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Rap Dreams

Rap Dreams : New Hip Hop documentary from award winnning director Kevin Epps is coming on DVD, Podcasts & Theaters in SF Bay Area & Beyond...

February 17, 2006

San Francisco – Far from the mansions of Pacific Heights, and the pricey shopping in Union Square, a low budget digital filmmaker is sitting in his rented room overlooking a noisy intersection near a freeway entrance in the Mission District. He looks like he's just talking on his constantly ringing cell phone, and smoking some weed, but despite the ordinariness of the scene, he may actually be in process of building a small media empire. This week he's featured in the cover story of a local newspaper on the Hood 2 Hood: Blockumentary that gives him credit for starting a whole genre of reality based ghetto life films. This year his fledgling Mastamind Productions LLC has several DVD releases lined up, but awaits the trickle of revenue from the last one to pay for the next.
According to one newspaper Filmmaker Kevin Epps got a genre started.

He's Kevin Epps, and has been working day and night on several projects simultaneously, and like his previous efforts, they all tell a particular homegrown saga. Currently in pre-production is The Black Rock, a film that tells of the mostly unknown African-American presences on Alcatraz. The latest to come forth is Rap Dreams which will screen at the Roxie Cinema on March 10th and in Oakland at The Parkway on March 19th. The award winning indie director is launching the new film release via a strategic multi-tiered campaign that includes Theatrical & DVD distribution, plus downloads via podcast.

Rap Dreams, chronicles the bigtime dreams of three upcoming Bay Area rappers, and contrasts their bling bling hopes with the harsh realities and pitfalls experienced as they strive for progress in their longshot careers. The film follows young peformers like the ego-tastically hyper Kev Kelley, the gritty working class Hectic, and the fully pimpin' antics of Mistah FAB, as they strive for acceptance & success in the vibrant and often violent Oakland & San Francisco underground hip hop scene.

Hectic - one of the upcoming Hip Hop hopefuls featured in Kevin Epps' documentary film Rap Dreams


Hectic - Frisco Giant

Hectic - Come Together

Hectic - Participate

see article at Thrasher Mag for more Hectic info

Mistah FAB is also featured in Rap Dreams and has a bangin new album out on the late Mac Dre's label pic to read an article from Thrasher about FAB

Mistah FAB - Hey Little Mama

Mistah FAB - Do It Live For Me

Mistah Fab - Dis How Da Game Goes

The first of several Bay Area screenings Epps has scheduled occur on Friday, March 10, 2006, at 7:00 pm at the Roxie Cinema, on 3117 16th St in San Francisco, and again Sunday, March 19th at The Parkway Theater in Oakland. Immediately following at both screenings, there will be a Q&A discussion about the film, including appearances from the director and a special impromptu performance from one of the acts featured in the film.

Rap Dreams features an inside look at Hip Hop and interviews with a slew of Bay Area notables including: Shock G, (Digital Underground), Sway & King Tech (World Famous Wake Up Show), JT Bigga Figga, Herm Lewis, Ray Luv, MacMall, T-Kash (KPFA / The Coup), Messy Marv, and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Rap Dreams is the newest film from director and producer Kevin Epps, who recently received "Favorite Independent Filmmaker of the Year Award" 2005 from the Northern California Film Production Community, and numerous other awards and global recognition for his last feature " Straight Outta Hunters Point". In 2003, Epps co-founded the Hip Hop Film Fest, a travelling exhibition of films that toured nationwide including stops in Atlanta GA, Honolulu HI, Durham NC, Portland OR , Albuquerque NM and elsewhere. Mr. Epps recently completed "Don't Kill Tookie" a 7 minute short which aired on Current TV, the new cable and satellite TV network founded by Al Gore, available in 20 million homes around the United States.

Epps is excited about the prospects for Rap Dreams which will be distributed in a unique simultaneous process via indie screenings, DVDs and podcasts through his Mastamind Productions LLC., an independent media company that previously produced " Straight Outta Hunters Point", and "The Black Rock" the untold story of the African-American experience at Alcatraz, which is currently in post production. ( )

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