Wednesday, August 24, 2005

R.I.P MOOG - Long Live Pop

Well I'm too busy working these loooooong assssss shifts at two gigs to read the news this week and then I find out about another fallen soldier...

AT 71; Electronic Music Pioneer And Founder
Of Moog Music Inc., Dr. Robert Moog, Died At
His Home in Asheville N.C this week...

Dr. Moog had been diagnosed with brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme or GBM) in late April 2005. He had received both radiation treatment and chemotherapy to help combat the disease.

He is survived by his wife, Ileana, his four children, Laura Moog Lanier, Matthew Moog, Michelle Moog-Koussa, and Renee Moog; his step-daughter Miranda Richmond; and the mother of his children, Shirleigh Moog.

Moog Music Inc. company president, Michael Adams, shared the following thoughts about Bob:

"Bob shaped music in deep and meaningful ways by changing how music could be produced and ultimately, how it would sound. He contributed to a new soundscape--a legacy that we will continue in his honor. He was a musical pioneer for the love of it and musicians everywhere have had the opportunity to expand their own creative horizons with Bob's inventions. He will truly be missed by all of us, but we take comfort in the fact that his musical innovations will live on in the music he inspired and the products we will continue to make."

50 Years of Shaping Sound

Moog started building theremins as a teenager and established the R.A. Moog Company in 1954. One of the first electronic musical instruments, the theremin provides a unique, tremulous sound and is played without the thereminist touching it. In 1963, Moog created the first Moog Modular synthesizer, with the more portable Minimoog following in 1970. The Minimoog opened the world of synthesized music to thousands of musicians. Moog sold Moog Music in 1971 to Bill Waytena who then sold it to Norlin Music in 1975. Moog left Moog Music, a division of Norlin Music in 1977. In 1978, Moog founded Big Briar Inc., in the mountains of Western North Carolina, which then took the Moog Music name in May 2002. Today, the Asheville-based company designs and builds high-quality analog synthesizers, guitar effects modules, theremins, and a unique controller for acoustic piano called the PianoBar.

Moog remained active with the company up to the day he was diagnosed with cancer.

Moog's instruments have influenced many styles of music from jazz to rock, R & B to classical. Moog keyboards can be heard in the music of artists as diverse as funk masters Parliament and Funkadelic; rock icons Yes, the Beatles, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer; and jazz greats Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

The original theremins designed by Moog enjoy a renaissance today. They are used by popular groups and serious musicians for effects, electronica and classical music. Musicians and studio technicians across many musical genres have woven the timeless Sound of Moog into an integral part of our musical culture.

Dick Hyman - Moog (The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman)Some Moog music downloads

first up my fave organist, or at least fave name for an organist

Dick Hyman - The Minotaur

Dick Hyman - The Moog & Me

The U.K's notorius Ninja Tune cut up artistes...

Coldcut - Atomic Moog

and from the always entertaining WFMU oddities collections

Students of Julia R Masterman School and Greenwich High School- Interim Few - Moog School 7"

p.s hear a real audio sample of a Mooged out version of Twinkle Twinkle little star

now for some completely different shite

Gotta love Pat Roberstson's evil Christian call to assasinate Hugo Chavez, amongst his usual god besotted blithering over the Disney owned ABC Family a great piece in the Independent by Johann Hari , detailing how the revolutionary socialist spirit brewing in of Chavez's Venezuela came to irk Pat so...and how Hugo could care less...

here, you've been a god little scroller, get some music ya leeches...

howz about a remix of the ever popular Bloc Party - This Modern Love

Are You A Logical Spock Fan? or do ya dig Wild Bill Shatner ? The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Commander Kirk's take on Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is legendary...

but then again ol' Mr. Nimoy is in Search of his moments as well...

Mr. Spock - Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Something previously unreleased from the 70's powerpop Yellow Pills : Prefill collection...with production by Blondie's drummer...

Speedies - You Need Pop ( Clem Burke mix)

Yellow Pills: Prefill


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