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Sunshine, Lollipops & Global Climate Change

I was never a big fan of Al "the Tennessee Stud" Gore

Doc Watson - Tennessee Stud

His first impact on my lil' radar screen was back in the 80's when he let his pill popping preppie ditz of a wife attempt to mess with our music...

Ah, Tipper Gore... (no relation to 60's hitmaker Lesley...)

But Tipper & Al seemed to share a certain innocent candy coated hopefulness...

and this track here kinda sums up their model worldview...

Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows

Apparently they were mad that Prince, a skinny black man they were nice enough to purchase an album from had included a mention of masturbating in his Purple Rain soundtrack. This pissed off Tipper to no end, and something had to be done. (Ironically, about 10 years later, when Al was vice prez, Dr. Jocylen Elders, the first black female Surgeon General would be asked to resign for mentioning the same "evil" subject. )

So in their rigtheous wisdom, Tipper & Al unleashed the PMRC hearings on us, whose highpoint was John "Rocky Mountain High" Denver, Frank "Uncle Meat" Zappa & Dee "We're Not Gonna Take It" Snider being called to testify together in front of Congress .

Indeed... it was so historical, I see that in 2002 VH1 made a TV movie out of it...Dee plays himself.

Mariel Hemingway played Tipper !

Now I don't know about you, but I find the musings of Frank Zappa, Twisted Sister & Prince and Mariel's tush far more entertaining, and for that matter, far more harmless than the blithering of Senators and their wives...

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It

But, instead of focusing on say uh...something important, like uh, climate change, these boomer twits decided to waste plenty taxpayer money and much of their time on this "censorship" non-issue.

All that happenend was that 2 Live Crew begat NWA , and pop music became even more of a cesspool... It's now to the point where if you don't sing about specific bodily parts and/or sex acts you can barely get on the charts.

So ol' Al Bore moved on, and a politician with no national experience from Arkansas took him on as runnning mate.

The PMRC ended up becoming an Albatross around his neck...and Tipper resigned in 1992 as they moved into Blair house, the "veep" residence in DC...

Years roll on, and Al invented the internet, and you might recall his role in Love Story, which he claims was written about him, or even his odd abandonment of his former pal Prez Clinton when the moralists were trying to take 'em down over that sloppy intern dealio.

Note To Democrats : You don't see Dick Cheney trying to censure the corrupt idiotic sitting Prez these daze do ya?

We all remember mannequin man Al and his wicked witch wife & his own wooden presence, and despite being smarter & coming in with a built in advantage on the campaign trail, he was just taking it from Nader on the left and G.W on the right.

Gawd knows what he took in the bedroom....

It all seemingly ended badly of course, with Al and his lawyers getting laughed out of the Supreme Court by a robe wearing cabal of jeering jurists, right before he grew a beard and became a semi-recluse, in France. Go figger, maybe he was hanging there with Johnny Depp, but I doubt it...

Well, what's an old dawg gonna do, but learn to rehash old facts, use up his frequent flyer miles and get busy playing with "Keynote" software on his Powerbook...

Sadly, Al is on the road a lot & trying to be the comeback kid...

His new film is out, and if he had demonstrated half as much charisma & thoughtfulness on the campaign trail, his address just might be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave these days.

Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" is certainly important , and gives an excellent overview of the perils of global warming. He shows that the issues at stake are not just abstract futuristic theories and predictions, these are irrefutable and frightening facts, backed up with striking footage and images.

I watched as Al pulled a slide that showed how the Burmese restaurant in Alameda I had just eaten at would be under 20 feet of water if just half of a currently dissolving Antarctic Ice Shelf continues to melt at it's current rate.

The facts are in, the world's climate is changing, or as nelly might say "it's Getting Hot in Heeeeeeree". The C02 gas has been rapidly accumulating and Al has known this is not a myth since back when he was in college, and now he is passionate about getting the word out.

He knows his stuff, he makes a compelling presentation, and he connects the dots, and other than the guy eating popcorn way too loudly behind me, it was truly an engrossing and entertaining evening. It's the best disaster film of the year, and ...the bes/worst pasrt is it's not fiction.

I just wonder why Al and pals wasted time and their platform persecuting musicians, when we obviously face far more dangerous threats, like how about our current administration's amazingly asinine policies.

What's even more retarded are the fuming fans of these backwards bastards, who use their blogs to condemn Al and compare him to Hitler's propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels. Huh?

Ironically I read these insane comments on the same day documents were released confirming the long lived rumor that U.S Intelligence indeed helped hide renowned Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. Do You Like Eich? He was afterall a key architect of the WWII Holocaust... a forward thinking guy...

So anyhow, if ya get a chance , even if yer not an Al fan...check out this important flick.

Below is a link that will connect ya with showtimes in yer area etc...

Madonna - Burning Up ( demo)

Beagle Music Ltd - Like Ice In The Sunshine

Future Bible Heroes - Hopeless

Godsmack - Going Down
P.S In the time it took ya to read this, over 700,000 cubic feet of arctic ice melted, more than 200 tons of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere.You can find out your yearly impact on C02 releases via Al's handy online calculatorn

The Specials - Too Hot ( live)

David Johansen (as Buster Poindexter)- Hot Hot Hotan>

Jimmy & Kristy McNichol - Hot Tunes

I saw that Dave Chappelle's "lost" final shows for Comedy Central will air starting on July 9th, some 15 months after they were first expected to premiere. Chapelle obviously ain't down with that , but I doubt his fans will stay away.

Despite Al Gore's evidence that it's doomed to drown, NYC is still the place to be, a clipping from a recent edition of the NY Daily News confirms the status of the 5 boroughs as the "Big Crapple..."

Homeless Youth Soccer Coach In Coked Up "Bada Bing "Cinder Block Murder Fury...

A homeless man brutally beat a drinking buddy to death, crushing his head with a cinder block in a cocaine-fueled fury over a seemingly innocent question, police said.

Daniel Callahan, 37, became enraged when William Moschinger, 46, of Selden, asked if he was a cop because of his clean-cut appearance, Suffolk County police homicide Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick said yesterday.

"Mr. Moschinger was struck, fell to the ground, and Mr. Callahan picked up a nearby cinder block and crushed his head," Fitzpatrick said, describing the after-hours fight outside the Cafe Bada Bing in Port Jefferson Station

so in conclusion today, here's a few more tracks, some that Al & Tipper might not approve of ... & like Al says, it's gunna be a hot summer... we can use all the cool we can getfirst up a remake of sorts of Darling Nikki, the song that got Tipper steamed and the PMRC rolling...Lil Nikki - Girl Named Nikki

From the oh so hawt in the hood "My Ghetto Report Card", check out one of this summer's anthems of the Bay...E 40 w/ T-Pain - U and Dat

Not sure if ya saw that Space Ghost's cartoon creator passed the other day, but here's a tribute of sorts including the Cartoon Network Talk Show years from the new Danger Doom Occcult Rhythm EpDanger Doom - Space Ho's ( Mad Lib Remix)
Marvin Gaye vs UFO - Too Hot To Give It Up DJ Riko Mash UBran Van 3000 - Speed

Offspring - Cool To Hate

Corinne Baily Rae - Put Your Records OnRay Lamontagne - Crazy

Gnarl's coverSee Ya Round The Web...

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