Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogospheric High Pressure Front

So apparently some of the "leading" figures in the Blogosphere held a conference called BloggerCon IV this week in SF.

Unlike the typical conferences attended by thousands held at the hotels & convention centers I work at, this event barely had room for all 150 attendees. I go to keg parties and backyard punk shows with better attendance.

Instead of a high profile gathering, these pajamas & politics loving folks were packed in a single room at some innocuous downtown building sponsored in part by some larger corporate entity.

In typical blogerati/web scenester fashion, the event was nerd-tastically insular, and in my humble opinion wasn't super well publicized, and is now over before you heard about it.

Now I don't mean to sound disapointed, but that's wha't I gleaned from reading about it. Maybe these possibly antisocial blogging blowhards are afraid to be around any more blowhards than a small handful...

Seems with millions of "bloggers" out there, likely more than a few dozen might have attended if they had known about least here in the fairly tech sensitive Bay Area.

Well, I guess I wouldn't have made it anyway, having spent more time with better paying real life promotions for Scotch & Ice Cream...

If only I could make as much money off writing and the interwebs as I can handing out ice cream cones and shots of single malt.

Well Dave Winer and his netizens have compiled and posted the blogcentric audio for the sessions. Even though there is no eye contact or power point slides for you, I thought anyone who has a blog and is interested in the issues of the media trolling around today might be interested.

Issues like media paradigm shifts, localization of content, finding potential sponsors, branding and tools that folks are using are particularly interesting to me...

For all you folks and weekend web warriors that are not truly concerned about any o dat ... hey scroll down and grab a few tunes I found laying around that might enetrtain ya more...

but Bloggers and whatnot may want to check out some of the informative, if a bit tedious conference session downloads

MP3s of the BloggerCon sessions

Day 1

1. National Anthem.

2. Tools that Bloggers use including Ecto etc..

3. Citizen Journalism.

4. Users In Charge.

5. Standards for Users.

6. Emotional Life. fascinating talk w/ Lisa Williams

7. Post-game show.

Day 2

8. Half-time show.

9. Making Money w/ Harvard's John Palfrey, Chris Pirillo etc.

10. Building Bridges.

--------------- mp3 music zone ---------------

it's the summer in the city ...
the weekend and I bet ya all just want to get high

first a couple High tracks from the Bay Area...

NOFX - Getting High On THe Down Low

High On Fire - Devilution

and some other random HIGH tunes for ya

999 - High Energy Plan

9th Wonder Instrumental ( You Send It Link )

Jay Z vs 9th Wonder - December 4th Instrumental

Ghostface Killah instrumentals..more hot & crazy beats - via yousendit links!

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