Thursday, August 03, 2006

Talk - Action = 0

No time to go into any great detail today, and work is startin'...

but I thought I'd share a few new tunes floating around on my lil mp3 player dealio in my pocket...

In honor of the sickening display of power in the so-called Middle East, and finding a digital copy of DOA's classic War on 45 EP at, , I have liberated their reggae cover version of War In The East for y'all.

Vancouver's D.O.A were one of the most stunning and fierce hardcore bands back in the early 80's, and merely wearing their "Talk - Action = 0" t-shirt the other day, I received several comments from folks that also recalled this era...

D.O.A - War In The East

The EP war on 45 is a classic, and I hadn't seen a CD copy of this to obtain recently, so I was pretty excited to be able to get access to some of these tracks again...

After looking into I was able to find out that Joey of DOA has started a label called Sudden Death and has reissued the record for all those who need the real thing too... with bonus tracks as well.

I also particularly enjoyed their version of "Eve Of Destruction"...

D.O.A left Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label in the 1980's long before the Dead Kennedy's ever did, and I recall Jello was fairly bitter about it at the time. Years have passed, and Joey's doing fine building his own label up in Canada that's offering up these classics from War on 45 for free download... (as well as new music from MDC and many other bands).

Download free MP3's of:

D.O.A Liar For Hire
D.O.A I'm Right, You're Wrong

D.O.A - America The Beautiful

War On 45

War On 45


Sudden Death Records

Another former Alternative Tentacles affiliated political artist that also left the label a long time before the DK's is Michael Franti. He established himself on the label with his industrial performance troupe the Beatnigs in the late 80's, and later with Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. These were the precursor for his Spearhead group that signed directly to Capitol before going back into the indie realm. I saw on that Michael Franti & Spearhead are back with distribution via Epitaph... They have a new release out on Anti, the label first set up to handle Tom Waits and later here's the first single released...

perhaps not a collection of his strongest musical cuts ever, it appears to be a series of tracks with a reggae influence informed by Franti's experience visiting war torn Iraq awhile back... Overall it is still a quality musical excercise ...

Michael Franti - Time To Go Home

Aside from being the lead track on the Yell Fire album, it's also featured in the DVD
"I Know I'm Not Alone" with footage of his visit to Iraq and Palestine...

Michael Franti - Yell Fire

I was just checking out the local paper and saw that Mario Cippolina was busted in Marin for possesion of meth & heroin. Mario was the longtime bass player for Huey Lewis & the News, and the brother of John Cippolina, the original guitarist of the Quicksilver Messenger Service. John played with his lil bro Mario in a group called Copperhead for awhile, but John died of emphysema in 1989.

Before being in Huey Lewis & The News, Mario joined a group called Soundhole, and eventually hooked up with Huey Lewis after Huey left Clover ( the Marin based group that oddly backed Elvis Costello on his Nick Lowe produced debut disc in 1978).

Mario, who was apparently nicknamed "bad boy" was with The News during their biggest years, and offered Bill Graham a ride home he should've taken one ill-fated rainy night in Concord in 1991. Bill decided to take his helicopter and smacked into a Sonoma County power line, blacking out the region, and killing all three aboard the copter.

Mario Cippolina left the News in 1994, but continued to record & play with various groups like Fence, Doobie Bros, The Melvin Seals, JGB, Quicksilver Gold, and Johnny Nitro. In September 1996, he was arrested when Novato police stopped his car and found 4.5 grams of heroin, 2.5 grams of meth, a knife and a .44-caliber revolver in his car.

In August 2004, he was arrested on suspicion of stealing about $5,500 worth of radio control cars from a store in San Anselmo. While serving
a warrant at his San Rafael residence, police found an M-60 firearm and a 1920s-era submachine gun.

Huey Lewis & the News - I Want A New Drug

anyhow... that's all I got time for to share thus far today...


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