Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moaning with Mona on Way to Monterey - Hopefully

So it's Tuesday, the day that is officially "not as lame as Monday, but no Hump Day either"

I am hopefully about to head down to Monterey, for a few days of mindless meandering...

but first I need to sign for an important package...

So here I wait, jacked on Black Coffee ... the package in question was last seen 2.5 miles from my here some 3 hours ago...

Somehow these documents made it approx 2500 miles from Memphis to Oakland CA, but can't get 15 blocks in the same amount of time...

Ah... the urgency, and lo, I pine for the ol' pony express, when at least the horses could be blamed, not some guy taking a long lunch break...

so as long as we have some downtime... I read the news & share some more tunes...

Auto Giant's Product Placement Involves Brooklyn Band Ratatat

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- A controversy over the editorial coverage of Hummer's new "rock band" has further unscored the behind-the-scenes war raging over product placement in print magazines.


Google Earth Images Help Terrorists

Dutch authorities are concerned that certain locations in the Netherlands could be made vulnerable to terrorists thanks to the detailed aerial images available via Google Earth. Australia's ministry of defense describes Google Earth as a potential threat to national security.



Post Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event

The Washington Post is backing out of a co-sponsorship of a Pentagon-organized 9/11 event to support the troops in Iraq and listen to country music. The newspaper says it aims to "avoid activities that might lead readers to question the objectivity of the Post's news coverage."



Yahoo! has said it is paying $1 billion for Alibaba.com, China's leading online retailer that is said to be a leader in distributing counterfeit American merchandise -- from knock-off Duracell batteries to phony Marlboro cigarettes.

Forbes.com - story


Post Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event

The Washington Post is backing out of a co-sponsorship of a Pentagon-organized event next month to remember the victims of 9/11 and support the troops in Iraq. The newspaper says it aims to "avoid activities that might lead readers to question the objectivity of the Post\'s news coverage."

post statement


Voice Staff Threaten Walkout

Staffers at the Village Voice are threatening to walk out if the alternative weekly makes good on its pledge to slash the rates it pays its writers, say sources inside the paper. The strife comes amid rumors that the Voice is in merger talks with national alternative weekly publisher New Times.


From Filter Mag, I saw they have posted a new Eels track, in which the man called E puts down a slightly Mid Eastern tinged electronica track called Jelly Dancers on a new tribute CD to a label called "Dimension 5".

Eels - Jelly Dancers

Here's a low fi oldie but a goodie, the late Peter Tosh of The Wailers jamming with the Skatalites circa 1965. Pete's bringing light to a "real" scanless' situation that is bringing bringing Shame & Scandal in the family... I'll dedicate it to the fools that populate just about every Montel moment, and so called "reality" shows I've ever seen...

Peter Tosh & Skatalites - Shame & Scandal

Janet Weiss, was once the drummer for a band called ED, and for a minute she switched over to guitar and played for a bit in a band I was in. She was doing us a favor, and dating our mandolin guy, but she was way more fun than than the guitarist she was filling in for... I was so bummed when he came back from vacation... and missed her presence at practice for sure...

Then she hooked up with some other dude, and they moved up north to "The Woods "and I hardly ever saw here again...until...

Anyhow, it's neat to see her pounding away on the Letterman show and rocking the world like I always knew she could... here's one from her obscure lil' band's latest album...

Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers

pssst...read an interview with Janet from Drummergirl

Next up, is some tracks from a Brazilian singer that I was sorting digging on the other day... the stuff is ain't too bad...

I have got three tracks from a 2004 release by Mona Gadelha, who comes from the northeastern part of her country. On her third full length album "Everything Is Moved", she lays down sultry dancefloor worthy tuneage somewhere in the smooth grooves neighborhood between Sade & Astrud Gilberto or something like that.

Mona Gadelha - Saint Denis Ceara

Mona Gadelha - Felicidae Pra Mim

Mona Gadelha - Block of Solitude

and here's one last track

a melancholy lil old school number from miss Nina Simone

Since I Fell For You...

anyhow...y'all have fun...

I'm still waiting for that package and it's sorta starting to piss me off...

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