Monday, February 13, 2006

Peppered & Sprayed By Dick

Amazingly, everytime the dorky ex-lead singer of Creed gets drunk we hear about it instantly, but it takes 24 hours after the man a heartbeat from being in command of the "free world" shoots a man and the only ones to know are readers of the website of a small Texas paper called the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

In typically humble Texas style, the editor of the Caller Times proudly proclaims the important role they had in being friendly enough to be called personally by rich Armstrong Ranch matriarch Anne Armstrong for the scoop. Present at the Saturday shooting, Armstrong apparently got the o.k from big Dick a day after the event and then reached out to touch someone she "trusted" in the media. Armstrong, owner of the 50,000 acre "ranch" is a media savvy widow of her cattleman husband Tobin, who died last year. Anne
was once U.S. ambassador to Britain during the Nixon administration and was appointed to the University of Texas A&M Board of Regents by GW Bush, and was a director of Halliburton when it hired Cheney as its chief executive.

The Caller Times also expounds on how wonderfully their reporter Kathryn Garcia has handled the media frenzy that started after the word got out. They also put an avid shooter" and Caller Times reporter up to reenacting the accident for your amusement. In addition they report that big Bush donor Pamela Willeford the Ambassador to Switzerland was also along for the fun and a lurid sidebar that a local Corpus Christi teen had his coach's DNA in his boxer shorts, and his Mom had a bad feeling. has VIDEO
of presidential spokesman Scott McClellan being typically evasive on Monday as he went about not answering questions about the incident. which quickly became the most popular & blogged about article on the site.

for video see:
McClellan Fields Cheney Media Blitz'

Aside from his notoreity derived in the recent Cheney quail hunting escapade, Harry Whittington's name pops up as a maverick Republican lawyer and power player in Texas who has made a name for himself in a variety of ways. One controversy involved his role at the Texas Funeral Service Commision. In the summer 2000, the Texas Observer published details about a court case where certain documents under Whittington's purview could not be found that would implicate a friend & fundraiser of then Governor George W Bush of certain improprieties.
I'd read about this lawsuit incident before, and found it ironic that Cheney shot one of the player's full of birdshot this weekend. Read the article to taste a little legal intrigue involving big Bush campaign donors, two boxes of documents that vanish – and then reappear, and a disgruntled female ex-executive Texas Funeral Service who named then Governor G.W Bush amongst others as defendants in a lawsuit before she took a two hundred thousand dollar settlement.

Whittington, who has since had a heart attack, has also been legally sparring with the city of Austin for over 6 years about an eminent domain claim made on some disputed downtown property.


that's all for now folks...enjoy some tunes...

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Art Alexakis names a fear from the multi-platinum "...So Much For The Afterglow" album I think I can relate too

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and courtesy a recent post at the blog known by the name of the rambling DC based proprietor, Mr Drew McDermott, I found the latest greatest Fucking Champs track , Guns in Our Schools

The F*cking Champs - Guns in Our Schools

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