Monday, August 29, 2005

Voivod - Maiden - Weezer - etc - It's a Heavy Metal World Out There

Voivod loses guitarist to Cancer

In a further changing of the rock guard, and a shock to many, this week saw the passing of VOIVOD guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour . The 45-year-old speed metal guitarist had been diagnosed with colon cancer that had spread to his liver, rendering the condition inoperable. On Thursday, Aug 25th, D'Amour slipped into a coma in a Montreal hospital and never regained consciousness. He had recently completed more than two dozen demo tracks for the group's expected 14th album, which was postponed when bassist Jason Newsted had to be treated for tendonitis.

Voivod - Astronomy Domine
a live version of a Pink Floyd classic that Voivod originally put on the Nothingface album

Voivod - 21st Century Schizoid Man

Here you can hear Piggy shredding on a King Crimson cover
Sharon vs. Maiden According to The New York Post, Sharon Osbourne and daughter Kelly were spotted in Devore CA asking members of some Ozzfest bands to pelt Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson with eggs. Dickinson has since posted a notice apologizing to his fans for what he deemed an unprofessional atmosphere at Ozzfest. Sharon has also issued a bitter press release complaining about Bruce Dickinson's failure to appreciate the Ozzfest as " heavy metal summer camp". She is outraged by the Maiden frontman's waving a U.K flag in America, and his various complaints about the sound system. More tedious details here and here

Iron Maiden - Number of The Beast

Pearl Jam offers up "Digital Bootlegs"
In an extension of their live concert CD offerings, Pearl Jam is offering high bitrate MP3'z of their current tour for $9.99 per show. The 192 kb downloads will be available at and will feature no Digital Rights Management protection so that fans can freely burn the shows to disc or transfer to MP3 players. Each show will be professionally mixed in real-time by Pearl Jam's longtime studio and live engineer, Brett Eliason via technology provided by Eliason's

WEEZER's video for the track "We Are All on Drugs", is essentially a re-edited version ofa video by U.K metallers GRIM REAPER. The 1980's era track "Fear No Evil" has been posted online at stereogum.

Crew Cuts in News Biz In a move that is certain to piss off technical worker unions, local news teams at tv stations in Nashville and San Francisco are shifting to the less-expensive video journalist, or VJ, model, where reporters and editors shoot and edit their own work. Young Broadcasting is the first major U.S. station group to take the plunge.
Now Some Random MP3z for y'all

Saw ex- Talking Head Jerry Harrison, hanging out on Friday Night, he was keeping kinda quiet and mellow amidst a loud gathering in a corner bar, feeding the juke a bit, and he almost got my Ramones trivia question right...( Q: Who wrote Needles & Pins ? , Jerry's guess : The Searchers, actual answer: Sonny Bono) wonder what he'd think of this extended remix track of a sweet tune by his old band.

Talking Heads - This Must be The Place ( Mr. Trick's Maybe Ruthie Mix)
Soulfly- Territorial Pissings
Max Cavalera has his way with a Nirvana fave, live in Toulouse France in spring 2003
careful, it's heavy kids
C.H.A.O.S. Productions - Hollaback Napoleon
Spongebob vs Blondie & Daft Punk

anyhow, that's all for today- i'm a busy lil' beaver eatar... gotta go...see ya later kids

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