Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Excuse For A Freeform Friday 5 Fiasco

Well ... I guess i'm getting ahead of myself, but since Thursday is technically my Friday... hey why not throw up a few tracks and we'll count it as a Friday 5 batch.

That way I won't have to mess with the pooter for y'all 2 morrow...

Heck, perhaps I will get sooooo blurred tonight runnin from club to club that I won't even be able to see a computer properly until well after noon on Friday. I guess that just makes me lazy & crazy or something, but what's wrong with Another Excuse...

Soulwax - Another Excuse ( DFA Mix)

Seems like Republican Senator George Allen is making a few excuses this week...

Before I get ya started on an mp3 downloading frenzy , I thought I'd slip in some George Allen video from that ever popular YouTube site...

That son of an NFL team coachin' son of a bitch, George Allen slipped in his own Macaca this week. The infamous clip is embedded below, so check it out ya if ya wanna how we do politics in my former home state of Real Virginny...

I guess it should come as no surprise that a guy whose Dad's team was called the Redskins might have a few racist bones in his body, but apparently he ain't done picking on Indians. This time however the Indian in question is not the native american variety , but a campaign volunteer of the East Asian persuasion.

Sadly the kid he is singling out amongst his good ol' boy supporters is not a foreigner or named Macaca, which is a derogatory term referring to someone you think is on par with a small asian monkey. Ironically, Allen derides his Senate opponent for being in LA, where Allen was born, and yet derides as an alien the young University of Virginia student videographer with the last name Sidarth who was actually born in Virginia, unlike Allen. Webb's campaign was quick to note that not onl was he familiar with the area, Sidarth the videograher had stayed nearby at a relatives of Webb's home just the night before.

Anyhow, moving right along, I thought I'd toss in the new timely as ever video for Slayer's Jihad. Heck even the NY Times is on their tip this week, so why not me...

Lately I've been digging in the crates for y'all, ousting crusty old vinyl cuts for digitizing and uploadin' em to yer webbly world. So maybe I'll veer off course just a bit and give ya some more of that 21st century sugar & shite y'all crave. Here's that hipster band of the summer, no not those underground mash up mavens Gnarls Deathly Cunt for Bootie or whatever you were thinking, but the rip roaring 70's boogie rawk sounds of Wolfmother... as seen on TV etc.

Wolfmother -Apple Tree

Now let's kick start this oldies party portion of the show & get the way back machine humming...

As long as we are talking about Apples, let's try and stay on that subject ( and no I don't mean insert hype about yer spanking new I-Pod, love for Steve Jobs or a new faster OS upgrade). I'm talking bout American Apple Trees and the noted experts of their time The Andrews Sisters. These dames helped lift our hopes through a nasty time known as the sequal to World One One, which for lack of a better term, we shall call World War II.

Their lilting sisterly harmonies came in over the Armed Forces Radio from USO shows like some sort of sonic salve for the drafted boys stuck in foxholes, or k.p duty aboard some drifting aircraft carrier in some godforsaken corner of the Pacific. The song here was a lil' false blast of reassurance for G.I Joe or Jack, Eugene or whatever his name was, as he waited out the brutal wars end. In the Andrews Sisters voices our nervous soldier could imagine that his girl back home wasn't getting fingered & knocked up by some lazy unpatriotic 4F draft dodger, while he was dodgin' Nazi & Jap bullets and catching crabs from foreign hookers.

Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me
Anyone else but me, anyone else but me, no, no, no
Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me
'Til I come marchin' home

Don't go walkin' down Lovers' Lane with anyone else but me
Anyone else but me, anyone else but me, no, no, no
Don't go walkin' down Lovers' Lane with anyone else but me
'Til I come marchin' home

I just got word from a guy who heard
From the guy next door to me
The girl he met just loves to pet
And it fits you to a T
So, don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me
'Til I come marchin' home

Don't give out with those lips of yours to anyone else but me
Anyone else but me, anyone else but me, no, no, no
Watch those girls on foreign shores, you'll have to report to me
When you come marchin' home

Don't hold anyone on your knee, you better be true to me
You better be true to me, you better be true to me
Don't hold anyone on your knee, you're gettin' the third degree
When you come marchin' home

You're on your own where there is no phone
And I can't keep tabs on you
Be fair to me, I'll guarantee
This is one thing that I'll do
I won't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but you
'Til you come marchin' home

Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me
I know the apple tree is reserved for you and me
And I'll be true 'til you come marchin' home

The Andrews Sisters - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree ( With Anyone Else But Me)

Is this a great war loving country or what?

It's just too bad that that pesky Supreme Court is down on Bush's right to just wiretap, detain, torture & f*ck with whomever looks funny anymore...what's the world coming to?

I Ask That Ye Get On The Bandwagon & Support Our Troops Now, (before they all come back charged with war crimes, or disfigured, damaged, frustrated, homicidal & meaner than skunks and start shootin' their wives & future co-workers).

Our next downloadable contestant is from Brooklyn originally, but now resides in The Golden State...

As a teenager Brian Hyland had a huge novelty hit in the summer of 1960 with "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka dot Bikini". Hyland's haunting 1962 followup song "Sealed With A Kiss" sunk so deep it was a hit out the gate, and had a sappy second life, mysteriously reappearing on the top 40 charts again in 1975. His 1962 single release of "Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)," was yet another top 40 success. By 1970, he had switched labels & gears several times, but Hyland was not through developing as an artist and had Del Shannon produce his third gold record "Gypsy Woman". The song is a Curtis Mayfield composistion that went up the charts to #3, some 17 positions higher than the Impressions original version. All in all he placed 22 songs on the charts in 11 years between 1960-1971. Here's that vinyl sourced version of Gypsy Woman, , a song that is available on a CD only through a special order via Hip-O Select, Universal Music's more or less semi-lame ass copycat version of a Rhino style reissue label.

Brian Hyland - Gypsy Woman


My 5 blast ends today with the magical melting pot sounds of Joe Bataan , the Afro-Filipino Latin King of NYC in the early 70's. While doing a stint for auto theft in Coxsackie State Prison, Joe got serious about music, playing piano & trumpet in the prison and after release, around the neighborhood. . Amazed that doo-wop & R&B was merging with Latin grooves, Joe started making records within 6 months of getting seriously involved in the boogaloo scene. His first LP for Fania was actually entitled "Gypsy Woman" in '67, and like Brian Hyland, (whose mentioned in this post), he too had success covering the great 1961 Curtis Mayfield composistion with a new flair. After leaving Fania, Joe actually headed the influential but obscure Ghetto Records label, and founded the well known Salsoul label in NY which was later sold to CBS. He was a pioneer in sound & soul, and being street savvy, in 1980 he became one of the first to rap on a record, "Rap-O Clap-O".

This track below is from a 1972 Fania Records release, and is a cover of an already popular Tommy James & Shondells tune from a few years earlier. Basically Joe takes the tune and gives it some psychedelic East Harlem street cred. His fans came from a rainbow of backgrounds, and included Mestizos, Puerto Ricans, Filipinos, Afro-Cubanos and even influential gay white club DJ's like Larry Levan & Arthur Baker. In the early 70's Joe was one of the first American artists to play behind the iron curtain in Eastern Europe, and has a large cul following despite his relative commecial obscurity. He more or less left the music business by the 80's , and even worked as a counselor for juveniles in the New York State Department of Justice. Lured out of retirement, he released a new album in the new millennium on the Vampisoul label.

Visit this website linked below to see a win media clip taken from a DVD of his Sept 2005 triumphant comeback show in SF last year. It was his first appearance in the Bay Area since his 1974 appearance at Herbst Theater.

Joe Bataan - Crystal Blue Persuasion

awww ... would it really hurt to slip one more track in...

at least it will make it an even number eh?

here's anotha classic Joe Bataan cut for ya, from the 1972 LP released on Fania called St. Latin's Day Massacre...

Joe Bataan - I Wish You Love pt 2

anyhow, have a good end of the summer sorta weekend ...

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Hip-O Select wasn't much when it started out, but these days, I'm not sure even semi-lame applies. Have you seen those Motown boxes?

Thanks for the Joe Bataan tracks--good stuff.