Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Been a busy week as ever here in my psychotic realm

Despite this photo, it doesn't truly tell the story...

There were also the usual barely veiled death threats, charity art auctions, bus & train riding, kilt wearing & scotch guzzling, way way too late nights, horrendous hangovers, hip hop fashion fiascos and underwear mayhem, fireworks and dancing on top of trucks, etc

I'd go into greater detail...but it's all so insular, incriminating and really, who has time ...

at least not me...

here's a few randomly chosen audio selections, in a totally random order mostly done too give ya something to do, and maybe just to keep my RSS feed from going stale ...

cuz i gotz stuff to do...

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

Big Boys - We Got Soul

B.J Arnaut - Live and Let Die

Blondie - More Than This ( Roxy Music cover)

Christian Parenti - The New Threat

Junior Jennings & The Humble & The Meek - Sell The Pussy

Tim Armstrong - Translator

New Order - Dream Attack 1980 demo

Wire - 1 2 XU ( live)

Minor Threat - Bitch (demo)

Dag Nasty - Never Go Back (Shawn Brown live reunion version)

RIAA presents Kelis vs Love - I Hate Your Little Red Book

Marianne Faithful - Mystery of Love

Roy Acuff & The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - I Saw The Light

The Fucking Champs - Guns In Our Schools

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