Monday, July 25, 2005

Tempting Tuesday Grlllly Grooves Mini Mix Tape

I can anticipate some of my upcoming posts will bore the hell out of all the kooky kids not used to reading anything longer than text messages, Mp3 meta tags and cereal boxes.

Within the next few daze & weeks I plan to unleash two big mean and massive posts including mucho details about triple A hitmaker Chuck Prophet & a fairly thorough Small Faces retrospective piece.

So before I subvert the dominant retard paradigm with some elongated and guitar centric male dominated historical overviews I will try to keep it brief and grrrrly.

Here's some downloadable music for the kids... and any slightly older former kids still trolling this blog...

I could pretend this is some sort of virtual mix tape I suppose... and i'll explain to you newbies that tape was a spooled magnetic recording format we used back in the day. Now that we've gotten the scientific exlanation part out of the way, we can get on with the stuff about and by chicks...

Bow Wow Wow - c30 c60 c90 Go !

Easily the best live show I caught in 2004 was a reformed Bow Wow Wow doing a reunion tour of sorts with Adrian Young of No Doubt on drums. Annabella was still looking great after all this time, and kicking out bouncy jams that still sound hyper and fresh but have oddly stood the test of time.

This is the original home taper / bootlegger anthem and in the age of MP3 file trading, is just as relevant. Did ya ever wounder why it's ok for a used record store to sell music that provides no income for artists, yet you and I aren't allowed to trade it for free?


X - Ray Spex - Identity

X Ray Spex - what can I say except Germ Free Adolescents rule ! Anyone up for Warrior in Woolworths? This is just a fine seque I suppose with another great girl fronted group from those heady daze of late 70s punk in the UK... hail Poly Styrene !

The Kills - Black Rooster
a duo with a girl from Florida on vocals and Mr. Jamie Hince, a former member of obscure UK act Scarfo, who released some material stateside via Broken Rekids.

Peaches - Instamatic Set It Off - Orbison Mix

Roy and Peaches , what can I say...

Lady Sovereign - Cha Ching

A grimy grrrly track from a new 5 ft 1" East London sensation, imagine a lady version of Dizzy Rascal or something weak like that...

MIA - Urquat ( DJ Drinks Mix)

Here's some more of that mobile phone-centric hipster electro stomping & bleating for you big dummies into the daft and dirty UK dance scene in this remix of a track from MIA. ( link courtesy Nova Scotia's pride "Concrete & Clay" )

L' Trimm - Cars That Go Boom -

mucho thanxz to Comboplates for posting this cheese hop classic from the late 80s. Beep yer horn for lil' Tigra & Bunny straight outta Miami y'all... These girls gotta be ripe for a reality show reunion know what I'm saying?

Lesbians on Ecstacy - Summer Luv - Super Dykes outta Montreal mangling yer clam bumping faves for dancefloor grinding...

Goapele - Find A Way ( Kanye Mix )

The Bay Area's Diva Du Jour hookin' up with the Jesus Jiving hitmaker who can apparently do no wrong...

Salt n Pepa vs Tone Loc - Funky Cold Push It

Hey it ain't the biggest girllly power cut evah... but what they hey... it's a lot more fun than some Joni Mitchell or Laura Branigan mash up...

Now For A word from our sponsor, who have decided to bring you a special message from Frank's daughter here ...

Nancy Sinatra - Things Go Better With Coke

from a 1960's radio ad campaign...

Dorothy Masuka & Her Hot Music - My Parents

a vintage bit of 50's era South African swing from one of Miriam Makeba's dearest friends.

pic of Ella Fitzgerald with Dizzy Gillespie peeping over & checking her out

Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me

Doing the George & Ira Gershwin thing, Ella , the legendary lady of song, makes another one her own , and lightens the sonic load and ends our mix with her cool jazzy vocal stylings

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