Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guns & Time & Matter

The nasty youth criminal of the day for me is hard to pick...might be that teenage rascal Scott Dyleski, whom a California judge just sentenced to life without parole for the messy trailer murder of Pamela Vitale, a neighboring housewife. He reportedly struck her at least 26 times in the head, broke her nose, her fingers, knocked out some of her teeth, and left bruises and cuts all over her body.The judge derided Dyleski's plea for leniency saying that the only time he'd shown emotion during the trail was when watching autopsy photos blown up on a video screen.

"I saw you, sir, lean forward and your mouth fell open," the judge said.

"You were absolutely fascinated by your handiwork," said Judge Zuniga

"This was a very deliberate, planned murder," added judge Zuniga. She seemed apalled that as Vitale was dying, the killer carved a symbol into her back "because you were proud of your work," Zuniga told Dyleski.

Derrell and Jarell Show...

But in a case that got far less attention, I'm gonna nominate two fellow East Bay teenagers who stomped a 45 year old woman to death mercilessly on the streets of Berkeley one night last year.

In fact they were so brutally kicking and jumping on the 110 lb homeless woman, a neighbor called police because he thought it was an act of vandalism on an object.

Derrell Morgan, 19, and Jarell Johnson, also 19, were defended by public defenders, one who claimed his client "is a thug, but that doesn't make him a murderer," ...

Either way a judge is expected to give each a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

here's an appropriate Undertones cover from a compilation album called Hot Funky & Sweaty: The Sound of Heavy Soul & Funk Today

The Gene Drayton Unit - Teenage Kicks

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  • Anyhow, gotta love how that violence is in our schools, that stuff is just great...

    Heck, who doesn't love a good American style school shooting, even when it's not the students...

    some old gun crazy codger in Colorado today must have felt like he missed out on his chance to be a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia, and wanted in on all the sick juvenile excitement...
    Platte Canyon High School
    Platte Canyon High School is about 30 miles from Denver

    Wearing the typical psycho garb of hoodie & camoflage backpack...the man entered the Jefferson County school just miles from Columbine around lunchtime.

    He wanted to be left alone, with just female hostages. According to a parent, when the man's 16 year old son asked to stay behind with the girls, the gunman shoved his weapon in the boys face saying 'It would be in your best interest to leave,'".

    He then apparently began sexually assaulting the girls.

    The F'ing Champs - Guns In Our Schools

    An evacuation of two schools ensued after he threatenend to blow up explosives, and eventually after a standoff, there's a dead gun toting loser...and saddest of all, a dead girl hostage, Emily Keyes,16, who was critically injured as the SWAT team stormed the classroom. She was badly injured, and flown to St. Anthony’s Central Hospital where she later died.

    Not sure how, or why on this one yet...

    like we f'n need a reason or even care what makes such freakish idiots go off anymore...

    In my mind, I can already hear the incredulous neighbors being interviewed,
    "Didn't talk to him much, but he liked guns & seemed like such a normal guy..."
    Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - Don't Take Your Guns to Town (storytellers)

    Posted below is a cut that was originally featured on a benefit compilation CD that came together after another sort of tradgedy. Before including it on their recent B-sides collection The Fastbacks contributed this song to a record designed to help out the group Home Alive. Released in 1994 on Epic, the Home Alive compilation and organization was a Seattle response to the rape & muder of Gits singer Mia Zapata. The Fastbacks track is a UK Subs cover and was one of the highlights of the original in my opinion... I suggest ya get either of the albums listed below... as they both have their merits...


    Fastbacks - "Time And Matter"

    now part of this Book Records release:

    Truth, Corrosion And Sour Bisquits

    Fastbacks - Truth, Corrosion And Sour Bisquits

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