Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm a little upset at him that he did what he did

Read that again ya'll:
I'm a little upset at him that he did what he did"

That's a quote from 19 year old Meosha Chase talking about her ex-boyfriend. Meosha, pictured at right, is estranged from the 19 year old "criminology major" and wannabee probation officer who shot and killed another 19 year old Monday night in a heated dispute over... A Playstation console.

These high school jocks are fine products of Northern California's educational system that had moved south to attend the higher learning institution known as Fresno State. Here's the school's adorable mascot.

Don't worry Fresno St students, your dreams and aspirations of pitbull like response to life's many challenges will not be crushed, your classes are still in session...

Your University President John D. Welty made the campus proud by promptly issuing a press release patting himself on the back that said things like

"Our response included relocation to campus of students displaced from their apartments during the police investigation. Sleeping accommodations and food were made available."

Ohhh, I hope it was pizza ! video gamer college kids love pizza..

According the University President:
" The University Police Department is confident that Fresno Police Department has the suspect contained and the situation under control."

That would be great if it were true...

The alleged shooter Jonquel Brooks, 19, of Hayward, as I write this, is still on the run...
WHOA...nevermind, he's turned himself in today

Fresno cops who were talking to the student via cellphone thought for awhile he was still inside University Village Apartments, where he killed one man and wounded two others. Turns out that crafty Jonquel, well trained in video game chicanery, had eluded the doltish Fresno cops, who must not be up to date in their role playing skills.

What does one expect from a child reared into a world with a name that sounds suspiciously like his mother might have been a fan of this multi purpose cleaner product from Solvex Corp

or perhaps his name is a play on a popular crab lice remedy...

Either way, Is This a Great Frickin Country or What?

I salute you both Meosha & Jonquel...star high school atheletes, and we know that jocks are the best & brightest & truly what makes this country great...

You, are both the future of this nation, and I bet you indeed made such a cute couple...

I expect big things from y'all and just know it will work out for you both in each of your future ventures!

We Are Scientists - The Great Escape

First Person Shooter - Famous ( Magnetic Fields Cover)

The Pallbearers - Attack of the Cockface Killer

School Shooter - Stuck On Stupid

Rockmaster General - Killer On The Loose

Juelz Santana - Murder, Murder

Caural - They'll Make A Video Game Out of Killing People Like You

Remembering Today

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