Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ramblin' Jack

Last of The Cowboy Poets...An American Troubadour

Jack's a veritable living legend and been a friend and an influence on so many artists that it might be a pointless list to try and create...

I'll throw in some names just to see if yer paying attention

Bob Dylan, Guy Clark, Jackson Browne, Zachary Richard, Kris Kristofferson, Long John Baldry, Tom Russell ...

His 1998 duets album features cuts done with pals like Bob Weir, Emmylou Harris & Nanci Griffith, Peter Rowan, Tom Waits, John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker and others.

This cowboy started out life in NYC as Elliott Charles Adnopoz , and ran off to join a rodeo that was passing through Madison Square Garden. Ramblin' Jack was nicknamed so by Odetta's mother more for his long drawn out stories than his frequent flyer miles. By the 1950's he was a cowboy song troubador and became a sort of roving apprentice to his fave musician Woodie Guthrie. They travelled around a bit before Guthrie died in the early 60's.

Jack befriended the legendary folksinger Pete Seeger... and spent time in Bob Dylan's infamous mid 70's Rolling Thunder Review. He also has been known to sit in with Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead, as well as appearing on the folk circuit with guys like Arlo Guthrie, Utah Phillips and Spider John Koerner.

Here's something the 70+ year old songster put on a 1995 Grammy Winning CD called "South Coast" made in Cannon Falls Minnesota after a two decade hiatus from recording...

Rambling Jack Elliott - Cocaine Blues .mp3 download

plus check out some real audio streams from the soundtrack to "The Ballad of Rambling Jack" a bio pic made in 2000. The film features Jack receiving the National Medal of Honor at The White House in 1998.

Hard Travelin'stream

If I Were a Carpenter: stream

here's a 2:30 video trailer from the film featuring Johnny Cash , Arlo Guthrie, Kris Kristofferson & President Clinton etc

here's a bonus video of Rambling Jack doing "I'll be a dog when I'm gone", and some other folky jams excerpted from a guitar instruction tape he made awhile back with Arlo Guthrie.

bonus : a song about Rambling Jack by a fan who met him named Tom Flannery

Tom Flannery - Ramblin Jack


Jack's Official Site :

a thorough discography with pics:

link to the film's site:

an interview with Tom Waits on recording with Ramblin' Jack

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