Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Urgh! Again !

The Lost Turntable is a blog that earlier this year started when the operator decided to mp3 encode the soundtrack for the great flick Urgh! A Music War for us all...

Well, mission was accomplished and I posted some of those tracks here previously...

for more info & tracks etc. see my posts :


and one I did after the film's co-producer Ian Copeland passed away in May

RIP Ian Copeland

well today the Lost Turntable dude sends an email & lets me know he's come out of semi-retirement & that he's taken the last four missing segements from a VHS copy of Urgh! and put em up as mp3z

Now you really do have the whole darn thing.... even some cool stuff left off the original vinyl!

Sweet !

These are also some of the most visually interesting songs in the film, considering we get great footage of the early DK's, the goofy antics of The Surf Punks, the fury of Gene October's Chelsea, and the wacky punk poetry of Mr. Clarke...

I recently saw a momentarily reunited Overwhelming Colorfast do a cover of I'm On Fire at 12 Galaxies in SF , and it was killer... enjoy the original...

As the poster sez: "The following MP3s are not of the best quality, but they're listenable."

Surf Punks - Go Home

John Cooper Clarke - Health Fanatic

Chelsea - I'm On Fire

Dead Kennedys - Bleed For Me

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if you'd live a homemade DVD of this out of print flick

Urgh! features a total of 34 bands in approx two hours on stages in London, Los Angles, Frejus, San Diego, Portsmouth and New York City.

I've seen E Bay auctions of old VHS Cassettes & copies of the soundtrack going for $100, and a recent website offering a DVD dubbed version for $70. The poster alone sells for $50.

But if you really want a DVD-R copy of this must see film, you can click the VHS URGH cover image link buttons below & for just $20 via PayPal I'll personally send one to ya. I'll alos throw in a CD w/ some rare mp3'z featuring related music from he era including some Police demos and other stuff that any reader of this site might appreciate.

Thanx for visiting my site and reading my rants, and for that I'll gladly dub ya a fresh copy and pack it off either via US Priority Mail (or Global Priority Mail if you are in Europe). Depending on your locale, the disc will be packed in either a plastic slimline case for international mail or here in North America in an Amaray case...

Someone told me their DVD-R copy I sent didn't play in their older DVD player, so if that's the case, just send it back and I'll refund yer dough if it don't work for ya...

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