Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unprecedented & Dangerous ?

So it's rapidly approaching a particular holiday weekend known for it's jumpin' jingoistic celebratory context...

To all my readers abroad, I'll explain how we celebrate "Independence Day", which generally not only involves rapper Will "Fresh Prince" Smith battling space invaders, but copius consumption of cola nut based beverages & a Belgian orginated favorite we renamed " freedom fries". Independence DayPlus in some small town or city a few kids will usually blow off some fingers playing with patriotic firecrackers made in China. that's what I'm talking about !

Boom ! Shake The room !!

Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff- Boom ! Shake The Room !

Fresh Prince vs Elton John - I'm Still Fresh

Fresh Prince vs Candi Staton - Fresh Prince of Broadway

Too bad at this critical time, the darn traitors on the Supreme Court can't see eye to eye with the righteous freedom frying vibes that created G.W & friend's popular & most fabulous Caribbean resort, Guantanamo...

Apparently the court actually voted 5-3 against the idea that our secret system of :"whatever & whenever we say say so" military tribunals is an adequate way to gauge and punish an "enemy combatant". It appears the Bush admin & Pentagon lawyer lackeys may now have to take time out of their busy schedules and actually charge these guys being held for mysterious reasons.

Could be the last chance for America to rock our offshore gulag au go go ?

Bishop Allen - Last Chance America

Do I confess that we're blessed, yes, and yet we're countin our days
Try to give it my best guess, and pray for somethin to say
It's a battle cry, a tear in the eye, a suffer inside
It's a voice in the night, callin' out traitor

Last chance, America
Last chance, America
Last chance, America
Last chance, America

Let the accounting begin, friend, and we'll find out where we stand
We don't make our amends, then, they keep their head in the sand
It's a battle cry, a tear in the eye, a suffer inside
It's a voice in the night, callin' out traitor...

The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin On

Unfortunately for the Prez, Chief Justice and total judiciary branch rookie John Roberts, had to sit out this Supreme decision because he had previously fought on the side of endlessly detaining & torturing the "enemy combatants" in the Hamden case. Thankfully though for fans of endless detention Clarence Thomas was in the hizzo. Thomas wrote with a hint of that ol' dissenting vitriol in his strongly worded opinion in favor of the Guantanamo gulag stylee that :

``to second-guess the determination of the political branches both unprecedented and dangerous."

Meanwhile Al Qaeda's buddies in the ACLU praised the ruling...

``Today's decision is a victory for the rule of law in the United States," said American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony D. Romero.

``The Supreme Court has made clear that the executive branch does not have a blank cheque in the war on terror and may not run roughshod over the nation's legal system. This decision moves us one step closer to stopping the abuse of power that has become the hallmark of this White House. Now that the Supreme Court has issued its decision, the president should make good on his promise and close Guantanamo."

No doubt these robe wearing ACLU coddling softies on the bench have been reading some sort of commie rag that aids and comforts our enemies like the NY Times.

Kudos to Arizona Congressional Republican Rep JD Hayworth who as demanded NY Times reporters be stripped of their press passes, this according to Congressional Quarterly Today, a daily publication that covers the bleatings of Hill members. Finally a Congressman who has taken the bold step to curb the liberal media's unending war on our government's sacred surveillance programs.

Maybe if they won't stop ruining our country, we can just torture them with this high pitched "mosquito" ringtone...which supposedly can only be heard well by those under twenty. If these folks are over 30 , we'll need to come up wih a new torture...

Mosquito - High Pitched Ringtone

I'm sure Bill O'Reilly and the conservative pundit crew would like to straighten out the ol' Supreme Court on their latest ruling that weakens the ood ol' US of A's ability to torture and withhold prisoners indefinitely. I hope we as a nation find a way to take out our wrath on anyone who dares report things we don't wanna know about, like say the NY Times, or to stop & spank those that would support unpatriotic activities like that vile donor base that makes up the ACLU...

"The American Civil Liberties Union is Al Qaeda's best friend. There is not a better friend to Al Qaeda in the world than the ACLU, and that's the truth. OK. "

- Bil O'Reilly

I think he's saying that they are like dead to him

Dead To Me - Don't Lie ( from the ashes of One Man Army, new release on Fat)

But, Bill being a man of measured reason, who understands the world in a way that few in our media can, is not going down the tempting tantrum laden road of whining and boycott threats...

For example Bill came out and explained to his vast Fox-y audience of patriotic patrons how despite his dissapointment in the NY Times, he's never called for a boycott in ten years of anything, except that one evil nation that built the Statue of Liberty, known as France.

I figured this was because no one in his audience likely reads anyway when they can get the news straight fom Bill.

I guess some have seen a problem with Bill's comment in that he has previously called for his audience to boycott Pepsi, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the International Red Cross, the BBC, Air America Radio, and The New York Times. In fact he was down on the NY Times just days earlier, and that horrendously vile group of lawyers and donors that make up something called the ACLU.

Bill O'Reilly - Bill's Boycott Blustering

Prez Bush said little more to the media, saying he had received only a "drive-by briefing" on the ruling ...

I ike that... a "Drive By Briefing" ... sort of like how they do it down in South Central...

Sort of clarifies for me Bush's "Boyz in The Hood" mentality...

Meanwhile a new survey of more than 100 national security expert types by Foreign Policy magazine show most believe the admin blew the war on terror. In Particularly we can look at the Iraq war, which has stifled America's credibility abroad, and made the whole country look dumber than a box of rocks.

Asked whether the US was winning the war on terror, 84 per cent of "security experts" said no and 13 per cent answered yes. Asked whether the war in Iraq was helping or hurting the global anti-terrorism campaign, 87 per cent said it was undermining those efforts... an almost equal number said the world was becoming more dangerous for the U.S.

"Bombs, bullets and bayonets are not the answer to this problem," said Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as chief of staff to Colin Powell while he was the secretary of state.

Well despite the naysayers and armchair quarterback know it alls, the war wages on, and I'll be out there celebrating every car bombing in Bagdhad and every insurgent attack as just a sign we are obviously doing the right thing. We aren't in Iraq to be popular... we are there to get that don't let the small talk distract us from gobbling up that black goo. I love black goo & so do you!

There's always critics, and like the Bush administration is happy to point out, now is not the time to judge, hundreds of years in the future, world history will be rewritten to make everything look a lot more hunky dory ... so there.

We've spent almost 1/2 a trillion dollars on this good ol fashioned war stuff so far since the whole "slamdunk "Iraq - 9/11 tie ins were first uncovered, so we should all get out there and celebrate, celebrate & dance to the music... ain't nuthing but nothing but a party this July 4th...

Only a great country could dump $437 billion on overseas military and foreign aid funding. That includes the latest lil' supplemental spending deal signed into law this month, which provided another $69 billion infusion for for the war effort. I ain't making that up either, those digits come from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service that shows us well on our way to $500 billion for this WAR, and what's it good for & all that stuff, by early next year.

Allen Toussaint - Viva La Money ( backing vocals feat Etta James & Bonnie Raitt circa 1978)

Now anyone whose ever been through a fantastic 4th of July debacle might know of the infinte array of Sousa marches, the George M. Cohan lyrics etc

Can ya think of a better way to celebrate our country's grand global contributions to the world's marketplace of ideas than with our own special brand of marching band music?

Take this fine example from the US Air Force Band, when we are not raining depleted uranium bombs on your far off village in the name of freedom, we are making beautiful music for our enjoyment back home in the USA. Here's a little Sousa and some George M Cohan to help ya remember why we are so bitchin, and like to fight so darn hard!

US Air Force Band - Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty

George M. Cohan - Yankee Doodle Medley

Howz about some down home style Americana musica to go with yer upcoming slice of Apple Pie ad nauseum...

Jason Ringenberg was once the frontman for a group of Tennesse based rowdies in the 80's known as Jason & The Scorchers who gave it the ol' major label try, but fell short of the brass ring. Despite never cracking the mainstream, their debut EP Fervor on EMI featured guest sangin' by Michael Stipe that also came with a smoking version of Dylan's Absolutely Sweet Marie. That Dylan strack still kicks plenty ass, and remains on my personal fave list over 20 years later, but even a tour slot opening for ol Bob himself didn't help the Scorchers cross over. Lately I've noticed Ringenberg has appeared on the Yep Roc label, as he's pitched himself as a mature singer/songwriter dude...

here's a solo song about Link Wray
Jason Ringenberg - Link Wray

Maybe out here in this great land of the free, home of the slaves, you need to hear the tones of Mr. Yerkey, a dde as likely Americana as anyone out here on these wide open parking spaces, with purple mountains majesty etc...

Steve Yerkey - Link Wray's Girlfriend

Speaking of the late Link Wray, why not give that half Cherokee guitarman a chance to flaunt his suff today as we approach da 4th...

Link Wray - Run Chicken Run

In addition to the ressurection of Mr Yerkey, I was recently notified by the folks at World's Fair label & management group that he is not the only worthy artiste you all might be interested in...

how about Wayne Coyne's nephew Dennis? Yeah, rock nepotism is no longer restricted to spouses and children of the rich & famous, apparently even a nephew can ride the marching band coattails of an indie rawk icon's career...

and from the sound of the band's name, could it be the lil guy is hoping his uncle will crash & burn, leaving Stardeath & The White Dwarfs to usurp the family title and the wacky costume collection? Your guess is as good as mine...

Stardeath & The White Dwarfs - The Progressive

Another group you may be interested in hearing about affiliated with World's Fair
are those Brit dub poppers of some reknown with rotating female vocalists are definitely back for more

Morcheeba - Everybody Loves A Loser

Morcheeba - Sing It Back

Alice Smith

Alice Smith-Love Endeavour (Freeform Fives Freeform mix)]

Looking for an alternative to PayPal?

... hey checkout the video for Google Checkout

p.s still here?

looking for action in Frisco town tonight?

try these spots below

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogospheric High Pressure Front

So apparently some of the "leading" figures in the Blogosphere held a conference called BloggerCon IV this week in SF.

Unlike the typical conferences attended by thousands held at the hotels & convention centers I work at, this event barely had room for all 150 attendees. I go to keg parties and backyard punk shows with better attendance.

Instead of a high profile gathering, these pajamas & politics loving folks were packed in a single room at some innocuous downtown building sponsored in part by some larger corporate entity.

In typical blogerati/web scenester fashion, the event was nerd-tastically insular, and in my humble opinion wasn't super well publicized, and is now over before you heard about it.

Now I don't mean to sound disapointed, but that's wha't I gleaned from reading about it. Maybe these possibly antisocial blogging blowhards are afraid to be around any more blowhards than a small handful...

Seems with millions of "bloggers" out there, likely more than a few dozen might have attended if they had known about least here in the fairly tech sensitive Bay Area.

Well, I guess I wouldn't have made it anyway, having spent more time with better paying real life promotions for Scotch & Ice Cream...

If only I could make as much money off writing and the interwebs as I can handing out ice cream cones and shots of single malt.

Well Dave Winer and his netizens have compiled and posted the blogcentric audio for the sessions. Even though there is no eye contact or power point slides for you, I thought anyone who has a blog and is interested in the issues of the media trolling around today might be interested.

Issues like media paradigm shifts, localization of content, finding potential sponsors, branding and tools that folks are using are particularly interesting to me...

For all you folks and weekend web warriors that are not truly concerned about any o dat ... hey scroll down and grab a few tunes I found laying around that might enetrtain ya more...

but Bloggers and whatnot may want to check out some of the informative, if a bit tedious conference session downloads

MP3s of the BloggerCon sessions

Day 1

1. National Anthem.

2. Tools that Bloggers use including Ecto etc..

3. Citizen Journalism.

4. Users In Charge.

5. Standards for Users.

6. Emotional Life. fascinating talk w/ Lisa Williams

7. Post-game show.

Day 2

8. Half-time show.

9. Making Money w/ Harvard's John Palfrey, Chris Pirillo etc.

10. Building Bridges.

--------------- mp3 music zone ---------------

it's the summer in the city ...
the weekend and I bet ya all just want to get high

first a couple High tracks from the Bay Area...

NOFX - Getting High On THe Down Low

High On Fire - Devilution

and some other random HIGH tunes for ya

999 - High Energy Plan

9th Wonder Instrumental ( You Send It Link )

Jay Z vs 9th Wonder - December 4th Instrumental

Ghostface Killah instrumentals..more hot & crazy beats - via yousendit links!

Assassination Day



Friday, June 23, 2006

Let It Snow

So it's purty hot today, and the swimming pool down the hill doesn't open up to riff raff like me until 5:30... so I'm hiding in the shade while the 'lectricians run around in the hot sun rewiring this old house...

man maybe we could use some snow...

like perhaps Phoebe brand... making relevant recordings since 1974...

Phoebe Snow - San Francisco Bay Blues

Despite her debut album featuring a Bay Area centric track,
Phoebe was discovered in her hometown playing a Martin acoustic in the clubs in Greenwich Village. She had a highly acclaimed debut album on Shelter records in 1974, and was hyped sorta like the Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones or Alicia Keys of her era. She also appeared as a guest singer on LP's for friend's like Dave Grusin, Garland Jeffreys, Gary U.S Bonds and David Sanborn. She's also guested on tributes to Laura Nyro, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Muddy Waters.

Here's Phoebe kicking out a smooth steel drum enhanced version of a Lennon & McCartney fave ...

Phoebe Snow - Don't Let Me Down

She released her first 5 LPs at her career peak in the mid to late 1970's. By 1981 the first greatest hits album and subsequent repackagings started coming out, and she eventually took a somewhat forced recording sabbatical circa 1989 when her major label contract ran dry after 15 years in the biz...

Phoebe was a popular concert draw, and performed at 1977's New York's No Nukes concert in Madison Square Garden event with Jackson Browne and friends and later on in 1992 with Donald Fagen's Rock & Soul Revue along with Boz Scaggs & Michael McDonald etc. She has continued playing gigs including appearances with the Band in 1999, as well as recent club gigs around on the east coast, some with ticket prices as high as $120 a seat.

Here's Phoebe Snow singing an old Jerry Ragovy/Bert Berns track that was first recorded by Erma Franklin in 1967, but has been done most famously by Janis Joplin with Big Brother & The Holding Company, as well as popular versions out there by Sammy Hagar and Faith Hill. The American Idol generation might recognize it from several performances of the track done by contestants over the past few years.

The track here is from Phoebe's 1998 album "I Can't Complain"

Phoebe Snow - Piece Of My Heart

She took her stage name from an old advert campaign from the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad line. The ad campaign featured a female socialite whose tales used rhyme to reach the turn of the century's mobile target demographic.

Here is the 1970's Phoebe on a few more from the era that produced her debut album and her initial popularity, Let The Good Times Roll is a track available on a gold disc CD later produced by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs...

Phoebe Snow - Good Times

Poetry Man is the type of tune that makes bearded dudes with no job and a propensity for lurking in cafes and hitting on college students a reason to live...

Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man

here's another soulful 70's cut you can get on one of her Best Of's...

Phoebe Snow - Love Makes A Woman

and a funky tale of urban survival & Love gone wrong

Phoebe Snow - Shakey Ground

you can find more Phoebe knowledge & discography info here at her official site...

and to counteract the misogyny of the coming couple tracks, howz about them Georgia boys the Black Crowes doing a live version of Do Right Woman , a song that Phoebe has also tackled with aplomb.

Black Crowes - Do Right Woman

now I admit, this stuff isn't likely to be yer contemporary heathen net scamps cup of tea... so in honor of the fact that we aim to piss off as many of you rampant clickers that stop by... here's something completely different

from the new disc, here's a revamped track featuring the notorious Kool Keith

Dr.Octagon - Al Green 908 Remix

oh and did I mention that ...

Bay Area Mash UP Master DJ Jay R has done it again

Although the word Crazy is in the title, there's no Gnarls in it...but I promise you can't help but dig it...

it's got Buckcherry & ACDC vs Run DMC & Black Crowes w/ a cameo by Prince-
DJ RAY R - Crazy Adidas

note features a mf or two (likely NSFW, as if you have a job) )

After 4 years of mysterious hiatus, the've reappeared ...that's Buckcherry...

Formally with the late DreamWorks records, I guess Speilberg & Geffen sold the imprint & the new overseers & bean counters couldn't afford to support the Hollywood Rock & Roll lifestyle anymore...

So after a break, the band that brought ya the hits "I Love The Cocaine' , and 'For The Movies', have had their latest album debut at #2 on the Independent Album Chart, with distro through ADA. The new single Crazy Bitch is everywhere...

So here are Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson talkin about the release of their album '15' , a disc named after the amount of days spent making it. Apparently they spent some time away from each other, Keith attempted to join the Slash-Weiland prect for aspell, Josh went semi-solo. Then as the money ran out, finally snagged some new members before giving it another go...

Buckcherry - interview

So here's some more Buckcherry, if yer diggin' that obnoxious intoxicating skinny white boy rock n roll that you just can't seem to find in quantity on the Sunset strip no more...

Buckcherry - Lit Up

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

The Buckcherry summer tour dates:

6.24.06 FM99 Lunatic Luau 10 Norfolk VA

6.26.06 103.3 WEDG Edgefest Buffalo, NY

6.29.06 Webster Theatre Hartford CT

6.30.06 Made in Canada Weekend Bash Sarnia, ON

7.1.06 House of Blues Atlantic City NJ

7.7.06 The Rock Maplewood MN

7.8.06 Blue Note Columbia MO

7.11.06 Calgary Stampede Calgary ALB

7.12.06 Machine Shop Flint MI

7.14.06 Elixur Rockford IL

7.15.06 Heart of II Showcase 99X Peoria, IL

7.18.06 Peabody's Cleveland, OH

7.20.06 Trocadero Philadelphia PA

7.21.06 Crocodile Rock Allentown PA

7.22.06 KROCK Syracuse, NY

7.29.06 FLY KUFO - Fly In Portland OR

8.5.06 The Point radio show St Louis MO

8.11.06 Sturgis Sturgis, SD

8.13.06 LOCOBAZOOKA! Rock Festival Boston, MA

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Elvis Toots Toussaints Horn - Bop - Beat - & Beyond

well I've been a bit busy lately...

had a helluva time just getting through last weekend, with a jam packed social calendar that saw me making it to only half the spots I would've liked to have been to.

Did manage to be out and about for North Beach Fair, Mistress Claire's Prom Night @ The Knockout and some other b-day shenanigans & secret shindigs...

Parkerzalooza was a blast, and I must make a very special thanks to Adam and the staff of 12 Galaxies in SF who went out of their way to provide spectacular hospitality for all the assembled musical artists & their guests. Why they kick out such unjustifiable jams for our pal Parker is beyond clear, who I just know couldn't possibly deserve such much love in place of the usual loathing...

The only bummer of the night might have been humble hero Kelley Stoltz not being able to play his full set due to the late hour his group went on, but so much had gone down before hand I don't think anyone could truly go home disappointed.

Highlights included Enablers creating a glorious din, as well as Scott McCaughey of YFF/ Tuatara/Minus 5/R.E.M playing a set including a lovable garagetastic tribute to Stiff Little Fingers (making me feel not so bad that I didn't show up across town at the Irish band's own show to use my languishing list "plus one"). Spiral Stairs of the late great Pavement was also spotted joining local yowza yowza makers Oranger on a version of Devo's Mongoloid that rocked my widdle socks off... nuff said.

Too top it all off, last night I got a chance to catch Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint on their River in Reverse Tour, and it was a truly great & classy show with all the necessary show biz trappings.

The Paramount Theater in Oakland is just a fabulous old Art Deco building with way high ceilings & ornate decor that's been magnificienly restored and kept up...

(view from the stage courtesy Jerry Seinfeld &

Just being there at The Paramount makes ya feel special, and I guess the fact it costs the better part of 100 bucks to get in the door and sit within seeing distance keeps the regular old riff raff out. The acoustics were terrific, at least where I was up near the front half of the venue, can't speak for the balcony rats y'know.

At first ol' Elvis & The Imposters opened up with a frisky version of Nick Lowe's "What's So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding?", which got the crowd hyped.

Then Mr McManus would occasionally threaten to overwhelm the proceedings and put me to sleep wih his bleating & foreboding balladeering... I got the feeling he liked to hear the sound his own voice quite a wee bit...

But just whenever all hope appeared to be lost, and I would start nodding out, Mr. Allen Toussaint & the Crescent City Horn section featuring the mighty Big Sam on trombone would save the night. Their infectious New 'awlins style grooves just could not be subdued, and would elevate a song out of the park even if ol Elvis was intent on strapping his personality into each and every one that got played.

Costello & Toussaint in Oakland

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Elvis bringing Toussaint along for the ride, and of course sharing his mysteriously huge fan base, but we surely could've been given a few more peeks into Toussaint's vast repertoire, or at least a couple more of his hits, with his own cool, casual & silky smooth southern vocalizings.

I swore after a bit of glissando on the keys he was gonna bust into "Southern Nights", the song Glen Campbell had a huge late 70's Toussaint hit with.. but it just wasn't to be.

I guess since ol Allen seems a little shy, most folks just don't know who the heck he is...

Last time i saw him out here was in 1997 I think, and he was on a week long stint playing an intimate solo set in a jazz club/sushi bar that was in a converted house/ on the edge of Berkeley to around 50 or so folks a night.

At least with Costello's Army in effect, he gets a big full house to hear hm tickle those ivories...

If yer still in the regions and geographically able to catch these guys on this tour, then do make an effort check it out. Elvis is obviously enthusiastically aglow about sharing the stage with a dignified legend like Allen. Costello also makes a few pointed political commentaries that are certainly not unwarranted considering this collaboration was brought on by chance via the horrible aftermath of Katrina, where Toussaint survived a retchid week trapped at the Superdome.

Onstage, Costello plays many of his old crowd pleasers like Alison & Pump It Up with new flourishes & funkier filled out arrangements by Toussaint. Allen himself plays a Steinway baby grand throughout most of the show in his stylish socks & sandals, occasionally beaming like a proud parent.

I recommend their new album, which not as much fun as the show, is still a fairly good deal as well. I like that it's featuring a second disc, with a well done DVD film showing the recording of the album, that gives you extra insights into their songwriting & recording process that went down with Joe Henry this winter in curfew stricken New Orleans.

from the new collboration
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - Wonder Woman

from Toussaint's 1997 NYNO records release "Connected"
Allen Toussaint - Do The Do

Here's the original version of one Costello got a kick out of singing last night, an oldie that Toussaint wrote and played on back in 1962 for Benny Spellman, who had sang the bass part on Ernie K Doe's "Mother In Law", also composed by Toussaint.

Benny Spellman - Fortune Teller

rest of the dates : Costello / Toussaint tour

2006-06-22 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Jacksonville, OR, The Britt Festivals Gardens and Amphitheatre

2006-06-24 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Aspen CO, Grand Rio Park,

2006-06-25 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Woodinville, WA, Michelle Winery,

2006-06-26 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Vancouver, The Orpheum,

2006-06-26/09 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Milwaukee, Summerfest

2006-07-05 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Hyannis, MA, Cape Cod Melody Tent

2006-07-07 & 08 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- Niagra Falls, ON, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort,

2006-07-10 & 11 with the Imposters & Allen Toussaint- NYC, Beacon Theatre


Apologies to all those that called me recently, as my cell phone died a horrible & mysterious death sometime early in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and a new one could not be resurrected until Tuesday...

So, I now have a mobile phone again, but still have none of my old cell's years of phonebook numbers... so call, write or whatever and leave me your digits dudes & dudettes... I already miss ya...

I am working a lot helping distribute 11,000 free ice cream cones a day this week, so I haven't had time to dig out whatever napkins, scraps of paper or whatnot that might have had yer contact info...

hit me back ya'll...

I know somebody's reading this...

oh & one mo thing...

If yer looking for something to do in SF this summer, have ya tried The Beat Museum?

Where else can ya see the Jack Kerouac Bobblehead?

or maybe a check Jack wrote for 10 bucks to Nunzie's liquors


The Beat Museum as a joints is a lot like Neal Cassady, in that it's informal, full of interesting gibberish & but not in one place for very long.

Originally set up by Jerry Cimino on the rocky coast twist Big Sur & Monterey, it's done time as a rolling mobile event as well.

Jerry went on tour for a spell with Neal Cassady's son Jack in a aerosteam trailer, and throughout 2004 & 2005 they appeared on numerous school campuses, as well as at clubs and festivals around the US. Jack would read from Kerouac's seminal 1957 work "On The Road", and help educate the assembled by sharing the stories and anecdotes of the characters & the fervent feelings of that time.

Here's Ferlinghetti with Jerry in front of the trailer used when the Beat Museum exhibit went "On The Road".

They are dedicated to keeping the spirit of the Beats alive, which lives not only through the literature, but via the creative continuation of the very arts of storytelling & poetry, as well as a bit of vino drinking I suppose.

Lately Jerry's been looking for a permanent home in the expensive San Francisco real estate zone and hoped to rest his collection of artifacts, posters, manuscripts etc in North Beach, where so much Beat history unraveled. Rents of course have gone up dramtically since the days of readings at defunct spots like The Six Gallery & The Coffee Gallery.

I first spotted it up from Caffe Trieste on Grant Ave in North Beach, temporarily housed inside Live Worms Gallery, where a reading was taking place, wine was flowingand "horse-devours" were stacked as a mixed crowd of young & old, including some obvious aged hippies and beats who listened attentively. Currently they have a spot near The Wharf on the 1000 block of Leavenworth. Looks like in the near future they are planning to set up shop at the old Black Oak Books location at 450 Broadway within easy stumbling distance of numerous bars & strip clubs, and within sight of Ferlinghetti's Beat bastion of books, City Lights.

Jerry is trying raise some dough to do the necessary renovations, and build out.

visit his site for more info

Here's a recording of Kerouac reading a eulogy for the late Charlie Parker

Jack Kerouac - Charlie Parker

Jack Kerouac - Reads An Early History Of Bop

Jack recounts on how Lionel Hampton , Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and others played into the foundations of this new frenetic flavor of Jazz...His delivery delves into a journey out of Minton's Playhouse that became the newest & most feared thing in jazz music... on this next soliloquy Jack from The Beat Generation he recounts the SF Scene of Fillmore raised jazz players, describing the music , the dancing, in a very vivid way

Jack Kerouac - SF Jazz Scene from The Beat Generation

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday 5 - Now Sans Cello !

Quick Friday 5

update for y'all

we'll just post 5 tunes ala SF Indie for yer weekend perusal cuz I am uh hella busy here...


From the upcoming Cursive release "Happy Hollow" ( now sans Cello !)

Here's their so called single, from the midwestern band I never quite got...
( and I became familiar only cuz I was asked to shoot a video of a show once, I know that tape is laying around somewhere...but I never got around to watching it )

anyhow, here's a more regular rock sound that's possibly their radio ready commercial approach?

uh, likely influenced by The Wizard of Oz or something,

you decide ...

Cursive - Dorothy At 40


and because the weekend is here, and as I mentioned lasterday , I got lotsa shit to do , so here's a tale of Jesus Christ on vacation from my loquacious local pal Fat Mike from his "Never Trust A Hippy" collection.

NOFX - I'm Going To Hell For This One


Johnette Napolitano has been the singer of LA band Concrete Blonde for over 20 years. She's a raspy sorta two pack a day somewhat sultry voiced singer whose epic version of Leonard Cohen's eerie "Everybody Knows" has been definitive in my mind for over a decade. She made a contribution to The Wicker Park soundtrack, and since it's a cover from that pasty Mr.Paltrow's band Cold Play, maybe you whipper snappers will finally pay attention.

Johnette Napolitano & Danny Lohner - The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)


Speaking of covers and since I'll be at the North Beach Festival , looks like on Sunday around 3:30 in Washington Square Park they have a set scheduled by the local 80's club cover band Tainted Love.

Here's the Pussycat Dolls doing their soft core Soft Cell impersonation

PussyCat Dolls - Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go


Mickey Thomas & his version of Starship will be grinding out a set on's a little number from his past for ya. We won't go back and cover the entire Slick - Kantner era, since Mickey didn't join the band until the late 70's , when they were already quasi-legends. Thomas subplanted Marty Balin ( arguably most famous for taking a punch from Hell's nges onstage at Altamont). Thomas had a moustache & the 70's Bay Area rock look & sound down, making him a suitable competitor against locals Journey, another hippie survivor band formed out of Santana's disgruntled backing group. Thomas' yowling bark is featured on tracks like "Find Your Way Back" & "Jane"

In the early 80's, Paul Kantner left and sued to prevent Grace Slick from using the Jefferson Starship name. (Kantner began fronting his own band, with former Jeffersonian era members called KBC Band aka Kanter/ Balin /Cassidy). Meanwhile The rechristened Starship went platinum, and had more chart success than anything done in the 20 years prior with Kantner. You'd often see Paul drinking coffee at Cafe Trieste in North Beach, or playing gigs in local bars, while Grace & Mickey's Starship was touring the world, "Knee Deep In The Hoopla".

One good way to insure proper airplay for the group, was the marketing of this single in the mid-80's by the RCA label that mixed some big local FM jocks into the tunes. On the LP version & 45 San Francisco's Les Garland was featured. Here's a rarer version with NYC legendary DJ's Cousin Brucie & Dandy Dan.

Starship - We Built This City ( Cousin Brucie & Dandy Dan of WCBS Mix)

Eventually after a couple more hits Grace Slick left the band, followed by Mickey Thomas after he go his ass beat by the drummer. Thomas later formed a group called Starship in the early 90's and has continued on the corporate event & county fair circuit, also adding to the set "Fooled Around & Fell In Love", the 1976 hit he had originally sung with Elvin Bishop before joining Starship.

That's 5 ...

I guess I'm done...phew!

so anyhow...

don't look down here...



psst... you know what... I know I said I'm done... but I decided, hey I got a few more minutes before I head out the door to Parkerzalooza

and some folks just annointed me with some bitchin' weekend downloads, so I'm passing on the sonic savings to you...

here's one more track from the a band I mentioned lasterday, who I'll be seeing tonight

from their Neurot Records album End Note

Enablers - The Record ...

Howz about now we lighten up & grab a lil Señor Coconut attempting to brighten our day/night realities ala ol Sheik Yer Booty of Bahrain, the ruler Of Neverland In Exile, Mr. Number One Glove, Michael Jackson?

Señor Coconut - Beat It!

& now for another cover ... yet a completely different approach...

One of the more unique and quirky cats to arise back on my radar is Steve Yerkey, whom lived in the seedy hotel above a recording studio/ performance space I once frequented.

Steve was a mighty force of a peculiar brand of white boy blues & southern songsmithery who would come down and play occasionally and wow us on open mic nights and benefit gigs with his bar hopping pal Chuck Prophet etc.

Lately, it came to my attention that Yerkey, who more or less vanished one day, had a new album out after a 12 year hiatus. So apparently after time spent in the sticks working on relationships & as a receptionist in a youth correctional facility...he's back, and proving that 50 sumpin' year old ne'er do 'ells can still do whatever they put their mind to ne'er doin ...

Tour dates here.

I'd love to post some stuff from his past, when he looked to be researching the dark side of the spoon & lifestyles of the poor & anonymous. In fact he once recorded a song in that very same studio I mentioned, about a particular lady of the eve that raised the dander of the in house PC patrol & arbiters of acceptable song titles.

I of course, can't find that track at the moment, and since I'm making homemade potato corn chowder, and simultaneously building a menu while burning a compliation Roxy Music , T-Rex and Bowie DVD...I ain't gonna get up and look for it at the moment. You'll have to wait for that out of print gem...

Instead you'll just have to enjoy this one, a casually recorded classic Roy Oribison cover that fits the Yerkey persona perfectly.

Steve Yerkey - Only the Lonely

now that's it for a few daze now y'all... enjoy

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

ParkerZaLooza, Proms, Fairs & Fest Pest Report

Hey there
it's been awhile since I was here

I was in LA all week, and I got sweaty...

and I'm glad to be back up in the coolness that is Northern California

I may return for an upcoming movie premiere next week... but until then I got things to do

and we hope all is swell with you & if yer in the SFBay Area and out & about... basically there's lotsa stuff going on ya should know about...

so here's some quick updates

Parker'ZaLooza is the event of note in the Mission this Friday. A chance to celebrate the tradgedy that is the continuously unbroken life cycle of one aging perpetual teenager known as Parker ( GibbsMo) Gibbs. The boy is barreling into middle age and attempting to bring us all down with him, and so we must gather and have cupcakes. Yeah Cupcakes... Don't Ask.

Apparently, I yer illustrious edtor, Lil Mike will be amongst the guest bartenders onstage at the 12 Galaxies while bands like Oranger, Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows, Enablers, Kelley Stoltz etc all get noisy on Friday June 16 at the 3rd annual roving installment of Parker'Z-a-looza... Get There Early For Cupcakes, Stay Late For The Violence !

random semi-related musical moments for ya:

Enablers - Manly
Enablers - Sudden Inspection
Enablers - click for stream of their 2005 WFMU appearance

Oranger - Texas Snow

Oranger - Crooked In The Weird of The Catacombs

Minus 5 w/ Scott McCaughey and Robyn Hitchcock - Your Day Will Come

Minus 5 w/ w/Colin Meloy (from the Decemberists)- Cemetary Row

Scott McCaughey and Robyn Hitchcock - 1 Hour Session

Kelley Stoltz - Memory Collector

Kelley Stoltz - The Sun Comes Through

Also you may or may not know about Mistress Claire's "Prom Nite" at The Knockout this Sat June 17... bring a date or go stag, and be one with the spirit of the Prom like you wish you'd had... Spiked Punch, Bad Theme Music, Funky Formal & Creative Costumery Welcome. No Cover... Optional pre Prom Meals @ The Mission / Valencia Burger King.Prom Night Invite

( come dressed for excess as yer official prom pix will be provided by photographer extraordinaire/ 500 Club bartender Sudsy & bitchin Stairway To Heaven backdrops by EventMagic)

Dolly Parton - Stairway To Heaven

Dolly Parton vs DJ Earworm - Stairway To Bootleg Heaven

Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night

and oh yeah ,all weekend during the day I'll be selling cool threads & wacky pirate concept bling / rock merch etc at a table on the 1300 block of Grant Ave during the North Beach Festival in front of the RubyDolls ladies boutique

( event features obligatory Mickey "We Built This City" Thomas & Starship appearance on Saturday afternoon ...come see one of my pop's rock & roll golf buddies and have a brew with me on the sidewalk a half block up from Trieste & the Saloon)

Early on Sunday eve, the talented Tom Heyman is doing an early Matinee/Happy Hour show with former Neko Case & Screaming Trees sideman Mark Pickerel who is now fronting his own band. Tom relays that Mark has a record out on Bloodshot that has been getting some good reviews.

Mark Pickerel & The Praying Hands - Forest Fire

Mark Pickerel - Graffiti Girl

Tom has done time in Go To Blazes and backing up folks like Jesse DeNatale, Paula Frazer, John Vanderslice, David Dondero, Rockin' Lloyd Tripp , Marah, the Court and Spark, Alejandro Escovedo and lately Chuck Prophet now also has a fine album out on Jackpine Social Club and his own group , featuring Dan Carr on bass, Dan Eisenberg on organ and Chris Sipe on drums.
Tom also has an affinity for high school musicals and apparently rock literature.

Tom Heyman - Crazy Ray

this one is inspired by the sad death of former Temptation lad singer David Ruffin in a Philly crackhouse...

Tom Heyman - Black Mollies

and his a tale of boozin' and beyond
Tom Heyman - Monkey Out Of Me

Y'all Can Catch Mr. Heyman in action this Sunday June 18th in Albany (or Monday as well in SF)

(510) 524-9220
show starts at 5pm

Monday night Tom appears onstage as well at The Makeout Room

oh and Monday June 19 is also one last chance to catch Bee and Flower featuring Dana Schecter ( ex- Angels of Light, Gifthorse ) and her cohorts including Doug Hilsinger ( Waycross , Eagle Tavern etc) before the principle princess in charge and her crew head back to Germany. It's a rare chance to catch this group in their caberet format, while playing with those luverly Hallflowers...Dana Schecter

Bee And Flower - Riding On Empty

Bee And Flower - I Know Your Name

playing with Bee And Flower on Monday are also Laurie & Jennifer Hall with their Mom ...all backed by the solid sonic systems of Doug Hilsinger on guitar, as featured on their CD , "So Nice By The Fire"

The Hallflowers - Choo Choo

In the art realm, can't help but mention last night was the opening of a group show called “Frankenstein Theory and Robotics” curated by Kal Spelletich of The Seemen. The show is open at night, and takes place til July 15th in two galleries in San Francisco, Rx Gallery and the nightclub known as Bar of Contemporary Art (BOCA), which are about 2 1/2 blocks away from each other South of Market. Frankenstein Theory

oh , guess I'll mention on Tues that if ya got a spare seventy five or hundred bucks or so, head to The Paramount in the O to catch a special perfomance from the legendary New Orleans maestro and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Allen Toussaint (& some bearded wannabee helper named Elvis Costello )...

photo of Bone Cootes by Peter Spirerbut if that's outside yer walletability, I'd say yer best low budget bet is to catch our beloved bartending boy about town Mr. Bone Cootes . He's putting together a little combo action & will be rockin' an early set at Makeout Room on Tuesday night June 20th followed by local favorites Hangtown,and Sonoma County /Austrailian Outback country tinged sensations the Trailer Park Rangers.

Trailer Park Rangers - Trip To The Moon


as you may have heard Bender's Bar is closed due to water damage from a fire last weekend. Bender's Damage

We hope Johnny, Liam , Chupa and all the rst of the great crew down there can get opened again soon, as we are sorely missng the joint already.

that's all fer now

keep on rocking in da free world...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

If It's Cheap , Why Must I Give It Away?

6 6 06 passed by my world without any real satanic shenanigans, without so much as me even catching Polanski's Rosemary's Baby on the late late show... although I did happen to accidentally see two TV docs recounting the supposed curses on the cast & crews of The Exorcist & Poltergeist film franchises...go figger.

I hear Anton LaVey's daughter was out milking that freaky family franchise with some sort of Satanic legacy appearance at the Cat Club south of Market...

Slayer of course put out a new album, but the one 6-6-06 release that's likely slipped under the cracks was the new Cheap Trick offering... the first studio release by the group in about 3 years... Rockford

The disc is named after their home town just north of Chicago ( never mind that singer Robin Zander now hangs out in Clearwater FL these days). Guitarist Rick Neilsen's folks owned the local music store, and when it came time for a Beatle loving boy to form an illin-noise musical posse... he had the natural advantage.

Cheap Trick - This Time You Got It

I gotta give it up for these guys, 30+ years in the rockin' biz... plus they've got more or at least as many original members than all yer fave & even much newer bands, whether that be Wilco, Weezer, Rilo Kiley,Social Distortion, Slayer, R.E.M, No Use For A Name, Cursive or The Vandals.

Ever since their first official record came out in 1976, they've been doing great things non-stop ever since...see 'em live and learn. They still rock, and unlike a lot of road weathered warriors, they aren't even too fat or very bald...

Now truth be told, and yes, I admit , and so do they, that some of the latter 80s & early 90's stuff suffered under the weight of major label stock shlock songwriter submission syndrome...

But by 1997 they lost the Epic label ties, the crappy staff producers, and the Trick regained their roadlegs, (even if they have to open for lesser bands all the time).

I last saw them on a bill squeezed into a mini set after The Detroit Cobras but before the totally unworthy Cake, yet they still held their heads high, and rocked with more dignity than a thousand Stoned Temple Pumpkins or whatever Courtney Love licking junkie losers they've been billed with lately.

I'll probably end up catching the aforementioned Cake this afternoon in Golden Gate Park, and what i wouldn't do to see Cheap Trick instead...
here they are on the Conan O'Brien show about a month ago still kicking up dust...

The trick still hold the title as righteous & humble rock n rollers and can do little wrong in my book...

here's a couple from their last studio release, 2004's The Special One

Cheap Trick - Scent Of A Woman

Cheap Trick - Hummer

One of the first albums I ever bought was their then new collection "Live At Budokan", recorded in scream-o-rama process with the gatefold & glossy japanese tour booklet... and unlike most records purchased before puberty hit, it unashamedly still gets played to this day. It was this point where they became such a cartoonish sensation that one lovelorn Japanese fan girl shipped herself overseas naked in a box to their Illinois offices. Word was she didn't smell all that good by the time she got there.

Here's some more of Cheap Trick's newish stuff... and a few oldies just to remind ya of where they've been...

I put it all here especially for all you new jack peewees who think the strokes, weezer or maroon 5 somehow came up with their fuzzy pop radio friendly lick shticks in a veritable vaccum...
From the new CD "Rockford"

Cheap Trick - Give It Away

These next few songs were recorded in the rock & roll center of the universe, I can't imagine a more rockin spot to be on New Year's Eve, 1979 as we luded & lunged into 1980 than The L.A Forum. The live energy still rips off these recordings from an FM broadcast on KLOS of what must've been one bitchin' super sold out night...

Cheap Trick - Hello Therelive NYE 79-80

Cheap Trick - Way Of The Worldlive NYE 79-80

Cheap Trick - Downedlive NYE 79-80

(for the whole freaking show, head over to TrickWorld )

Downed was also featured in it's studio version on the soundtrack of "Over The Edge", the movie where a buncha teenage stoners including Matt Dillon, steal cars, smoke weed & lock their polyester wearing parents in a PTA meeting so the kids can reek havoc all over their planned community...

These two from the Dream Police album, a must have back in the day at the turn of the 80's, and still sounding purty darn good tonight some 25 years later...

Cheap Trick - Voices

Cheap Trick - Gonna Raise Hell

and here's a video with Robin in a teal suit from Navy Pier circa 1981

Cheap Tour Dates:

6/17/06 Sheffield, UK
Sheffield Hallam FM Arena

6/18/06 London, UK
London Hammersmith Apollo

6/25/06 Jersey City, NJ
Liberty State Park

6/30/06 Atlantic City, NJ
Borgata Music Box
at the Borgata

7/01/06 Quebec City, QB
Woodstock en Beauce Festival

7/05/06 Interlochen, MI
Interlochen Cent. for the Arts

7/07/06 Milwaukee, WI
Summerfest/Classic Rock Stage

7/14/06 Lansing, MI
Common Ground Music Festival
Adado Riverfront Park
CT on at 9p

7/21/06 Hammond, IN
Festival of the Lakes/Wolf Lake Park
CT on @ 8:30p FREE SHOW!

7/22/06 St. Louis, MO
"Live on the Levee"
St. Louis Riverfront
CT on at 8pm

7/28/06 Toledo, OH
Lucas County Fairgrounds
CT on @ 9:00pm

8/04/06 Darrington, WA
Darrington Music Festival

8/05/06 Kelowna, BC Canada
Rock & Ride Classic/The Bluff
CT on at 9:00pm

8/07/06 Sturgis, SD
Rockin the Rally
Glenoe Camp Resort

8/18/06 Beaver Dam, WI
Dodge County Fair/Grandstand
CT on @ 8:00p

9/03/06 Highland Park, IL

visit for the latest word, and to order the new disc etc.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sunshine, Lollipops & Global Climate Change

I was never a big fan of Al "the Tennessee Stud" Gore

Doc Watson - Tennessee Stud

His first impact on my lil' radar screen was back in the 80's when he let his pill popping preppie ditz of a wife attempt to mess with our music...

Ah, Tipper Gore... (no relation to 60's hitmaker Lesley...)

But Tipper & Al seemed to share a certain innocent candy coated hopefulness...

and this track here kinda sums up their model worldview...

Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

Apparently they were mad that Prince, a skinny black man they were nice enough to purchase an album from had included a mention of masturbating in his Purple Rain soundtrack. This pissed off Tipper to no end, and something had to be done. (Ironically, about 10 years later, when Al was vice prez, Dr. Jocylen Elders, the first black female Surgeon General would be asked to resign for mentioning the same "evil" subject. )

So in their rigtheous wisdom, Tipper & Al unleashed the PMRC hearings on us, whose highpoint was John "Rocky Mountain High" Denver, Frank "Uncle Meat" Zappa & Dee "We're Not Gonna Take It" Snider being called to testify together in front of Congress .

Indeed... it was so historical, I see that in 2002 VH1 made a TV movie out of it...Dee plays himself.

Mariel Hemingway played Tipper !

Now I don't know about you, but I find the musings of Frank Zappa, Twisted Sister & Prince and Mariel's tush far more entertaining, and for that matter, far more harmless than the blithering of Senators and their wives...

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It

But, instead of focusing on say uh...something important, like uh, climate change, these boomer twits decided to waste plenty taxpayer money and much of their time on this "censorship" non-issue.

All that happenend was that 2 Live Crew begat NWA , and pop music became even more of a cesspool... It's now to the point where if you don't sing about specific bodily parts and/or sex acts you can barely get on the charts.

So ol' Al Bore moved on, and a politician with no national experience from Arkansas took him on as runnning mate.

The PMRC ended up becoming an Albatross around his neck...and Tipper resigned in 1992 as they moved into Blair house, the "veep" residence in DC...

Years roll on, and Al invented the internet, and you might recall his role in Love Story, which he claims was written about him, or even his odd abandonment of his former pal Prez Clinton when the moralists were trying to take 'em down over that sloppy intern dealio.

Note To Democrats : You don't see Dick Cheney trying to censure the corrupt idiotic sitting Prez these daze do ya?

We all remember mannequin man Al and his wicked witch wife & his own wooden presence, and despite being smarter & coming in with a built in advantage on the campaign trail, he was just taking it from Nader on the left and G.W on the right.

Gawd knows what he took in the bedroom....

It all seemingly ended badly of course, with Al and his lawyers getting laughed out of the Supreme Court by a robe wearing cabal of jeering jurists, right before he grew a beard and became a semi-recluse, in France. Go figger, maybe he was hanging there with Johnny Depp, but I doubt it...

Well, what's an old dawg gonna do, but learn to rehash old facts, use up his frequent flyer miles and get busy playing with "Keynote" software on his Powerbook...

Sadly, Al is on the road a lot & trying to be the comeback kid...

His new film is out, and if he had demonstrated half as much charisma & thoughtfulness on the campaign trail, his address just might be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave these days.

Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" is certainly important , and gives an excellent overview of the perils of global warming. He shows that the issues at stake are not just abstract futuristic theories and predictions, these are irrefutable and frightening facts, backed up with striking footage and images.

I watched as Al pulled a slide that showed how the Burmese restaurant in Alameda I had just eaten at would be under 20 feet of water if just half of a currently dissolving Antarctic Ice Shelf continues to melt at it's current rate.

The facts are in, the world's climate is changing, or as nelly might say "it's Getting Hot in Heeeeeeree". The C02 gas has been rapidly accumulating and Al has known this is not a myth since back when he was in college, and now he is passionate about getting the word out.

He knows his stuff, he makes a compelling presentation, and he connects the dots, and other than the guy eating popcorn way too loudly behind me, it was truly an engrossing and entertaining evening. It's the best disaster film of the year, and ...the bes/worst pasrt is it's not fiction.

I just wonder why Al and pals wasted time and their platform persecuting musicians, when we obviously face far more dangerous threats, like how about our current administration's amazingly asinine policies.

What's even more retarded are the fuming fans of these backwards bastards, who use their blogs to condemn Al and compare him to Hitler's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels. Huh?

Ironically I read these insane comments on the same day documents were released confirming the long lived rumor that U.S Intelligence indeed helped hide renowned Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. Do You Like Eich? He was afterall a key architect of the WWII Holocaust... a forward thinking guy...

So anyhow, if ya get a chance , even if yer not an Al fan...check out this important flick.

Below is a link that will connect ya with showtimes in yer area etc...

Madonna - Burning Up ( demo)

Beagle Music Ltd - Like Ice In The Sunshine

Future Bible Heroes - Hopeless

Godsmack - Going Down
P.S In the time it took ya to read this, over 700,000 cubic feet of arctic ice melted, more than 200 tons of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere.You can find out your yearly impact on C02 releases via Al's handy online calculatorn

The Specials - Too Hot ( live)

David Johansen (as Buster Poindexter)- Hot Hot Hotan>

Jimmy & Kristy McNichol - Hot Tunes

I saw that Dave Chappelle's "lost" final shows for Comedy Central will air starting on July 9th, some 15 months after they were first expected to premiere. Chapelle obviously ain't down with that , but I doubt his fans will stay away.

Despite Al Gore's evidence that it's doomed to drown, NYC is still the place to be, a clipping from a recent edition of the NY Daily News confirms the status of the 5 boroughs as the "Big Crapple..."

Homeless Youth Soccer Coach In Coked Up "Bada Bing "Cinder Block Murder Fury...

A homeless man brutally beat a drinking buddy to death, crushing his head with a cinder block in a cocaine-fueled fury over a seemingly innocent question, police said.

Daniel Callahan, 37, became enraged when William Moschinger, 46, of Selden, asked if he was a cop because of his clean-cut appearance, Suffolk County police homicide Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick said yesterday.

"Mr. Moschinger was struck, fell to the ground, and Mr. Callahan picked up a nearby cinder block and crushed his head," Fitzpatrick said, describing the after-hours fight outside the Cafe Bada Bing in Port Jefferson Station

so in conclusion today, here's a few more tracks, some that Al & Tipper might not approve of ... & like Al says, it's gunna be a hot summer... we can use all the cool we can getfirst up a remake of sorts of Darling Nikki, the song that got Tipper steamed and the PMRC rolling...Lil Nikki - Girl Named Nikki

From the oh so hawt in the hood "My Ghetto Report Card", check out one of this summer's anthems of the Bay...E 40 w/ T-Pain - U and Dat

Not sure if ya saw that Space Ghost's cartoon creator passed the other day, but here's a tribute of sorts including the Cartoon Network Talk Show years from the new Danger Doom Occcult Rhythm EpDanger Doom - Space Ho's ( Mad Lib Remix)
Marvin Gaye vs UFO - Too Hot To Give It Up DJ Riko Mash UBran Van 3000 - Speed

Offspring - Cool To Hate

Corinne Baily Rae - Put Your Records OnRay Lamontagne - Crazy

Gnarl's coverSee Ya Round The Web...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Billy Preston R.I.P

The colorful Houston born keyboardist, who played with a slew of artists including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand and Miles Davis has died at age 59. Preston had battled chronic kidney failure and had apparently been in a coma since November.

Considered the 5th Beatle, his credits include appearances on famed LPs like "Let It Be", "Abbey Road" and the "White Album" as well as many of the members future solo discs and tours. He also has played hammond B-3 on some classic Stones discs like "Sticky Fingers", "Goat's Head Soup"and "Exile on Main Street", apparently leaving the Stones after not getting credit for helping write "Melody". He also played on Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" and Sly and Family Stone's "There's a Riot Goin' On"

Preston, whose career as a solo artist had highs including hits like "Will It Go Round in Circles", "Outa-Space" , "Nothing from Nothing" and "With You , I'm Born Again", also had some lows, like being arrested in LA some years back with a fairly young male prostitute. In 1992, he was ordered incarcerated for nine months at a drug rehab for his no-contest pleas to cocaine and assault charges. Five years later, he was sentenced to three years in prison for violating probation. By 1998, he had plead guilty to insurance fraud and testified against others in a million dollar scam case.

Preston's show biz career began at a young age, playing keys as a ten year old for gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, and by age 12 portrayed the young W.C. Handy biopic St. Louis Blues, a 195 bio pic of the famed composer & music publisher. Preston first encountered the Beatles while on the road in Germany with Little Richard during the early years of their career. He was brought into the Beatle fold in 1969 by George Harrison, and played the part of musical peacemaker as the band's relationships deteriorated. He was with them often during their last recordings, and played their final rooftop show.

Beatles w/ Billy - Don't Let Me Down

His last recordings were on the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Stadium Arcadium" album and with Neil Diamond for his "12 songs" record, both produced by Rick Rubin.

Here's a duet Billy had a big hit with...

Billy Preston w/ Syreeta - With You I'm Born Again

and another big solo one as well

Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

Here's a song Billy wrote that was a huge hit for Joe Cocker, but has also been covered by everyone from Tammy Faye to Al Green...

Al Green - You Are So Beautiful

From 1972 and then Laswell remixed Panthalassa CD , here's maestro Miles Davis paying tribute to Billy Preston

Miles Davis - Rated X/ Billy Preston

Here's Billy playing a rouser with The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking

I'll add to this bio soon, and perhaps give ya more tracks , but I'm a bit busy today, so check back tonight y'all

in the meantime here's some links to other posts going over his career with some links to key related music files from his ouevre...

Rolling Stones - I Got The Blues

Random Duck on Billy

Brooklyn Boy on Billy