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Unprecedented & Dangerous ?

So it's rapidly approaching a particular holiday weekend known for it's jumpin' jingoistic celebratory context...

To all my readers abroad, I'll explain how we celebrate "Independence Day", which generally not only involves rapper Will "Fresh Prince" Smith battling space invaders, but copius consumption of cola nut based beverages & a Belgian orginated favorite we renamed " freedom fries". Independence DayPlus in some small town or city a few kids will usually blow off some fingers playing with patriotic firecrackers made in China. that's what I'm talking about !

Boom ! Shake The room !!

Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff- Boom ! Shake The Room !

Fresh Prince vs Elton John - I'm Still Fresh

Fresh Prince vs Candi Staton - Fresh Prince of Broadway

Too bad at this critical time, the darn traitors on the Supreme Court can't see eye to eye with the righteous freedom frying vibes that created G.W & friend's popular & most fabulous Caribbean resort, Guantanamo...

Apparently the court actually voted 5-3 against the idea that our secret system of :"whatever & whenever we say say so" military tribunals is an adequate way to gauge and punish an "enemy combatant". It appears the Bush admin & Pentagon lawyer lackeys may now have to take time out of their busy schedules and actually charge these guys being held for mysterious reasons.

Could be the last chance for America to rock our offshore gulag au go go ?

Bishop Allen - Last Chance America

Do I confess that we're blessed, yes, and yet we're countin our days
Try to give it my best guess, and pray for somethin to say
It's a battle cry, a tear in the eye, a suffer inside
It's a voice in the night, callin' out traitor

Last chance, America
Last chance, America
Last chance, America
Last chance, America

Let the accounting begin, friend, and we'll find out where we stand
We don't make our amends, then, they keep their head in the sand
It's a battle cry, a tear in the eye, a suffer inside
It's a voice in the night, callin' out traitor...

The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin On

Unfortunately for the Prez, Chief Justice and total judiciary branch rookie John Roberts, had to sit out this Supreme decision because he had previously fought on the side of endlessly detaining & torturing the "enemy combatants" in the Hamden case. Thankfully though for fans of endless detention Clarence Thomas was in the hizzo. Thomas wrote with a hint of that ol' dissenting vitriol in his strongly worded opinion in favor of the Guantanamo gulag stylee that :

``to second-guess the determination of the political branches both unprecedented and dangerous."

Meanwhile Al Qaeda's buddies in the ACLU praised the ruling...

``Today's decision is a victory for the rule of law in the United States," said American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony D. Romero.

``The Supreme Court has made clear that the executive branch does not have a blank cheque in the war on terror and may not run roughshod over the nation's legal system. This decision moves us one step closer to stopping the abuse of power that has become the hallmark of this White House. Now that the Supreme Court has issued its decision, the president should make good on his promise and close Guantanamo."

No doubt these robe wearing ACLU coddling softies on the bench have been reading some sort of commie rag that aids and comforts our enemies like the NY Times.

Kudos to Arizona Congressional Republican Rep JD Hayworth who as demanded NY Times reporters be stripped of their press passes, this according to Congressional Quarterly Today, a daily publication that covers the bleatings of Hill members. Finally a Congressman who has taken the bold step to curb the liberal media's unending war on our government's sacred surveillance programs.

Maybe if they won't stop ruining our country, we can just torture them with this high pitched "mosquito" ringtone...which supposedly can only be heard well by those under twenty. If these folks are over 30 , we'll need to come up wih a new torture...

Mosquito - High Pitched Ringtone

I'm sure Bill O'Reilly and the conservative pundit crew would like to straighten out the ol' Supreme Court on their latest ruling that weakens the ood ol' US of A's ability to torture and withhold prisoners indefinitely. I hope we as a nation find a way to take out our wrath on anyone who dares report things we don't wanna know about, like say the NY Times, or to stop & spank those that would support unpatriotic activities like that vile donor base that makes up the ACLU...

"The American Civil Liberties Union is Al Qaeda's best friend. There is not a better friend to Al Qaeda in the world than the ACLU, and that's the truth. OK. "

- Bil O'Reilly

I think he's saying that they are like dead to him

Dead To Me - Don't Lie ( from the ashes of One Man Army, new release on Fat)

But, Bill being a man of measured reason, who understands the world in a way that few in our media can, is not going down the tempting tantrum laden road of whining and boycott threats...

For example Bill came out and explained to his vast Fox-y audience of patriotic patrons how despite his dissapointment in the NY Times, he's never called for a boycott in ten years of anything, except that one evil nation that built the Statue of Liberty, known as France.

I figured this was because no one in his audience likely reads anyway when they can get the news straight fom Bill.

I guess some have seen a problem with Bill's comment in that he has previously called for his audience to boycott Pepsi, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the International Red Cross, the BBC, Air America Radio, and The New York Times. In fact he was down on the NY Times just days earlier, and that horrendously vile group of lawyers and donors that make up something called the ACLU.

Bill O'Reilly - Bill's Boycott Blustering

Prez Bush said little more to the media, saying he had received only a "drive-by briefing" on the ruling ...

I ike that... a "Drive By Briefing" ... sort of like how they do it down in South Central...

Sort of clarifies for me Bush's "Boyz in The Hood" mentality...

Meanwhile a new survey of more than 100 national security expert types by Foreign Policy magazine show most believe the admin blew the war on terror. In Particularly we can look at the Iraq war, which has stifled America's credibility abroad, and made the whole country look dumber than a box of rocks.

Asked whether the US was winning the war on terror, 84 per cent of "security experts" said no and 13 per cent answered yes. Asked whether the war in Iraq was helping or hurting the global anti-terrorism campaign, 87 per cent said it was undermining those efforts... an almost equal number said the world was becoming more dangerous for the U.S.

"Bombs, bullets and bayonets are not the answer to this problem," said Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as chief of staff to Colin Powell while he was the secretary of state.

Well despite the naysayers and armchair quarterback know it alls, the war wages on, and I'll be out there celebrating every car bombing in Bagdhad and every insurgent attack as just a sign we are obviously doing the right thing. We aren't in Iraq to be popular... we are there to get that don't let the small talk distract us from gobbling up that black goo. I love black goo & so do you!

There's always critics, and like the Bush administration is happy to point out, now is not the time to judge, hundreds of years in the future, world history will be rewritten to make everything look a lot more hunky dory ... so there.

We've spent almost 1/2 a trillion dollars on this good ol fashioned war stuff so far since the whole "slamdunk "Iraq - 9/11 tie ins were first uncovered, so we should all get out there and celebrate, celebrate & dance to the music... ain't nuthing but nothing but a party this July 4th...

Only a great country could dump $437 billion on overseas military and foreign aid funding. That includes the latest lil' supplemental spending deal signed into law this month, which provided another $69 billion infusion for for the war effort. I ain't making that up either, those digits come from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service that shows us well on our way to $500 billion for this WAR, and what's it good for & all that stuff, by early next year.

Allen Toussaint - Viva La Money ( backing vocals feat Etta James & Bonnie Raitt circa 1978)

Now anyone whose ever been through a fantastic 4th of July debacle might know of the infinte array of Sousa marches, the George M. Cohan lyrics etc

Can ya think of a better way to celebrate our country's grand global contributions to the world's marketplace of ideas than with our own special brand of marching band music?

Take this fine example from the US Air Force Band, when we are not raining depleted uranium bombs on your far off village in the name of freedom, we are making beautiful music for our enjoyment back home in the USA. Here's a little Sousa and some George M Cohan to help ya remember why we are so bitchin, and like to fight so darn hard!

US Air Force Band - Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty

George M. Cohan - Yankee Doodle Medley

Howz about some down home style Americana musica to go with yer upcoming slice of Apple Pie ad nauseum...

Jason Ringenberg was once the frontman for a group of Tennesse based rowdies in the 80's known as Jason & The Scorchers who gave it the ol' major label try, but fell short of the brass ring. Despite never cracking the mainstream, their debut EP Fervor on EMI featured guest sangin' by Michael Stipe that also came with a smoking version of Dylan's Absolutely Sweet Marie. That Dylan strack still kicks plenty ass, and remains on my personal fave list over 20 years later, but even a tour slot opening for ol Bob himself didn't help the Scorchers cross over. Lately I've noticed Ringenberg has appeared on the Yep Roc label, as he's pitched himself as a mature singer/songwriter dude...

here's a solo song about Link Wray
Jason Ringenberg - Link Wray

Maybe out here in this great land of the free, home of the slaves, you need to hear the tones of Mr. Yerkey, a dde as likely Americana as anyone out here on these wide open parking spaces, with purple mountains majesty etc...

Steve Yerkey - Link Wray's Girlfriend

Speaking of the late Link Wray, why not give that half Cherokee guitarman a chance to flaunt his suff today as we approach da 4th...

Link Wray - Run Chicken Run

In addition to the ressurection of Mr Yerkey, I was recently notified by the folks at World's Fair label & management group that he is not the only worthy artiste you all might be interested in...

how about Wayne Coyne's nephew Dennis? Yeah, rock nepotism is no longer restricted to spouses and children of the rich & famous, apparently even a nephew can ride the marching band coattails of an indie rawk icon's career...

and from the sound of the band's name, could it be the lil guy is hoping his uncle will crash & burn, leaving Stardeath & The White Dwarfs to usurp the family title and the wacky costume collection? Your guess is as good as mine...

Stardeath & The White Dwarfs - The Progressive

Another group you may be interested in hearing about affiliated with World's Fair
are those Brit dub poppers of some reknown with rotating female vocalists are definitely back for more

Morcheeba - Everybody Loves A Loser

Morcheeba - Sing It Back

Alice Smith

Alice Smith-Love Endeavour (Freeform Fives Freeform mix)]

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