Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Knightley Bootie & Grammy Award Winning Senators & Whatnot

You think you got it rough, how'd ya like to be a muslim comic in Denmark?

now here's another guy with probs, that's Mr. Tom Ford... whom I suspect must be gay as how else could get so damn close to those two hotties?

and Whoops there it is ... the magazine cover featuring him with Scarlett Johansson's pale white keister & Kiera Knightley ... but where's his longtime companion of almost 20 years, Handsome "Dick" Buckley?

maybe the anser is in the streaming video clips from the Annie Leibowitz photoshoot of the cover?

oh, and uh, congrats to the Grammy Award winning Senator...

Barack Obama, whose spoken word disc just picked up a trophy...

But ye olde booze salesman Sen. John McCain is less impressed with the freshman Senator from Illinois than the Recording Academy...

Cranky ol McCain fired off a fiery response to young Obama's request for help on a bipartisan ethics bill...

Obama on McCain: 'I think his feelings got bruised'

more on the typically pointless childish feud here...

here's some classic Obama from his 2004 debut on the national stage in Boston

Barack Obama - 2004 speech excerpt


ya figure a Senator can wein a Grammy if a global political figure like Bono has a collection already.
Seems U2 won a few more Grammies of course, i think about 5 actually... so here's a "bonus" track from the "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" Sessions...

U2 - Original Of The Species

and of course, Kanye West was outspoken & refusing to be shutout, cuz defeat is just not an option for this Jesus Freak... although me thinks the trophy was for that Diamonds song... here's some others

Kanye West Gone featuring Consequence and Camron

Kanye West - Heard Em Say featuring Adam Levine

i rambled enough lasterday so we're keeping it short for the moment... but here's a few random tracks for those who are paying attention

Alkaline Trio -
Mercy Me

Bloodthorn -
Blood & Iron

Earth Wind & Fire
Let's Groove Tonight

Imagika -
Forever Darkened

here's a track from a new Nintendo game... just cuz I can...

Music from Nintendo's Earthbound/Mother3- Theme Of Love

and here's a new Valentines themed song from local SF Bay Area madman Killian Macgeraghty and his notorious
Gun and Doll Show. The band is jammin at The El Rio in SF on Feb 12th...

3158 Mission St @ Cesar Chavez

Abe Lincoln's Bday Partay !

count me in since i'm on the boycott tip

Gun & Doll Show - Valentines Song

Won't you, be my, Happy Valentine
Won't you, be my, Happy Valentine
Won't you, be my, Happy Valentine
Won't you, be my
Silly little rhyme
the lemon and the lime
Together all the time

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