Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Too Much Parenthetical Manic LSD

Just read the comments by some of Senator George Allen's ex-college teammates on Salon.com including a Doctor who've accused the foolhardy blowhard who reps Virginia of being an overt racist back in the 1970's.

George was actually raised in CA, but quickly developed a southern accent & a fondness for the ways of the Neo-Con-federacy. One story circulating has him leaving a bloody deer head in a black family's mailbox as a college student...and not surprisigly frequent & fluent use of the "N" Bomb.

In fact if one believes the sadly silly stories, George threw around more "Niggaz" in his flow than a cell block full of gangsta rappers. What's interesting is his denial of past discrminatory behavior on Tim Russsert's softball NBC weekend program Meet The Press, when George said
"And one of the things that you learn in football is that you don't care about someone's race or ethnicity or religion."

Gee George , the key words I focused on were "you don't care"...

Like that isn't obvious?

Uh, you keep a noose hanging in yer office, like sporting the confederate flag, and yer Dad was the coach of the football team called The Redskins after all...

One movie I'm pretty sure George won't be attending this year is first time director Nikhil Kamkolkar's festival circuit fave "Indian Cowboy". The film is a love story about some mingling "maccacas" & has those subversive south asian plotlines all over it, and a contemporary beyond Bollywood soundtrack album out currently. Here's a sample from the soundtrack CD

Alms For Shanti (feat. Uday Benegal and Jayesh Gandhi)- Indian Cowboy Theme

well.. not sure where all this is leading us...


In a shocking revelation that will shake up the blogosphere , I admit, I'm kinda at a loss for words tonight...

It's rather late in the evening...

and I will flabbergast ye with verbiage at some later appropriate date...or at least get all my pictures uploaded for my next mega post...

in the meantime...

it's Time For A Terrible Tuesday Mini Mix for ye...

representing the madcap Uk team...actually they're technically Welsh... I speak of ...Manic Street Preachers.

The lead single released in 1998 from their 5th CD, features a title lifted from a resistence poster from the Spanish Civil War, after the fascist air bombing of Madrid.

Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

and here's a few more lesser acclaimed tracks, one from that same era, this one written in reference to the life of Unabomber Ted Kacynski's withdrawl from society to a cabin in Montana.

Manic Street Preachers - Montana/Autumn/78

Luddite lover
Forgiving father
Unhappy forever
Live it to where you can
Those skies must drive you wild
The earth around you
This silence around you
Be with the sky tonight
You've ruined more than you'll gain
Know what you mean - but not what you do
Nature will take care of itself
Your ego will destroy itself
Your life into the future
Maybe forty years
A life worth saving or lonesome ever more
The nothingness of truth
Or everlasting youth
Ideology or the ultimate thrill
You've ruined more than you'll gain
Know what you mean - but not what you do
Nature will take care of itself
Your ego will destroy itself

This next two tracks are the previously unreleased bonus tracks put out to promote the Manic's 2002 'greatest hits' Lp "Forever Delayed". I myself prefer "Lipstick Traces", the double disc B-sides collection that came out in 2003, but I don't have it handy today... (pssst...bug me and I'll get around to posting fom that thang as well sometime...)

Manic Street Preachers - Door To The River

Manic Street Preachers - There by The Grace Of God


and moving right along, we come to yer basic too cool for you chick singer songwriter babe... Now on Michael Gira's Young God Records, the label that brought us Devandra Barnhardt...we get Lisa Germano's In The Maybe World.. A longtime trouper, Germano has had plenty big name pals in the biz, and has even played with mega acts like John Cougar, David Bowie & U2. Over the years as a solo artists she's been on 4AD, Capitol, Ineffable/iMusic, Koch etc. Over the years she's had guests on her releases like Neil Finn ( Split Enz), Johnny Marr (Smiths), and Howe Gelb & Giant Sand. She also has contributed vocals, violin and other instruments on other people's albums, like Eels, Craig Ross, Sheryl Crow, etc. But despite all these high falutin' ties, to pay rent she works semi-regularly when not touring at Book Soup, the store on Sunset across from Tower in West Hollywood. Figures the geek girl might hide out in the racks with her fave non threatening companions, books.

Lisa Germano - Too Much Space

When in doubt we bring in the mighty Johnny Colon, this track released on George Goldner's Cotique imprint is the Boogaloo Blues LP title track circa 1968 featuring the awe inspiring chant... LSD has a hold on me ...!!

Johnny Colon - Boogaloo Blues

and leading us out of here are three pieces by the perplexing popsmiths of the Parenthetical Girls, from their latest efforts which include a sorta homespun remix project with help from Xiu Xiu that may just be too esoteric for it's own good...or not.

but it's for you to decide & download now...



Parenthetical Girls - Love Connection

Parenthetical Girls - Love Connection pt 2

Parenthetical Girls - C-86 Is Killing My Life

Slender Means Society

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