Friday, August 12, 2005

Fistful of Friday Fluff w/ Enablers, Hilly Kristal, Grass Roots etc

A Compendium of Half Cocked Crap For The Curious :

Looks like CBGB's is getting a reprieve, and will not have to pay $60,000 in alleged backrent to the building's landlord.

Here's an mp3 of club owner Hilly Kristal from a 1976 7" he put out called mud. More info on this unique audio artifact is available here

if yer still flabbergasted at the pic at the top of this post, it was snagged from the World of Wonder site, and I think we all are still wondering as well...and likely will for long after this weekend slinks away...

in other news:
A Hong Kong councilman reportedly had the big idea that Cheung Chau, one of the territory's little islands where over the last eight years 20 people have committed suicide and five have tried to, should be turned into a suicide theme park. ( story @ ) has news about Pandora, a service from the folks behind the Music Genome Project, that is akin to audioscrobbler but differs as well... check out the beta testing as it develops and read more at

The former Tiffany network CBS, is looking to keep it's marketshare in the web realm and is advertising a new position available for an avid podcaster...
Want to be CBS's first podcaster? The network is searching for an amateur DJ to interview CBS stars and create a podcast about the new fall season. The podcaster will join the nation’s top DJs at the CBS Radio Junket on September 10 in Hollywood to interview CBS talent for the podcast, which will be made available to millions via and Infinity Broadcasting’s San Francisco-based KYOURADIO, the world’s first-ever podcasting radio station. For consideration, you'll need to upload a mock three-minute interview.

now dig the downloads:

First The Tunes:

A triple threat of darkly atmospheric .mp3 tracks with haunting narratives from SF based band thee Enablers. Guys that are likely either touring some obscure Eastern European clubs or maybe drinking at the seedy bar I work at right now...

These are from their debut release

Enablers - Glimpses, Audio: Driving Late

Enablers - About Last Night

Enablers - Pauly's Days In Cinema

The band is a lanky erstwhile pedigreed bunch featuring dudes who've done time in The Swans, Toiling Midgets, Tarnation, Nice Strong Arm and TimCo. The musician's instrumental skills work the room, scrape, tug, yank, build high tension wire strung platforms that arise behind the dry babbling wordsmith up front. The band members honed themselves for over a year, performing as "Touched By A Janitor" before finding the meandering maintenance man of their dreams.Pete Simonelli circa summer 1998 That would be vocalizer Pete Simonelli, a character I've long referred to as the world's youngest grumpy old man...

But, with two tours of duty overseas completed, all the stage time has lifted our irrascible neighborhood bartender/poet into a league of ranters and ravers ala Saccharine Trust's Jack Brewer, but perha[s shy of the show biz big leaguers like Jim Morrison & Hank Rollins and the mighty Nick Cave...

Enablers page at Neurot...

other stuff to break up the monotony....

The City On Film (a.k.a Robert Nanna w/ Lauren LoPiccolo of Sundays) :

I've always been fond of Canadian hitmakers The Grass Roots , and today seems as good as any to throw in an oldie but a goodie

Grass Roots - Temptation Eyes

Getting Back to The Future: Willotoons alerts me that Sub Pop has a new Rogue Wave mp3 up called "10:1" from their upcoming release

Absolutely Kosher has posted an MP3 called Disco from The Moggs new album "The White Belt IS Not Enough"

Incidentally, Absolutely Kosher, joins Fat Wreck Chords, Burning Heart, Hush, Spinart, Lookout, Taang!, Side One Dummy, and a number of others as official members on the RIAA Membership List.

A website that provides readings for the blind offers up numerous audio programs including a half hour podcast style overview from a New Yorker article of New Hampshire's most infamous girl group The Shaggs...

here's a Shagg's cover of their song "Who Are Parents" from the Danielson Famile featured on a 2002 Shaggs tribute disc


Now For Some Videos:

A Real Video clip I shot of Deke Dickerson rocking at Speedy's Wig City @ SF's Elbo Room

a video lookback at the ill fated Axl vs GnR tribute act from their 2004 tour:

GNR Video Medley. I'll likely be catching the Rocket Queens on Weds Night @ the Elbo room, who supposedly stick to the 1987 GNR setlist and look...
Guns -n- Roses -n- Burlesque!

a trailer for the Klaus Nomi movie, ( out now on DVD )
Nomi Song Widescreen

DVD $16.69

in a truly special exploitive tribute to our friends from down under that likely don't belong to PETA , I share this clip
A pub gets a baby kangaroo drunk on beer

BoingBoing offers upa 1.7 mb .mov of The Pink Elephant scene from Dumbo with a Sun Ra twist

And now one last blast from Penn Gillette's new film "The Aristocrats", is the South Park clip seen here...

Enjoy yer weekend...

When in S.F stop by Sunday Nights for a cocktail with me @ Sadie's Flying Elephant

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