Friday, June 23, 2006

Let It Snow

So it's purty hot today, and the swimming pool down the hill doesn't open up to riff raff like me until 5:30... so I'm hiding in the shade while the 'lectricians run around in the hot sun rewiring this old house...

man maybe we could use some snow...

like perhaps Phoebe brand... making relevant recordings since 1974...

Phoebe Snow - San Francisco Bay Blues

Despite her debut album featuring a Bay Area centric track,
Phoebe was discovered in her hometown playing a Martin acoustic in the clubs in Greenwich Village. She had a highly acclaimed debut album on Shelter records in 1974, and was hyped sorta like the Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones or Alicia Keys of her era. She also appeared as a guest singer on LP's for friend's like Dave Grusin, Garland Jeffreys, Gary U.S Bonds and David Sanborn. She's also guested on tributes to Laura Nyro, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Muddy Waters.

Here's Phoebe kicking out a smooth steel drum enhanced version of a Lennon & McCartney fave ...

Phoebe Snow - Don't Let Me Down

She released her first 5 LPs at her career peak in the mid to late 1970's. By 1981 the first greatest hits album and subsequent repackagings started coming out, and she eventually took a somewhat forced recording sabbatical circa 1989 when her major label contract ran dry after 15 years in the biz...

Phoebe was a popular concert draw, and performed at 1977's New York's No Nukes concert in Madison Square Garden event with Jackson Browne and friends and later on in 1992 with Donald Fagen's Rock & Soul Revue along with Boz Scaggs & Michael McDonald etc. She has continued playing gigs including appearances with the Band in 1999, as well as recent club gigs around on the east coast, some with ticket prices as high as $120 a seat.

Here's Phoebe Snow singing an old Jerry Ragovy/Bert Berns track that was first recorded by Erma Franklin in 1967, but has been done most famously by Janis Joplin with Big Brother & The Holding Company, as well as popular versions out there by Sammy Hagar and Faith Hill. The American Idol generation might recognize it from several performances of the track done by contestants over the past few years.

The track here is from Phoebe's 1998 album "I Can't Complain"

Phoebe Snow - Piece Of My Heart

She took her stage name from an old advert campaign from the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad line. The ad campaign featured a female socialite whose tales used rhyme to reach the turn of the century's mobile target demographic.

Here is the 1970's Phoebe on a few more from the era that produced her debut album and her initial popularity, Let The Good Times Roll is a track available on a gold disc CD later produced by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs...

Phoebe Snow - Good Times

Poetry Man is the type of tune that makes bearded dudes with no job and a propensity for lurking in cafes and hitting on college students a reason to live...

Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man

here's another soulful 70's cut you can get on one of her Best Of's...

Phoebe Snow - Love Makes A Woman

and a funky tale of urban survival & Love gone wrong

Phoebe Snow - Shakey Ground

you can find more Phoebe knowledge & discography info here at her official site...

and to counteract the misogyny of the coming couple tracks, howz about them Georgia boys the Black Crowes doing a live version of Do Right Woman , a song that Phoebe has also tackled with aplomb.

Black Crowes - Do Right Woman

now I admit, this stuff isn't likely to be yer contemporary heathen net scamps cup of tea... so in honor of the fact that we aim to piss off as many of you rampant clickers that stop by... here's something completely different

from the new disc, here's a revamped track featuring the notorious Kool Keith

Dr.Octagon - Al Green 908 Remix

oh and did I mention that ...

Bay Area Mash UP Master DJ Jay R has done it again

Although the word Crazy is in the title, there's no Gnarls in it...but I promise you can't help but dig it...

it's got Buckcherry & ACDC vs Run DMC & Black Crowes w/ a cameo by Prince-
DJ RAY R - Crazy Adidas

note features a mf or two (likely NSFW, as if you have a job) )

After 4 years of mysterious hiatus, the've reappeared ...that's Buckcherry...

Formally with the late DreamWorks records, I guess Speilberg & Geffen sold the imprint & the new overseers & bean counters couldn't afford to support the Hollywood Rock & Roll lifestyle anymore...

So after a break, the band that brought ya the hits "I Love The Cocaine' , and 'For The Movies', have had their latest album debut at #2 on the Independent Album Chart, with distro through ADA. The new single Crazy Bitch is everywhere...

So here are Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson talkin about the release of their album '15' , a disc named after the amount of days spent making it. Apparently they spent some time away from each other, Keith attempted to join the Slash-Weiland prect for aspell, Josh went semi-solo. Then as the money ran out, finally snagged some new members before giving it another go...

Buckcherry - interview

So here's some more Buckcherry, if yer diggin' that obnoxious intoxicating skinny white boy rock n roll that you just can't seem to find in quantity on the Sunset strip no more...

Buckcherry - Lit Up

Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

The Buckcherry summer tour dates:

6.24.06 FM99 Lunatic Luau 10 Norfolk VA

6.26.06 103.3 WEDG Edgefest Buffalo, NY

6.29.06 Webster Theatre Hartford CT

6.30.06 Made in Canada Weekend Bash Sarnia, ON

7.1.06 House of Blues Atlantic City NJ

7.7.06 The Rock Maplewood MN

7.8.06 Blue Note Columbia MO

7.11.06 Calgary Stampede Calgary ALB

7.12.06 Machine Shop Flint MI

7.14.06 Elixur Rockford IL

7.15.06 Heart of II Showcase 99X Peoria, IL

7.18.06 Peabody's Cleveland, OH

7.20.06 Trocadero Philadelphia PA

7.21.06 Crocodile Rock Allentown PA

7.22.06 KROCK Syracuse, NY

7.29.06 FLY KUFO - Fly In Portland OR

8.5.06 The Point radio show St Louis MO

8.11.06 Sturgis Sturgis, SD

8.13.06 LOCOBAZOOKA! Rock Festival Boston, MA

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