Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sonically Speaking : Mr. Slick's Next Last Electrical Light Train To Black Needle Ecological Hurricane Front

Hey I'm getting robbed at .25 cents a minute at a
Kinko's on Wilshire Blvd... so this weeek's post is quick and to the point

jam on it...

MC 5 - Skunk ( Sonically Speaking )

a rare track from a new boxset put out by the original radical rockers of the 1960's

don't forget to checkout my previous MC5 post from july

The Sonics - The Witch

the real godfathers of grunge emit some real 60's garage rock mayhem direct from the Pacific Northwest

Ken Nordine - Mr Slick

the father of Word Jazz laying it down like only he can

Mad Professor vs Jah Shaka - Ecological Dub

a deeply dubtastic track from the mighty Mad Professor

Princess Superstar vs The Who - Front Your Wet Cock

classic rock from pervy pete goes superstar stylee disco shlock for y'all

Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane ( Live Unplugged 2001 )

when in doubt , there's always room for Klaus...

Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train to London

a classic pop track whose title became all the more newsworthy recently

Six Organs of Admittance - Black Needle Rhymes

some of that mellow but challenging alternative music you've been hearing about

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next

a Jacques Brel cover tune by one damn goofy Scottish band circa 1973. Frontman extraoridinaire Alex ("The Last of the Teenage Idols") Harvey died at age 47 in the early eighties of that notorious "old rocker" disease ( i.e combo of drugs, alcohol and rough living in general).

And although I'm new to the fan club, apparently he was quite a showman, an influence on the coming punk & new wave scenes, and this cover tune is considered amongst his finest hours.

This is probably his best - he sings the lyrics brilliantly, wailing them out in his distinctive voice. And the song has a great build-up to the crazy ending - it's an absolute classic. - Blamonet review

His performance of Jacques Brel's 'Next' is purest bravura, and it works precisely because Harvey reduced the distance between himself and the song to nothing. He became the song, was utterly present in the song and, by doing so, pulled the listener right in there himself. - New Musical Express 1982

Vambo Roolz !

Alex was atrue character, likely the first rocker to use spray paint on stage, a cue taken up later by others including The Clash & U2's Bono. He' s definitely unique & somebody I'm gonna dig up more recordings and info on in the future.

(Alex Harvey 1935-1982)

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