Saturday, July 09, 2005

Live From Space - ZOLAR X - "ELEE VOW KARDOMVOU !"

Last night I stumbled unwittingly upon Zolar X... I guess I'm late to the party, since it started somewhere in the 70's, but it was all new to me.

I first knew something was up when I saw Jello Biafra pacing nervously in the corridors of The Great American Music Hall. I doubted he was there to catch the 70's boogie rock derivative opening act, as one could feel him cringing at every nascent noodley note from across the hall.

Then I spotted the odd geometric reject shaped oversize amps coated in extra terrestrial blinkers ( or at least some kinda cheesy rope lighting )

Biafra took the stage and explained how he found their early out of print recordings in the bargain bin at Aquarius years ago and sought out the masters for an Alternative Tentacles reissue. Then, out popped some dudes with bad blonde Spock haircuts shaped into pointy forehead peaks. They kicked into a poppy glam sound reminiscent of the Undertones popping pills with Alice Cooper in the parking lot of a Battlestar Galactica fandom convention. They made a din that was vintage Ziggy Stardust meets Sweet in ridiculous spandex jumpsuits with glitter puff cuffs.

Apparently these guys were regulars on the Sunset Strip @ Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco back in the 1970's. They gigged with Jobriath, the NY Dolls and had fans like Lenny Kaye, Red Kross & Ace Frehley and have been waiting in stoic frozen fashion for the limelight to return them to early earthly glory...

I can say after their first SF show in 20 + years, it was deliciously dorky and left me feeling so so strange I had to ooze out the door before the encore. The eeriest bit of all for me was when the cute young girl swigging from an illicit brown bagged bottle in the front near the PA stacks tapped me on the shoulder & asked how I was related to freaky space age Zolar X frontman Ygarr Ygarris .

Uh, I do not know darling... but maybe the answer is in the music...

Zolar X - Timeless

(Music and Lyrics by SDB. Lead vocals: Ygarr)

I'm caught in time, so I'm imprisoned.
The tick of time goes on on and on.
Time will never wait for you.
Life is short and time takes it away.
I want to be Timeless.
I would like to live with infinity.
Sail on ships through timeless seas.
Never grow old live for eternity.
I wish this for you, I wish this for me.

Zolar X - Jetstar 19

Jet Star 19.
It's a power packed, fiber wedged,
a dune surfers dream!
Jet Star 19.

Zolar X - Silver Shapes

Look-up look high, look-up to the sky. [repeat]
Silver Shapes in the sky, Silver Shapes in the sky. [repeat]0

more Zolar X at this web link

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