Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liberate The Music - Amazon & MTrak offer DRM FREE tunes - SpiralFrog Imprisons Users

Thursday, believe it or not was Dennis "Easy Rider" Hopper's 71st freaking birthday

here's what it would sound like if he was the guy doing the voice of your car's navigation system

Dennis Hopper - Nav Tones

Other reason's to celebrate ...creepy Paul "da wolfman" Wolfowitz at least had the good sense to resign from the World Bank only aftermost of the freaking planet demanded it... (of course he's no doubt giving himself a month and a half to clean out his desk and hire a few "qualified" chicks he knows...)

In other news you can use... love the idea that some Congressmen are trying to survive on $21 worth of FoodStamps week...

maybe someone should tell 'em yer supposed to trade em for beer, crack & cash... not actually buy food with em...

Didja hear that Elijah Wood, aka Frodo from Lord of The Rings, is signed to play Iggy Pop in a new bio pic in production called "The Passenger". The fantasy film vet thinks he's got the balls to play the Stooge and I can't wait til the Cincinatti Pop Fest scene, when he'll have to smear that gov't surplus peanut butter all over himself and makes a few congessmen hungry...


Here's a lil party pumpin' pre release track love from an upcoming Rondo Bros CD coming out officially on the streets in June.

Liberate it yerselves...

The Rondos make the rounds occasionally as Dan The Automator's live band, so hopefully that means something to ya and you can understand where they are coming from. I guess geographically that would be Berzerkely California...

Hence the hyphy shout to "Go Dumb"... at yer own risk of course...

Rondo Bros - Liberation

Seven Minutes To Midnight

from "Seven Minutes To Midnight"
by Rondo Brothers
Fortune Records/Citrus 2 Citrus has announced a DRM mp3 store is in it's future, while a new start up has launched called

Mtraks based in San Diego, is online already, but they don't have major label material of course. The mp3s are unprotected 192kbps VBR and are sourced through 6,000 indie labels, with a subscription model very similar to There's currently about 750,000 songs online and the site encourages more bands to sign up at

Artists can add their own customized 'mini web page' including bio, pictures and original music. Users can create 'Listener' profiles, and enjoy social networking features. The founders claim
"We believe that we now offer a better
consumer solution to that of EMUSIC.COM(TM)."

In the works: bands and labels will soon be able to sell direct on mTraks. Features will include sales reporting through secure profile management system, booking and administration tools that M-Trak claims are "very slick". Much like Emusics parent company The Orchard, M Traks wants to distribute music via other digital retailers including iTunes(TM) through partners Naked Jain Records and Cafeteria Records. ( Uh, Now that's music industry cachet... Cafeteria Records ! oh and did you say Naked Jain, mooma would be so proud... Ahmet Ertegun, quit rolling around in your grave buddy... )

Another service gathering press momentum currently is called PassAlong Networks who do have partnerships inplace with artists, labels, concert promotors, and have announced that they will be offering EMI's catalog of millions of songs including material from top tier acts like Frank Sinatra James Brown, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Joss Stone etc without DRM-restrictions.

"We already offer around two million tracks in MP3 format to the stores that we power. I predict that it will be up to three million tracks by the end of the year. It is all moving in the direction of an open MP3 format"
, said CEO/Founder Dave Jaworski, to Digital Media Wire.

Meanwhile in the hopelessly chasing their own long tail void of the DRM world...

Seattle's RealNetworks, in it's perpetual battle to lose money and marketshare, has bought out Sony's mobile downloading service in Europe for $9 million bucks. One look at this photo of Dieter Daum of Sony shaking hands with RealNetworks lackey John Giamatteo and you can tell that the Japanese electronics giant couldn't be happier to ditch the money losing unit. Of course the losing end of cash stick fits right in with Real Networks plan of world non-domination. More corporate hype here

Just read about a crappy new "legal" downloading service called SpiralFrog that's not a leap forward.

Apparently it's a bitch to install, only works with Microsloth's IE browser, ain't dishing out royalties to artists, and is Canadian only. Needless to say it's already dead in my humble opinion...

If you must read more ...go here

Few more tracks for y'all...keep it real and DRM FREE my G's...

Here's a track from the upcoming release from San Diego's reigning acid metal kings Earthless... The band is on the Tee Pee label who brought us stoner rockers Witch last year featuring J Mascis...

so get yer lighters up...

Earthless - Godspeed (Edit)

Earthless - "Godspeed"

from "Earthless - Godspeed (Edit)"
by Earthless
Tee Pee Records

They are having a record release party Tonight at the Casbah down there in SD that will no doubt smoke...

They are a 3 Piece, and will be in SF on May 26th at Rickshaw Stop

Isaiah Mitchell-AcidGuitar
Image hosting by Photobucket

Mike Eginton - Bass Spew
Image hosting by Photobucket

Mario Rubalcaba-Drum Bruising
Image hosting by Photobucket

and just a few last things for ya...

I had dinner & margaritas with the editor once in Palo Alto, and now that he's as targeting the same demographic, Tweedy is apparently reading it too...

Wilco - Magazine Called Sunset

Sad but true tales from da City Streets

Dirt Bacharach vs RIAA - Magic Moments In The Ghetto

Here's some of that groovy music from yer fave Scientologist

Beck - Salt In The Wounds

here's a tune Macon GA's Otis once owned, then posthumously Aretha switched up and then took higher... and here's the unimitable Ann Peebles taking it down a notch into her Memphis blues territory...

Ann Peebles - Respect

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