Monday, July 11, 2005

Anyway You Wanna Do It

I'm throwng some tunes up for y'all from a cafe on my way to work at a Semiconductor industry convention. Worked late at the bar last night, and now this morning had to buy a white shirt so I could look the part at the convention center. Trying to live on the cheap, I decided to buy it at Goodwill instead of Ross "Dress for Less" .

First Big Mistake of the day... found a nice clean white dress shirt for 5 bucks, but had to stand in line with a crazed crack mom. She was babbling & contorting wildly in a mini skirt and tried to cut in front of me in line. I put a quick stop to that, and said i was late for work, and not taking no mess from her...but then had to accept the usual ghetto lamentations about how I should understand her crazed crack mom situation, her baby and blah blah blah .

I told her..."hey... just because you have the secret recipe for baby making don't make ya special lady... good luck"

Then i had to step over several panhandlers on my way off the bus & down Market St. But I made it... so dig it!

Wish I had Fear's "I Love Living In The City" to share but these tracks will have to do for now kids... No particular order or theme...

I'm just doing what I wanna do... hope yer still rocking in the free world as well...
Jimmy Reed - Baby What's Wrong
the amazing Jimmy Reed 

Dave Clark 5 - Anyway You Want It

Long before Journey ever got around to it

Soul Asylum - Do Anything You Wanna Do

a live Eddie and the Hotrods cover
Flipper - Get Away
from the Generic album

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