Monday, September 25, 2006

dramarama uber alles

Anyone that saw the amazing Rodney Bingnheimer doc directed by George Hickenlooper would've noted the subplot involving a member of Dramarama. He ended up co-producing the film, and works in the tale of how his band was rescued from utter obscurity in New Jersey by some far away airplay on Rodney's popular LA radio show.

Dramarama - Anything,Anything

That there was the breakthru track that still gets played on KROQ, and is still recalled fondly if they were all dead and not sitting there like smoking elephants in the room...

Dramarama, sorta like Rodney, of course had their moments in the late 80's & early 90's, flirting with the big tme but never quite getting there. I remember seeing them play a pretty sizable radio station sponsored outdoor festival back in 1990. Their song "Last Cigarette" was riding the airplay curve and was a real great live smoker...

Dramarama - Last Cigarette
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Somehow though the star train did not stop and pick em up, and a caterwauling cast of neutered charisma-less bands like The Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray and Hootie & The Blowfish hit the charts while Dramarama petered out into semi obscurity...

Singer John Easdale alaways put his heart into the tunes, and sounded like a man on the edge. Maybe this just scared corporate radio programmers or something. Here's one was from the album Sci Fi Hi Fi and was their last to really flirt with any kind of radio play...

Dramarama - Work For Food

Eventually, as far as the "music industry" was concerned, the band just kinda dissolved into the ether. Yet, I think Drmarama still do some reunion type stuff , playing clubs on the Jersey shore and wherever promotors are still willing to give it a go... Hmmmm, looks like they'll even be on a bill at The Greek Theater in LA in October. I'd probably still go to see 'em, cuz I'd hate to think it's all over but the declining royalty statements. Here's a couple lil' tracks relevant to today from their most recent self release...Everybody Dies

Dramarama - Good Night, America

Dramarama - Everybody Dies

Everybody Dies

Everybody Dies


oh hey... are you still here?

well then check out there new version of The Dead Kennedys "California Uber Alles" with Arnold Schwarzenegger-centric lyrics...

Dramarama - California Uber Alles

I am Governor Arnold S...
I'll soon clean up this mess
I have inherited...

I'm jingling all the way
from the Southland to the Bay
I'll govern all of you
your kids will all lift weights in school...

California uber alles...
Uber alles California...

The Golden State is getting worse...
Need Mr. Universe...
I am a movie star
and drive the biggest, dumbest car

This hero always wins...
conveniently forgets his sins
jumpin' from the master race...
and always wears the happy face


here comes 2004...
knock knock on your front door
it's my very own secret police
come to pick up your ugly niece

march quietly to the camp
you'd make a lovely lamp
don't worry it's just a shower
for your clothes here's a pretty flower

body builder's in control
100% natural
Say goodbye you lousy pest
if you mess with Governor S.

then grab yerself an east coast mash up of Dramarama & The Beastie Boys...

DJ Quixotic - Triple Drama

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