Friday, July 22, 2005

Maybe You War Pigs Can Owe Me The Girl U Want @ The Moment of Impact with Phillip Glass & Lil Jon on Hwy 5 @ The End of The World

If we don't post ... The terrorists win !

My fave download I posted herein tonight is prolly the sick version from a CD I own of the late Robert Palmer doing his simply irresistible take on Devo's "Girl U Want"... but the Phillip Glass hip hop sh*t is growing on me...

but you know ... Since I don't know what you people really want...or why you are here...

I just thought, it being Friday eve and all... since I'm on my way out the door to catch the new Minutemen flick "We Jam Econo" at Yerba Buena Center , and after that I've got county fairs, hotel room reservations for The Magic Castle & car rental arrangements & airline tickets etc all on my mind...

so let's keep it moving y'all... we bouncin' madly gladly all over da musical map tonight from here and there to americana to classic metal and into some hardcore terrain and mash up mayhem and all that and then back to wherever ya gotta go...

Well with that said I'm gonna get random on yo ass & just throw out some stuff i mostly trolled offa the net and that's all... so deal with it...happy weekend...

Minutemen - "Corona" - live 1985 @ Stone in SF

Minutemen - "Little man With A Gun In His Hand" - same show as above

Mike Watt - "Drove Up From Pedro" - live @ 1999 Sunset Junction Streetfair in Silverlake

Ronnie James Dio - "This Bud's For You" ( from 1983 circa Shot In The Dark )

ELF featuring Ronnie James Dio ( live 1972 ) - "War Pigs"

additional info on these tracks , cool old pix etc can be gleaned here: at the Ronnie James Dio fan site & the BLACK SABBATH fan site

DJ BC presents "Phillip Glass vs Lil Jon" Not sure what art schooled lunatic would deem this hip hop meets downtown demigod necessary but there's a whole album of this wacked high art concept floating around right now

DJ KE4 - "Planet Smoke"
a brand new traditional dancefloor funky Mash Up of Afrika Bambaataa " Planet Rock "vs Deep Purple "Smoke On The Water" vs YES "Owner Of A Lonely Heart "

- Go Home Productions realigns your fave cokeheads Marvin & Liam

more random tracks:

John Doe w/ Neko Case - "Hwy 5"

Architecture In Helsinki - "Maybe You Can Owe Me"

Fear Factory - "Moment of Impact"

Robert Palmer - "Girl U Want"

God Forbid - "End of The World"

Rhino Bucket - "Blood Sweat and Beers"

Vendetta Red - "The Body And The Blood"

Malcolm Middleton - A Happy Medium

Mother and The Addicts - "F*ck Me Mummy ( I Feel Ugly)"

Judas Priest - "Worth Fighting For + Diamonds & Rust" 2005 Unplugged on KISW

Yngwie Malmsteen - "Unleash The F*cking Fury" a 2:00 min tape excerpt in which our foul mouthed Swedish hair metal peddling protagonist threatens to use his mighty powers after getting water dumped on him by a female passenger enroute to Tokyo.

Yngwie , Yngwie -

Say it twice and it becomes an
Urgent cry for help

A Metal Haiku by Jimmy Fahrenheit , read more here

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