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Do Bikini Clad Negritas w/ Huge Lips Await Ye In Cuba ?

Don't Tell "Sicko" Michael Moore, but there might be more reasons to travel to Cuba than so-called "Health Care" or Guantanamo, and apparently Rev Al Sharpton might be shocked to find a corporation that advertises Negritas with Huge Lips wearing skimpy bikinis awaiting to oil ye in Cuba if you fly there via Iberia airlines...

That was the message of an animated ad that showed a European accented Spanish speaking baby singing a happy hip hop reggaeton tune celebrating the joys of visiting Fidel Castro's Caribbean island sex tourism retreat. Sex Tourism is after all the island's biggest economic industry, and for anyone to say that's just not so, is blowing cigar smoke up your a$$...

The advert was recently pulled by Iberia airlines ( ), apparently because some humorless fuddy duddy found conquistador humor to be beyond sexist and dehumanizing. Now just this week, despite an airline spokesperson calling it a "trivial" matter, the cartoon has started making international headlines...

view it yer badself and decide...

Well that's the way the imperialist capitalist vs fading communist sex tourism ball bounces...

So if ya liked that, or just Cuban music in general, here's a sample of some fine classic Cuban music fer yer consumption, from a Cuba Classic Vol 3 release compiled by David Byrne's always key & entertaining Luaka Bop label...

The tune features the late Pio Leiva who died in March 2006...

Pio Leyva - Tu No Sabes De Amor

Cuba Classics 3 - Diablo Al Infierno!

Download "Tu No Sabes de Amor" (mp3)
from "Cuba Classics 3 - Diablo Al Infierno!"
by Pio Leiva
Luaka Bop

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If you like that Salsasified track from Pio Leiva , maybe it's because you recognize his singing style from past membership & appearances with the Buena Vista Social Club... here his band makes another appearance on a compilation, this one put out by Malecon Music...

Pio Leiva - Arolla Cubano

Caliente Havana Salsa Volume 1

Download "Arolla Cubano" (mp3)
from "Caliente Havana Salsa Volume 1"
by Pio Leiva
Malecon Music Inc.

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Here's one last track from Pio Leiva's 2002 release Sonero's De Verdad, that I found on the blog called Caffeine - Headache...

Pio Leiva - Desvuelo de Amor

If you really wanna feel the heat , like yer wandering the cobblestone of old Habana try out this soundwalk excerpt from Harry Partch biographer, Innova Records' head honcho Phillip Blackburn... a 2004 recording which compiles & collages the actual street sounds of the old sections of Havana...

Cuban Soundwalk - The Cannon From The Fort Across The Bay

Cuban Soundwalk - "Electroacoustic music has been made in Cuba since 1964..."

Habanera: a soundwalk through old Havana, Cuba

Download "The canon from the fort across the bay..."
from "Habanera: a soundwalk through old Havana, Cuba"
by Philip Blackburn
Innova Recordings

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Here's an organ heavy jazz infused track of a "moderno" nature that purports to be a Cuban shout out from the chill out remix collection put out on the Blue Azul label known as Salsa Caribe,

Cuba Libre - Hola Cuba

Salsa Caribe!

Download "Hola Cuba Remix" (mp3)
from "Salsa Caribe!"
by Cuba Libre
Azul Music

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The next sample here is from the upcoming release "Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Volume One" released through the help of the increasingly amazing reissue imprint "Light In The attic".

Which captures the eclectic and funky music of Cuba in the 70's ranging from salas, son, beat, jazz, and funk etc.

Irakere - Bacaloa Con Pan ( Salt Cod & Potato Stew with Bread )

Compiled by Dan Zacks of Waxing Deep Radio in response to listener demand for rare & never widely distributed Cuban musica, many recording herein were extracted from Cuban gov't controlled archives. Here's a sample of these "revolutionary" sounds, many heard stateside or elsewhere for the first time...

Si, Para Usted - The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Vol. 1

Download "Bacalao Con Pan" (mp3)
from "Si, Para Usted - The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Vol. 1"
by Irakere
Waxing Deep / Light in the Attic

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    Buy direct from the label...

    Down below there's a reinterpretation of a certain Coldplay tune featuring members of The Buena Vista Social Club and other Latin musical specialists getting down on modern rawk hits

    I had never heard of it, or Demetrio Muniz who did the arrangements, but why it isn't on the shelf at every frickin' Starbucks is a mystery to me...

    Not only does it offer some palatable spicy sonic tapas, it even includes the late Ibrahim Ferrer's last vocal recording done in Madrid of the Casablanca classic "As Time Goes By"

    Then the booklet is chock full of info on global warming / climate change from folks like Al Gore etc... and even the mighty Sting is included.

    it seems like a perfect match for the greedy yet guilt-free gravitas of corporate cafe culture...

    From The Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba CD

    Cold Play - Clocks ( Cuban Mix)

    Oh, excuse me is Coldplay to ethnic for ya, are you much much more the Eurocentric type?

    From the new Kraak & Smaak remix collection

    here's Zeroleen

    with It's All Good

    Zeroleen - It's all Good

    The Remix Sessions

    Download "All Good" (mp3)
    from "The Remix Sessions"
    by Zeroleen

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