Thursday, June 15, 2006

ParkerZaLooza, Proms, Fairs & Fest Pest Report

Hey there
it's been awhile since I was here

I was in LA all week, and I got sweaty...

and I'm glad to be back up in the coolness that is Northern California

I may return for an upcoming movie premiere next week... but until then I got things to do

and we hope all is swell with you & if yer in the SFBay Area and out & about... basically there's lotsa stuff going on ya should know about...

so here's some quick updates

Parker'ZaLooza is the event of note in the Mission this Friday. A chance to celebrate the tradgedy that is the continuously unbroken life cycle of one aging perpetual teenager known as Parker ( GibbsMo) Gibbs. The boy is barreling into middle age and attempting to bring us all down with him, and so we must gather and have cupcakes. Yeah Cupcakes... Don't Ask.

Apparently, I yer illustrious edtor, Lil Mike will be amongst the guest bartenders onstage at the 12 Galaxies while bands like Oranger, Scott McCaughey of Young Fresh Fellows, Enablers, Kelley Stoltz etc all get noisy on Friday June 16 at the 3rd annual roving installment of Parker'Z-a-looza... Get There Early For Cupcakes, Stay Late For The Violence !

random semi-related musical moments for ya:

Enablers - Manly
Enablers - Sudden Inspection
Enablers - click for stream of their 2005 WFMU appearance

Oranger - Texas Snow

Oranger - Crooked In The Weird of The Catacombs

Minus 5 w/ Scott McCaughey and Robyn Hitchcock - Your Day Will Come

Minus 5 w/ w/Colin Meloy (from the Decemberists)- Cemetary Row

Scott McCaughey and Robyn Hitchcock - 1 Hour Session

Kelley Stoltz - Memory Collector

Kelley Stoltz - The Sun Comes Through

Also you may or may not know about Mistress Claire's "Prom Nite" at The Knockout this Sat June 17... bring a date or go stag, and be one with the spirit of the Prom like you wish you'd had... Spiked Punch, Bad Theme Music, Funky Formal & Creative Costumery Welcome. No Cover... Optional pre Prom Meals @ The Mission / Valencia Burger King.Prom Night Invite

( come dressed for excess as yer official prom pix will be provided by photographer extraordinaire/ 500 Club bartender Sudsy & bitchin Stairway To Heaven backdrops by EventMagic)

Dolly Parton - Stairway To Heaven

Dolly Parton vs DJ Earworm - Stairway To Bootleg Heaven

Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night

and oh yeah ,all weekend during the day I'll be selling cool threads & wacky pirate concept bling / rock merch etc at a table on the 1300 block of Grant Ave during the North Beach Festival in front of the RubyDolls ladies boutique

( event features obligatory Mickey "We Built This City" Thomas & Starship appearance on Saturday afternoon ...come see one of my pop's rock & roll golf buddies and have a brew with me on the sidewalk a half block up from Trieste & the Saloon)

Early on Sunday eve, the talented Tom Heyman is doing an early Matinee/Happy Hour show with former Neko Case & Screaming Trees sideman Mark Pickerel who is now fronting his own band. Tom relays that Mark has a record out on Bloodshot that has been getting some good reviews.

Mark Pickerel & The Praying Hands - Forest Fire

Mark Pickerel - Graffiti Girl

Tom has done time in Go To Blazes and backing up folks like Jesse DeNatale, Paula Frazer, John Vanderslice, David Dondero, Rockin' Lloyd Tripp , Marah, the Court and Spark, Alejandro Escovedo and lately Chuck Prophet now also has a fine album out on Jackpine Social Club and his own group , featuring Dan Carr on bass, Dan Eisenberg on organ and Chris Sipe on drums.
Tom also has an affinity for high school musicals and apparently rock literature.

Tom Heyman - Crazy Ray

this one is inspired by the sad death of former Temptation lad singer David Ruffin in a Philly crackhouse...

Tom Heyman - Black Mollies

and his a tale of boozin' and beyond
Tom Heyman - Monkey Out Of Me

Y'all Can Catch Mr. Heyman in action this Sunday June 18th in Albany (or Monday as well in SF)

(510) 524-9220
show starts at 5pm

Monday night Tom appears onstage as well at The Makeout Room

oh and Monday June 19 is also one last chance to catch Bee and Flower featuring Dana Schecter ( ex- Angels of Light, Gifthorse ) and her cohorts including Doug Hilsinger ( Waycross , Eagle Tavern etc) before the principle princess in charge and her crew head back to Germany. It's a rare chance to catch this group in their caberet format, while playing with those luverly Hallflowers...Dana Schecter

Bee And Flower - Riding On Empty

Bee And Flower - I Know Your Name

playing with Bee And Flower on Monday are also Laurie & Jennifer Hall with their Mom ...all backed by the solid sonic systems of Doug Hilsinger on guitar, as featured on their CD , "So Nice By The Fire"

The Hallflowers - Choo Choo

In the art realm, can't help but mention last night was the opening of a group show called “Frankenstein Theory and Robotics” curated by Kal Spelletich of The Seemen. The show is open at night, and takes place til July 15th in two galleries in San Francisco, Rx Gallery and the nightclub known as Bar of Contemporary Art (BOCA), which are about 2 1/2 blocks away from each other South of Market. Frankenstein Theory

oh , guess I'll mention on Tues that if ya got a spare seventy five or hundred bucks or so, head to The Paramount in the O to catch a special perfomance from the legendary New Orleans maestro and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Allen Toussaint (& some bearded wannabee helper named Elvis Costello )...

photo of Bone Cootes by Peter Spirerbut if that's outside yer walletability, I'd say yer best low budget bet is to catch our beloved bartending boy about town Mr. Bone Cootes . He's putting together a little combo action & will be rockin' an early set at Makeout Room on Tuesday night June 20th followed by local favorites Hangtown,and Sonoma County /Austrailian Outback country tinged sensations the Trailer Park Rangers.

Trailer Park Rangers - Trip To The Moon


as you may have heard Bender's Bar is closed due to water damage from a fire last weekend. Bender's Damage

We hope Johnny, Liam , Chupa and all the rst of the great crew down there can get opened again soon, as we are sorely missng the joint already.

that's all fer now

keep on rocking in da free world...

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