of my fave Flock of Seagulls tunes, as well... and sincei'm feelng lazy on an overcast Sunday's another track I found posted by the Las Vegas based blogger who has some similar musical faves as I known as All I Wanted Was A

A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing

which of course opened up a distracting romp through an 80's can of worms leading me down into even more evil sideroads... such as this the lo-fi remix exericise...

A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing ( Phil Kelsey Mix)

Two brothers, Ali & Mike Score, who were originally working as Liverpool hairstylists, were the nucleus of eighties footnotes, A Flock of Seagulls. They actually netted a Grammy in 1983 for an instrumental called "DNA"... here's a space-age number from the Listen album that didn't win, entitled "The Last Flight of Yuri Gargarin", whose title refers to a Russian cosmonaut who never returned to earth...

A Flock of Seagulls - The Last Flight of Yuri Gargarin

but most folks were much more fond of their lonely but danceable Space Age Lovesongs...

A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran ( Space Age Lovesong)

A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran ( Hot Trax Mix)

and what A Flock of Seagulls overview would be complete without their Budweiser commercial

A Flock of Seagulls - This Bud's For You

I heard that A Flock Of Seagulls are still playing dates, or at least Mike Score is...pictured at right is Mike with fans at a February gig in Cleveland Oh, and here are his March dates in the US...maybe I'll finally check 'em out when they hit SF...

3/14 - Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ
3/15 - Viper Room - Hollywood, CA
3/16 - Black Oak Casino - Tuolumne, CA
3/17 - The Coach House - SJ Capistrano, CA
3/18 - Normandie Casino - Gardena, CA
3/19 - Rockit Room - San Francisco, CA
3/20 - The Stampede - El Paso, TX

and enuf with the oldies eh? here's a lil 21st cntury MIA-type thang from the always hip mash meaestro known as DJBC

DJBC - Who's gonna join the Pot party ( featuring M.I.A vs Tribe Called Quest)

and here's the latest from that Milkshaking lady known as Kelis featuring OAK to ATL transplant Too $hort

Kelis - Bossy ( w/ Too Short)

and here it is for y'all sans the foul mouthed verbiage...

Kelis & Too $hort - Bossy ( instrumental)


that should tide all ya all over for now... I gotta go don't y'know...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Such is the end of Empire, I sighed to myself."

"Such is the end of Empire, I sighed to myself."

"It took me some time to realise that this was not first class(!) although it puzzled me as to why the seat seemed so uncomfortable."

The above are quotes apparantly lifted from Prince Charles journal, made upon being relegated to a British Airways 747 "club class" . The comment was lifted verbatim out of Charles' recently published 4000 word treatise on the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese.

Charles has sued to keep the document he titled "
The Handover of Hong Kong or The Great Chinese Takeaway", from being printed , but it's already leaked, and provides a telling look at the opinions & class viewpoints of our fave ol' big eared royally inbred Prince of Wales. He gripes about losing his royal yacht "Brittania", and having to hang out with Chinese leaders he refers to as "appalling waxworks" .

A visibly irritated Prince Charles, right, stands by as the Chinese flag is brought in to replace the Union Jack at the 1997 ceremony transferring control of Hong Kong. Charles later wrote:
A visibly irritated Prince Charles, right, stands by as the Chinese flag is brought in to replace the Union Jack at the 1997 ceremony transferring control of Hong Kong.

Of course the Charles matter is not without dry British humor, with PM Tony Blair wryly referring to the contents of the diaries when he was asked if he felt Charles was guilty of playing party politics. "I don't know if I can answer that question until I've had the focus group". The comment based on Charles expressed disdain for politicians he apparently sees as driven by focus groups.

However, Prince Charles wrote warmly of Blair in his diary, even being somewhat shocked of the younger Labour Party PM who "... gives the impression of listening to what one says, which I find astonishing."

Excerpt's of the Prince's 1997 diaries turned up in The Daily Mirror when a disgruntled aid leaked them, under the pretext Charles was attempting to influence policy making, and therefore the contents were pertinent to the public. Charles has sued, which backfired on him, making the supposedly private contents even more accessible via the court system and an ensuing fury, or tempest in a teapot has occured.

soundtrack suggestions for this story:

Perhaps something official

Official Chinese Gov't Propaganda Mix - Hong Kong , Asia's World City

or maybe somethings relatively unofficial:

Sublime - Hong KongFooey

( pssst...lemme know if these links workin' eh?)

Her Highness - Mao Tse Tung

Sexteto La Playa - Hong Kong Mambo

Guns And Roses - Chinese Democracy ( live in Boston)

And since there's always time for a royally sloppy reconsideration of a stupid sh*tstorm : Here's longtime UK musical group Deep Purple , recorded in a 1976 concert with the late Colorado raised rocker Tommy Bolin on guitar...

Deep Purple - Stormbringer

Or maybe his highness would enjoy some Bing Crosby with Orson Welles?

Bing Crosby + Orson Welles- The Happy Prince Sessions

[SND] Crosby-Bing_The-Happy Prince.. Side 1 2.9M
[SND] Crosby-Bing_The-Happy Prince Side 2.. 2.8M
[SND] Crosby-Bing_The-Happy Prince ..Side 3 2.7M
[SND] Crosby-Bing_The-Happy Prince..Side 4

or perhaps some Russian Black Goth Metal from the album Carnivorous Romance

Black Countess - Royal Escort

Black Countess - Majestic Countess

pssst...lyrics to these tracks found here

Meanwhile heading back over into some other random Anglo-Centric news:

Nick Cave is readying for the Sam Peckinpah-esque brutal Outback western film he wrote called "the Proposistion" directed by John Hillcoat to premiere worldwide...and in an interview with the UK's Guardian newspaper, he expounds on a variety of subjects from heroin to kiddie films. Anecdotes include his peculiar "wacked-out script" of an anti-war Gladiator sequel solicited and then handily rejected by Ridley Scott & Russell Crowe.
The soundtrack, by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis of the Dirty 3, is released on Mute Records on March 6, hits UK cinemas March 10th, and eventually the states in May.

Nick Cave - Stagger Lee ( live) (with Warren Ellis, Jim White, Norman Watt-Roy) at Piazza del Plebiscito, Ancona, July 2002.

and here's one going out to the guys who sent the troops into Iraq so they could miss March Madness once again and instead have front row Humvee seats in a full on holy war...Yay!

Thanx For All Your Support, Uncle Rummy !

The Go Team - We Just Won't Be Defeated

Meanwhile the silence on the Able Danger issue has been almost defeaning...

Able Danger was an undercover operation linked to the failure to stop the threat of 9-11, and the Gov't of course denies accustations that hijacker Mohammed Atta was a known threat ahead of time. Recently in DC there were was finally a day of hearings in which Under Secretary of Defense Stephen Cambone testified to his dumbfoundedness, and refused to be sworn in. Of course that, and the existence of the hearings themselves, went unreported by almost any major news media outlets. Look into it, it's another tragic pothole on America's mighty taxpayer funded, Intelligence Super Highway.

here's some recent mp3 clips of a radio show that aired in Cleveland lasterday on the issues at hand...

I first heard about this issue from the Rory O’Connor blog, and O' Connor was on in on the broadcast with several others in a roundtable discussion. The clips are from Dirk Thompson’s radio show, 610 AM WTVN in Columbus, Ohio.

Previously published at the

Here's five MP3 files to match the five segments of the program:

First Segment Second Segment Third Segment Fourth Segment Fifth Segment


I gotta go...

There's scotch whiskey in them thar hills , and I'm supposed be there me thinks...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blah Blah Blah - O'Reilly Commits Treason & Joins "The Pinheads"

It finally happenend, who would've factored in notorious chickenhawk & sexually repressed Catholic cock of the walk, draft deferring, son of an oil company accountant...

Big Bad Bill O'Reilly...

yep, he's apparently ready to "cut and run"... no, unfortunately not from his job as a pontificating pundit asswipe, but at least from Iraq.

Not that I was listening myself, but thanx to the fast fingers breaking the blogospheric speed record, the always on it website Media Matters and others picked up on Bill's rapid conversion to an immediate withdrawl from Iraq.

Isn't that treason Bill ?

Media Matters documented ol' Bill refeering to anyone that wanted to pull out of Iraq, as a "Pinhead" on the Today show not too long ago...

Dee Dee Ramone - Pinhead


With the situation over in Iraq going from bad to worse daily, O'Reilly finally realized, neither he through force of his obfuscated opinion , nor our troops can realistically control the place...

He told his Fox audience that the United States should "hand over everything to the Iraqis as fast as humanly possible" .mp3 ...

Hey, I'm sure his next move will be to join Cindy Sheehan down in Crawford...

Wingy Manone & His Orchestra - Stop The War ( The Cats Are Killing Themselves)

Grand Funk - People Let's Stop The War

Everest - Eve Of Destruction

Big Bill Broonzy - Come Home Early


if approximately a thousand Iraqis hadn't already died from attacks, incidents and war related injuries just since the start of this year over there, perhaps we could all celebrate... but I don't most could give a flying f*%k who Bill O'Reilly is and what he thinks...or Cindy Sheehan.

In fact a crowd of around 10,000 living Iraqis were spotted yelling anti-American slogans in East Bagdhad lasterday...and at least another 3000 protestors spotted in Kut.

Some 75 Mosques were under attack or ablaze due to infighting between the Shiites & Sunnis, while bombs galore went off all over the place.destroyed Mosque's gold dome, built in 1905 It looks bad, a good ol' fashioned holy hellstorm, and there ain't no paid media placements that Bush's PR boys can insert that will soothe the soothsayers...

I don't recall Saddam having any trouble keeping the dust settled... nor Tito in Yugoslavia for that matter... gotta love the addition of so called western style democracy to get the natives all riled up and hatin' on each other eh?

anyway, if yer a player ... how can ya hate on these last few tracks...

Lady Sovereign - Blah_Blah_Blah_(Cadence_Weapon_Remix).mp3

Too Short - Blow The Whistle ( dirty )

Too Short - Blow The Whistle ( inst)

Prince - Black Sweat

talk at ya later ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Potential Excuriating Pain

The last time I posted my thoughts on death penalty cases, I got a few typically liberal backlash comments from the peanut gallery.

I wish I could justify some other stance, but despite the yowlings of people I assume are well intentioned, like Steve Earle, I just don't swing that way.

I've had someone I knew yanked from this earth by a rapist and killer, and basically everyday that her attacker is alive and coddled by the state, is a grievous insult to her loved ones. It's now been over 10 years since the violent atrocity was committed, and I doubt the victim's family goes a day without knowing that...

In general, I am more sympathetic to a victim's family, than for the convicted killers who reside for years on death row and have committed the crimes in question. I hate to advocate for someone's death, but let's face it people, some folks just don't deserve your empathy & concern. I truly wonder why do you care so much about someone who could care less about anyone else?

Clearly, we are not talking about some mistaken identity here, or questionable circumstances. The people I have no problem with seeing executed are admitted pre-meditated killers of innocent victims. They are the cold, bold & heartless, who've gone beyond the pale and committed crimes far beyond mere accidental or circumstantially suspect killings, or even vaguely definable potential self defense situations. These are the sick mf'ers that yer mama shoulda warned ya about, and I bet she'd want 'em put down too...

Case In Point Du Jour:

I gotta love the Michael Morales moral morass that is, currently as I write this, surrounding some hired killer's fate, and presenting a perplexing plight.Out here in California, a state that is a leading producer of fruits & nuts, a rallying cry has been raised over a death row inmate named Michael Morales.The jist of the hype is his scheduled execution has been twice postponed, because the poor bastard might suffer "excruciating pain" during his upcoming lethal injection. In fact last night, just prior to his execution, a bunch of court appointed doctors got their professional panties in a bunch and walked out because they were afraid if Morales woke up during the execution, gulp, they'd be in an awkward position. Perhaps, it's my understanding, that this would be a possible violation of their "Hippocratic" oath (which I guess is not to be confused with the utter hypocrisy of the whole situation).

However, as much as you are compelled to empathize, let's remember that this Morales is a guy who showed no mercy in the slaughter of a beautiful 17 year old girl whom he mercilessly raped, choked, hammered, stabbed in the chest and left bleeding & naked from the waist down in a vineyard to die alone. According to testimony, he went on to beat his victim Terri Winchell in the head with a hammer at least 23 times, and beat her so brutally and repeatedly that her face was no longer recognizable.

If any of that doesn't bother you, here's some other relevant things to consider though:

Michael Morales, was an adult, aged 21 when he commited his horrendous crime, which he now wants to blame on alcohol & drug use. El wrongo !

Look I myself, and millions of others, have had plenty of experience with alcohol and drug use, but have never even considered any of the sick sh*t that this Morales character has nonchalantly admitted to. In fact he has accepted full responsibility for the fact that his disgusting animalistic actions led to Terri Winchell’s horrible death.

But it don't stop there...

The case of course also has the Bay Area & Bravo network friendly media pre-requisite weird homo angle of course as well, as Morales was a hired assailant, used by the victim's ex-boyfriend, Morales' own closeted bi-sexual cousin Ricky Ortega.

Yep...Ortega reportedly told Glenda Chavez that he was angry at Winchell for accusing him of being a homosexual and for her calling him “gay.” Ortega brought in Morales to harm her because he was also jealous about a new relationship Miss Winchell was having with another guy that Ortega was secretly having a sexual relationship with. Does it get any more small town twisted than that? I sure hope Ortega is happy spending his life in California State Prison having as much happy homo-sex as his $30,000+ a year tax-payer funded prison stud lifestyle will allow.

Within two days of the killing, Ortega's blood spattered car was impounded, and Morales was arrested at his residence. The police found Morales’ broken belt used to choke Terri Winchell with her blood on it hidden under a mattress. The police found knives and a hammer likely used in the killing, hidden in the refrigerator's vegetable crisper. The hammer had traces of Winchell’s blood on it. hmmm... wonder how all that got there?

The police also found blood-stained floor mats from Ricky Ortega’s car in the trash. Terri Winchell’s purse and credit card were also mysteriously in the house. Morales had used $11 from Winchell’s purse to buy beer, wine, and cigarettes on the night of the murder.

Hmmm... Being a good liberal, I uh, I blame the beer, god knows beer is dangerous...Evidence shows that Germany drank so much of it, I hear they started two world wars, and killed millions of people in the process... Beer should be on trial , not Michael Morales... right?

But instead, California taxpayers have paid for his prosecution and defense at his trial, his housing, 3 meals a day, laundry and basic medical upkeep for 25 some odd years for his death sentence and elongated appeals process to finally roll around. Yet, before he can be put down like the bad,bad dog we know he is, Mr. Morales ( or more likely his court appointed attorney advocates) began whining that his death by injection now might make him a victim of state sponsored brutality. In fact, it's his contention that in his case, a lethal injection is "cruel and unusual" punishment... and I guess he would be an expert on what "cruel and unusual" is ...

Boo F*cking Hoo...

I wonder if he found it cruel and unusual to spend the victim's money on beer & cigarettes after strangling, raping, beating, and stabbing her?

Then much to my surprise, who should appear to save Mr. Morales ass, none other than right wing stooge & professed Clinton hater, former Prosecuter Kenneth Starr, now a Professor at Pepperdine. The former Whitewater investigator has been listed as co-lead counsel for Morales’s clemency petition. Huh?


uh, are you kidding?

Memo to Ken Starr : Get a life already... are you that starved for attention?

But really , enough is enough, and all the lurid details and even the presence of Clinton hater Starr are distractions . The real crime is that Morales has been alive for 20 some years after so brutally raping & killing his innocent victim.

Said a family friend recently to the San Jose Mercury News : "He's the monster that killed the beauty, and he needs to pay for a crime that was senseless," Jacqueline Miles said. "We need to actually show the world that people can't get away with murdering people just because they get mad."

Meanwhile teenagers and young men are assigned to be blown to bits doing military duty in Iraq, and no one at the ACLU raises a fury in their defense.

It makes me sick... honestly I'd be interested in what are your thoughts?

Leave a comment, and while you ponder aimlessly on a subject we all have no control over as usual...

Here enjoy some mp3 mayhem y murder musica...

Cobra Verde - Let's Get The Party Started

Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

Thrice - To Awake & Avenge The Dead

Mermen - With No Definite Future And No Purpose Other Than To Prevail

OK GO - A Million Ways To Be Cruel

Black Dahlia Murder -
Funeral Thirst

The Last Rites - Psycho Killer

Cradle of Filth - Rape And Ruin Or Angels

Cumshotte - Lethal Hot Beef Injection

The Sexy Magazines - Sex Murder Music

Shabba Ranks - Murder She Wrote

Juelz Santana - Murder, Murder ( clean version

Juelz Santana - Murder Murder ( Dirty)

Enon - Murder Sounds

Varukers - Murder

Carbide Spiral - Execution Of The Brain

Rilo Kiley - Execution Of All Things ( live )

The Family Machine - Lethal Drugs Cocktail

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Mistakes & Regrets

Megadeth - Punishment Due

and here's a nineteen minute spiel from author and history Prof. Richard Moran on the History of the Electric Chair. One of the controversial projects that pitted Thomas Edison vs Westinghouse at the turn of the 20th Century.

Plus in the interest of fairness, informed debate and faux intellectualizing of all the issues, here's a link to a radio show that aired on KCRW on Feb 15th in which medical professionals, a victim's rights advocate and an ACLU anti-death penalty activist ponder the Morales situation

KCRW - Death Penalty, Medicine & The Law

My uneducated opinion ?

Money For Schools , Not Death Row Inmates !!!

PLEASE ! Kill This Dog F*cker Today !!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rap Dreams

Rap Dreams : New Hip Hop documentary from award winnning director Kevin Epps is coming on DVD, Podcasts & Theaters in SF Bay Area & Beyond...

February 17, 2006

San Francisco – Far from the mansions of Pacific Heights, and the pricey shopping in Union Square, a low budget digital filmmaker is sitting in his rented room overlooking a noisy intersection near a freeway entrance in the Mission District. He looks like he's just talking on his constantly ringing cell phone, and smoking some weed, but despite the ordinariness of the scene, he may actually be in process of building a small media empire. This week he's featured in the cover story of a local newspaper on the Hood 2 Hood: Blockumentary that gives him credit for starting a whole genre of reality based ghetto life films. This year his fledgling Mastamind Productions LLC has several DVD releases lined up, but awaits the trickle of revenue from the last one to pay for the next.
According to one newspaper Filmmaker Kevin Epps got a genre started.

He's Kevin Epps, and has been working day and night on several projects simultaneously, and like his previous efforts, they all tell a particular homegrown saga. Currently in pre-production is The Black Rock, a film that tells of the mostly unknown African-American presences on Alcatraz. The latest to come forth is Rap Dreams which will screen at the Roxie Cinema on March 10th and in Oakland at The Parkway on March 19th. The award winning indie director is launching the new film release via a strategic multi-tiered campaign that includes Theatrical & DVD distribution, plus downloads via podcast.

Rap Dreams, chronicles the bigtime dreams of three upcoming Bay Area rappers, and contrasts their bling bling hopes with the harsh realities and pitfalls experienced as they strive for progress in their longshot careers. The film follows young peformers like the ego-tastically hyper Kev Kelley, the gritty working class Hectic, and the fully pimpin' antics of Mistah FAB, as they strive for acceptance & success in the vibrant and often violent Oakland & San Francisco underground hip hop scene.

Hectic - one of the upcoming Hip Hop hopefuls featured in Kevin Epps' documentary film Rap Dreams


Hectic - Frisco Giant

Hectic - Come Together

Hectic - Participate

see article at Thrasher Mag for more Hectic info

Mistah FAB is also featured in Rap Dreams and has a bangin new album out on the late Mac Dre's label pic to read an article from Thrasher about FAB

Mistah FAB - Hey Little Mama

Mistah FAB - Do It Live For Me

Mistah Fab - Dis How Da Game Goes

The first of several Bay Area screenings Epps has scheduled occur on Friday, March 10, 2006, at 7:00 pm at the Roxie Cinema, on 3117 16th St in San Francisco, and again Sunday, March 19th at The Parkway Theater in Oakland. Immediately following at both screenings, there will be a Q&A discussion about the film, including appearances from the director and a special impromptu performance from one of the acts featured in the film.

Rap Dreams features an inside look at Hip Hop and interviews with a slew of Bay Area notables including: Shock G, (Digital Underground), Sway & King Tech (World Famous Wake Up Show), JT Bigga Figga, Herm Lewis, Ray Luv, MacMall, T-Kash (KPFA / The Coup), Messy Marv, and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Rap Dreams is the newest film from director and producer Kevin Epps, who recently received "Favorite Independent Filmmaker of the Year Award" 2005 from the Northern California Film Production Community, and numerous other awards and global recognition for his last feature " Straight Outta Hunters Point". In 2003, Epps co-founded the Hip Hop Film Fest, a travelling exhibition of films that toured nationwide including stops in Atlanta GA, Honolulu HI, Durham NC, Portland OR , Albuquerque NM and elsewhere. Mr. Epps recently completed "Don't Kill Tookie" a 7 minute short which aired on Current TV, the new cable and satellite TV network founded by Al Gore, available in 20 million homes around the United States.

Epps is excited about the prospects for Rap Dreams which will be distributed in a unique simultaneous process via indie screenings, DVDs and podcasts through his Mastamind Productions LLC., an independent media company that previously produced " Straight Outta Hunters Point", and "The Black Rock" the untold story of the African-American experience at Alcatraz, which is currently in post production. ( )

For More Info See:

Contact: Mastamind Productions LLC

Kevin Epps (415) 424-0987

info @

Media Relations by PR @

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

World Is Flat & Frequently Carcass Cuntry Cowboy Corporations

Willie Nelson is riding the Brokeback Mountain wave back into the headlines with his new downloadable I-tunes single "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond Of Each Other"...

Hear a free clip here

Carcass bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker has just finished a South American tour with Brujeria and is now apparently entering Jerry Jeff Walker territory... in fact his new album will feature songs made famous by artists like Skeeter Davis, Johnny Cash and other more traditional country performers...

"Welcome To Carcass Cuntry" will be released in May on "fractured transmitter" recordings and will include this track, along with covers of John Denver & Hank Williams faves...

Jeff Walker und de Fluffers - "You're Still On My Mind"

Speaking of oddball combinations, my fave Mash Up DJ specialist Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions has been busy and put up some new tracks and unheard mixes...

One is based on a Primal Scream remix from the Kowalski sessions utilizing bits of Beyonce & The Beatles to expand the mind and shake up the dancefloor...

Go Home Productions - Kowalski Bootleg Breaks


and here's his attempt at fuzing X-tina Aguilera with 1984 era Van Halen. Apparently since Vidler couldn't find a real "instrumental" version he settled on a lo-fi bootleg sound check rehearsal version of "Jump" to mix with...

Christina Aguilera / Van Halen


I just found out the other day that one of my old pals Jason Sears, of Rich Kids On LSD died getting some sort of mysterious detox treatment down in Mexico. Jason had been messing around with needles & street dope for quite awhile, and they had really taken their toll, now it's official the creeping black tar has basically taken another rock n roll life.

It had just been a few weeks since I heard of the death of his bandmate Bomber, who also had seen better health...

Ironically, in the wake of the collapse of RKL, the band Lagwagon ended up getting RKL's guitarist Chris & traded for a replacement drummer in Dave when their own drummer Derrick came down with a bad case of the heroins...So Derrick of course joined RKL...

What's in that Santa Barbara water anyhow?

... and now those guys in Lagwagon are miles from the misery and rocking across Australia right now...


View E-Card

here's some from their new album "Resolve" written in the wake of Derrick's death by suicide

Lagwagon - Heartbreaking Music

Lagwagon - Automatic

In the still crazy ( & alive ) after all these years dept....

Motley rawker Tommy Lee apparently took a punch in Detroit from a rowdy local tired of the well hung rawker's big mouth at a pre-Super Bowl party...see the big version of pic for purty proof. Apparently Tommy's eternal taste for the nightlife includes him pitching himself as a DJ lately... in fact he's part of a big event coming up in Miami in the coming weeks...

Do ya think he plays Australian Hip Hop? Straight Down Under Outta Melbourne? I guess that's what is possibly going on here... or perhaps because there's no overbearing MC type thang, it's a more production centered electronica decide

LKR & Rebecca Murray - Metamorphoses

long time U.K electronica scene faves, The Thievery Corporation reveal a new universally Holographic gem from the lab, and we toss in some elder and remixed cuts for comparison

Thievery Corporation - Holographic Universe

Thievery Corporation - Warning Shots ( rudeboy resistence mix)

Thievery Corporation - Simple Historie ( voidd remix)

Thievery Corporation - DC 3000 Uplift Remix

Thievery Corporation - DC 3000

Kemado records' emerging stoner metal act The Sword from Texas have released their new album and are on tour now ( dates below) . The band emerged from obscurity via previous showcases at SXSW in 2004 & 2005, which is where their current tour winds up. The NY Times were quick on the tip and reviewed their new disc in "The Arts" section alongside Barry Manilow's new disc...The So-Called" Paper Of Record", famous for inclusion of "All The News That's Fit To Print" on Monday made comparisons to Dungeons & Dragons lyrics & and singer J.D Cronise as less flat than Ozzy, fronting perhaps a punker version of Black Sabbath with Southern Rock guitar solos ala Allman Brothers & Lynyrd Skynyrd... you decide.

The Sword - Iron Swan

The Sword - Winter's Wolves

The Sword - Barael's Blade

The Sword tourdates:

Feb 15 Albuquerque, NM - Lauchpad w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 16 Tucson, AZ - Plush w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 17 Tempe, AZ - Big Fish Pub w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 18 Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 19 Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Concert Theater w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 20 San Diego, CA - Casbah w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 21 San Francisco, CA - 12 Galaxies w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 23 Portland, OR - Dante's w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 24 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Cafe w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 25 Vancouver, BC - Red Room w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 27 Salt Lake City, UT - Lo-Fi Cafe w/ Early Man, Priestess
Feb 28 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 1 Lawrence, KS - TBA w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 2 Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 3 Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 4 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 6 Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 7 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 8 Columbus, OH - Little Brother's w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 9 Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 10 Brooklyn, NY - North Six w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 11 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's w/ Early Man, Priestess
Mar 13 Cambridge, MA - Middle East w/ Tarantula A.D.
Mar 17 Austin, TX - Buffalo Billiards - Kemado SXSW Showcase
Mar 18 Austin, TX - Positively 4th St. - Invaders Showcase

Another band that released an album lasterday was U.K press darlings The Subways

here's their new single Rock & Roll Queen

Subways - Rock & Roll Queen

and a recent interview with Australian radio Triple J

Subways - Triple J Interview

they'll be on the road with new Sire signees The Gunshys out of LA for the whole of March

Gunshys - Unusual Unusuals


March tour with The Subways & Gunshys

01 Atlanta, GA - The Loft

02 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506

03 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church

04 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club

07 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

08 Boston, MA - Paradise

09 Montreal, QUE - La Sala Rossa

11 Toronto, ON - The Mod Club

12 Detroit, MI - The Magic Stick

13 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop

14 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

15 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge

19 Houston, TX - Meridian Red Room

20 Dallas, TX - Gypsy Tea Room

22 Tempe, AZ - The Clubhouse

23 Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour

25 San Diego, CA - Epicentre

27 San Francisco, CA - Slim's

28 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge

29 Vancouver, BC - Richard's on Richards

30 Seattle, WA - Crocodile Café

after 15 some years in the goth metal game, aging Dutch boys & gal "The Gathering" will be making their debut at SXSW on one of the same nights ya can catch The Sword. Austin and any other attendees on their "Homelands Tour" will no doubt get to hear the singer Anneke van Giersbergen belting the emphasis track linked below known as Shortest Day from their album on The End records coming in April. Look for the band at east coast spots like NYC's The Knitting Factory, and Jaxx in Northern VA outside DC, as well as a couple stops in Canada.

The Gathering - Shortest Day

"'The Gathering' Puts Holland On The Musical Map "
The Gathering a video clip of "one of the most famous bands you've never heard of".

Another band who've recently signed to The End records is Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. While they've yet to put forth new material on the label, I've linked some past exploits on their own indie imprint still available via the band's website. The Sleepytime core cast is comprised of unique individuals like musical and studio wizard Dan Rathbun, along with vovalist/guitarist Nils Frykdahl and violinist Carla Kihlstedt, the band are a live assault on the senses with a few previous but largely obscure releases. The bizarre band has roots in the late great live act Idiot Flesh, who rocked my halloween parties for several years running in the early 90's with no small aplomb... I heartily endorse, and in fact still have a few very hard to find sealed copies of the Idiot Flesh debut LP on vinyl "Tales Of Instant Knowledge & Sure Death"... inquire within!

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Sleep Is Wrong

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Bring Back The Apocalypse

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Donkey-Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens the Discussion

Cronos from extreme black metal stalwarts Venom has also posted a demo of a new track available for preview online...

Venom - Antechrist

psssst... was all that a little too much...

hey , how about a briefing from bland master of the obvious & New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman on his 2005 best seller, The World Is Flat ...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Peppered & Sprayed By Dick

Amazingly, everytime the dorky ex-lead singer of Creed gets drunk we hear about it instantly, but it takes 24 hours after the man a heartbeat from being in command of the "free world" shoots a man and the only ones to know are readers of the website of a small Texas paper called the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

In typically humble Texas style, the editor of the Caller Times proudly proclaims the important role they had in being friendly enough to be called personally by rich Armstrong Ranch matriarch Anne Armstrong for the scoop. Present at the Saturday shooting, Armstrong apparently got the o.k from big Dick a day after the event and then reached out to touch someone she "trusted" in the media. Armstrong, owner of the 50,000 acre "ranch" is a media savvy widow of her cattleman husband Tobin, who died last year. Anne
was once U.S. ambassador to Britain during the Nixon administration and was appointed to the University of Texas A&M Board of Regents by GW Bush, and was a director of Halliburton when it hired Cheney as its chief executive.

The Caller Times also expounds on how wonderfully their reporter Kathryn Garcia has handled the media frenzy that started after the word got out. They also put an avid shooter" and Caller Times reporter up to reenacting the accident for your amusement. In addition they report that big Bush donor Pamela Willeford the Ambassador to Switzerland was also along for the fun and a lurid sidebar that a local Corpus Christi teen had his coach's DNA in his boxer shorts, and his Mom had a bad feeling. has VIDEO
of presidential spokesman Scott McClellan being typically evasive on Monday as he went about not answering questions about the incident. which quickly became the most popular & blogged about article on the site.

for video see:
McClellan Fields Cheney Media Blitz'

Aside from his notoreity derived in the recent Cheney quail hunting escapade, Harry Whittington's name pops up as a maverick Republican lawyer and power player in Texas who has made a name for himself in a variety of ways. One controversy involved his role at the Texas Funeral Service Commision. In the summer 2000, the Texas Observer published details about a court case where certain documents under Whittington's purview could not be found that would implicate a friend & fundraiser of then Governor George W Bush of certain improprieties.
I'd read about this lawsuit incident before, and found it ironic that Cheney shot one of the player's full of birdshot this weekend. Read the article to taste a little legal intrigue involving big Bush campaign donors, two boxes of documents that vanish – and then reappear, and a disgruntled female ex-executive Texas Funeral Service who named then Governor G.W Bush amongst others as defendants in a lawsuit before she took a two hundred thousand dollar settlement.

Whittington, who has since had a heart attack, has also been legally sparring with the city of Austin for over 6 years about an eminent domain claim made on some disputed downtown property.


that's all for now folks...enjoy some tunes...

Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang .My Baby Shot Me Down !

The Roots - Guns Are Drawn

who can forget bloodthirsty award show attendee Young Buck...

Young Buck - Bang Bang

or perhaps his less notorious fellow rap artiste

Young Jeezy - Gun Session Remix

upcoming Bay Area Hip Hop artists du jour Frontline throw down this cut

Frontline - Bang It

UK based Cut and Paste pioneers Coldcut, whose contributions to electronic hip hop & multimedia art via their Ninjatune imprint are vastly underrated have a new one out

Coldcut - True Skool

The Drive By Truckers have a new album coming in April on New West, but here's their New February-centric Valentines Song -

Drive By Truckers - Feb 14th

Art Alexakis names a fear from the multi-platinum "...So Much For The Afterglow" album I think I can relate too

Everclear - White Men in Black Suits

here's a hyped band featuring the sons of show biz legends Lou Adler & Roy Orbison...

Whitestarr - Sunshine Girl

unknown indie Las Vegas scenesters & alt rawk hipsters

Oceansize - Remember Where You Are

This guitar-centric band has a new album dropping on 2/14...

Furthest From The Star - Cry For Help

and courtesy a recent post at the blog known by the name of the rambling DC based proprietor, Mr Drew McDermott, I found the latest greatest Fucking Champs track , Guns in Our Schools

The F*cking Champs - Guns in Our Schools