Sunday, July 10, 2005

Convoy XIV

A few years back I got the accidental chance to catch a band called Convoy open up for The Motherhips at The Great American Music Hall in SF. The Mother Hips always seemed like nice enough guys but mined a fairly boring motherlode of used licks & harmonies. Convoy on the other hand stole the show with their high energy set, and seemed like a cocky lil combo on their way someplace.

I picked up their Pineapple Recording Sessions CD at the gig and enjoyed their infectious classic California blend. They fill up the speakers with a fuzzy warm sound, that's just cocky enough to rock, yet sincere and sorrowful in the right places. Imagine the Beach Boys & Big Star both Exiled on Main Street and doing time at The Hotel California. Convoy exuded a sonic glow that shone brightly from the lo-fi confines of their home studio in Jamul on the Cal-exico border. Apparently singer Jason Hill has a 7,000 album plus collection of "Black Licorice" ( the family nickname for LPs).

They later tried to slick up the sound, signed to a major, and even went on the road even getting some gigs with Aerosmith. I kept checking them out whenever they rode through town for a couple years but lost track of 'em as they attempted to claim the rock stardom mantle & sought a larger demographic.
Even when its indie album went nowhere, Convoy was always moving somewhere.

I don't know what exactly happenend to that hep but low key combo, but somewhere along the way they lost a couple members and became the much hyped Louis XIV who put out a decidely Spinal Tap like album cover this year.

I guess what can ya expect from some grebos from Jamul anyhow... here 's a few tracks from the radio ready Louis XIV repertoire and some Convoy chestnuts that show where the band actually came from...

Basically Louis XIV features ex-Convoy front boys Brian Karscig and Jason Hill with drummer Mark Maeggart and some new recruits. I'd blather on if I had anything to add, but I gotta go to work slinging drinks... enjoy.

Louis XIV - Louis XIV

Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love Is Blind

Louis XIV - God Killed The Queen

Convoy - Gone So Quick Tommorrow

Convoy - San Diego Freeway Serenade ( collaboration with Mother Hips )

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