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Friday 5 - Now Sans Cello !

Quick Friday 5

update for y'all

we'll just post 5 tunes ala SF Indie for yer weekend perusal cuz I am uh hella busy here...


From the upcoming Cursive release "Happy Hollow" ( now sans Cello !)

Here's their so called single, from the midwestern band I never quite got...
( and I became familiar only cuz I was asked to shoot a video of a show once, I know that tape is laying around somewhere...but I never got around to watching it )

anyhow, here's a more regular rock sound that's possibly their radio ready commercial approach?

uh, likely influenced by The Wizard of Oz or something,

you decide ...

Cursive - Dorothy At 40


and because the weekend is here, and as I mentioned lasterday , I got lotsa shit to do , so here's a tale of Jesus Christ on vacation from my loquacious local pal Fat Mike from his "Never Trust A Hippy" collection.

NOFX - I'm Going To Hell For This One


Johnette Napolitano has been the singer of LA band Concrete Blonde for over 20 years. She's a raspy sorta two pack a day somewhat sultry voiced singer whose epic version of Leonard Cohen's eerie "Everybody Knows" has been definitive in my mind for over a decade. She made a contribution to The Wicker Park soundtrack, and since it's a cover from that pasty Mr.Paltrow's band Cold Play, maybe you whipper snappers will finally pay attention.

Johnette Napolitano & Danny Lohner - The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)


Speaking of covers and since I'll be at the North Beach Festival , looks like on Sunday around 3:30 in Washington Square Park they have a set scheduled by the local 80's club cover band Tainted Love.

Here's the Pussycat Dolls doing their soft core Soft Cell impersonation

PussyCat Dolls - Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go


Mickey Thomas & his version of Starship will be grinding out a set on's a little number from his past for ya. We won't go back and cover the entire Slick - Kantner era, since Mickey didn't join the band until the late 70's , when they were already quasi-legends. Thomas subplanted Marty Balin ( arguably most famous for taking a punch from Hell's nges onstage at Altamont). Thomas had a moustache & the 70's Bay Area rock look & sound down, making him a suitable competitor against locals Journey, another hippie survivor band formed out of Santana's disgruntled backing group. Thomas' yowling bark is featured on tracks like "Find Your Way Back" & "Jane"

In the early 80's, Paul Kantner left and sued to prevent Grace Slick from using the Jefferson Starship name. (Kantner began fronting his own band, with former Jeffersonian era members called KBC Band aka Kanter/ Balin /Cassidy). Meanwhile The rechristened Starship went platinum, and had more chart success than anything done in the 20 years prior with Kantner. You'd often see Paul drinking coffee at Cafe Trieste in North Beach, or playing gigs in local bars, while Grace & Mickey's Starship was touring the world, "Knee Deep In The Hoopla".

One good way to insure proper airplay for the group, was the marketing of this single in the mid-80's by the RCA label that mixed some big local FM jocks into the tunes. On the LP version & 45 San Francisco's Les Garland was featured. Here's a rarer version with NYC legendary DJ's Cousin Brucie & Dandy Dan.

Starship - We Built This City ( Cousin Brucie & Dandy Dan of WCBS Mix)

Eventually after a couple more hits Grace Slick left the band, followed by Mickey Thomas after he go his ass beat by the drummer. Thomas later formed a group called Starship in the early 90's and has continued on the corporate event & county fair circuit, also adding to the set "Fooled Around & Fell In Love", the 1976 hit he had originally sung with Elvin Bishop before joining Starship.

That's 5 ...

I guess I'm done...phew!

so anyhow...

don't look down here...



psst... you know what... I know I said I'm done... but I decided, hey I got a few more minutes before I head out the door to Parkerzalooza

and some folks just annointed me with some bitchin' weekend downloads, so I'm passing on the sonic savings to you...

here's one more track from the a band I mentioned lasterday, who I'll be seeing tonight

from their Neurot Records album End Note

Enablers - The Record ...

Howz about now we lighten up & grab a lil Señor Coconut attempting to brighten our day/night realities ala ol Sheik Yer Booty of Bahrain, the ruler Of Neverland In Exile, Mr. Number One Glove, Michael Jackson?

Señor Coconut - Beat It!

& now for another cover ... yet a completely different approach...

One of the more unique and quirky cats to arise back on my radar is Steve Yerkey, whom lived in the seedy hotel above a recording studio/ performance space I once frequented.

Steve was a mighty force of a peculiar brand of white boy blues & southern songsmithery who would come down and play occasionally and wow us on open mic nights and benefit gigs with his bar hopping pal Chuck Prophet etc.

Lately, it came to my attention that Yerkey, who more or less vanished one day, had a new album out after a 12 year hiatus. So apparently after time spent in the sticks working on relationships & as a receptionist in a youth correctional facility...he's back, and proving that 50 sumpin' year old ne'er do 'ells can still do whatever they put their mind to ne'er doin ...

Tour dates here.

I'd love to post some stuff from his past, when he looked to be researching the dark side of the spoon & lifestyles of the poor & anonymous. In fact he once recorded a song in that very same studio I mentioned, about a particular lady of the eve that raised the dander of the in house PC patrol & arbiters of acceptable song titles.

I of course, can't find that track at the moment, and since I'm making homemade potato corn chowder, and simultaneously building a menu while burning a compliation Roxy Music , T-Rex and Bowie DVD...I ain't gonna get up and look for it at the moment. You'll have to wait for that out of print gem...

Instead you'll just have to enjoy this one, a casually recorded classic Roy Oribison cover that fits the Yerkey persona perfectly.

Steve Yerkey - Only the Lonely

now that's it for a few daze now y'all... enjoy

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