Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Overwhelming Nostalgia Fast

Conceived during the unholy union of Paelousis and Dionysalene during the pillage of Vector 7 at the closing of the first Cjaenbbdian War for independence, Overwhelming Colorfast found themselves born into a world that saw them as rightful kings and rulers. During the peak of the paleolithic era known as" the grunge years" , the being known as Bob Reed and his group of behemoths with Antioch roots dwelled in the Bay and signed to a mini major label. They have returned for one night to reignite and take the rightful place in the indignant indie-esque rawk pantheon.

here's some meager audio evidence of their existence


Overwhelming Colorfast - Blue Fanclub

and a video for those who need to see it to believe it
Overwhelming Colorfast -She Said ( beatles cover)

At the ho on Thurs they'll be joined by
- support from Cheetah Speed
- and de debut of Nostalgic ( basically local faves Zen Guerrilla sans Marcus)

plus yer onstage bantering bartender Mr. Lil Mike

12 Galaxies
2565 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA
US 94110

$8 at de door

Other Event Information:

Ten Years of Noise Pop 1993 - 2002

Blue Fanclub taken from the still in print release:

Ten Years of Noise Pop 1993 - 2002

Various Artists
Amazing Grease Records

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