Monday, September 04, 2006

Boogie No More

I guess today , we'll have to bid adieu to that ever present Australian Crocodile guy...

y'know the baby dangling one, always on cable... all the time. That loathsome squat pudgy guy, and apparently worldwide phenom named Steve Irwin, who tended to get a lil pushy with annoyed animals...anything for a buck I suppose eh mate?

Well, previously pestered penguins , sequestered seals & shy snakes can sleep once more, cuz he's dead... finally. According to reports he was hit by a Stingray's tail while filming a show called "Ocean's Deadliest", and he proved out the claim of danger inherent in the title. Good work matey!

Blinky - The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
(courtesy The Soul Girl site)

Apparently a surly stingray took him out while he was filming another segment for yet another obnoxious TV show...

Somewhere off of Batt Reef near Port Douglas Australia he received a fatal answer to the eternal question "Wonder if this looks dangerous on camera?"

Queensland officials have yet to charge the undersea dweller, figuring that it had just about had it...and may have acted in self defense. Bet this will all make a helluva bloopers reel...

So, in honor of mother nature's revenge here's some basically unrelated & oft under appreciated music to mourn Mr. Irwin by,

The Jazz Butcher Conspriracy - Crocodile Tears & The Velvet Cosh
(Bob Dylan cover )

Perhaps somehow I guess all today's music could be... say uh, some sort of post humous celebration of a life spent poking at life with a stick...

Now we'll start with the appropriately monikered:

Nikki Corvette & The Stingrays

She was a late 70's Detroit dame, a floozy with flair who had an album release on the late Greg Shaw's label Bomp in 1980 that was long held in high regard by fans of Motor City pop, rock & rage...Decades after she's shared stages with the Ramones & Johnny Thunders, she was still influencing bands like The Donnas & Detroit Cobras...

Well 25 years later she finally got another album out, hence the title "Back to Detroit"

and since the band name includes an homage to the mighty Stingray, she's our next guest of honor tonight...

Download some:

Nikki Corvette & The Stingrays - "Back To Detroit" (MP3, 192kbps)

Back To Detroit

Back To Detroit

Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays

Dollar Record Records

Long ago in before So Cal beachfronts made for backdrops of lowly tweenage soap operas like the O.C, their roamed a pack of dangerous surf bands and moon doggies, and even cheesier tweenage soap operas w/ Frankie & Annette & Gidget etc... kids were packin' woodies and headin' to the beach...

Amongst them were the wily rascals known as the Revelairs...they first played a local So Cal Moose Lodge, copping the popular style of muic heard in the background of surf films of the era. They mainly hung out at Live Oak Park Rec Center in Manhattan Beach and this recording dates back to the sumer of 1964... A tune they learned off a Ventures LP... (and it was never released publically until 1995, when a cassette copy of these sessions surfaced for pressing on Rare Surf Vol 2, released on AVI records...)

The Revelaires - Cruel Sea

Now Here's just some of that Moderne Rock style filler y'all love:

I just had to have it, since I liked the titles and thought it was appropo...

Coldplay - "Hunting High & Low"

Eden Maine - "The Hunter And The Hunted"

To You The First Star
Eden Maine courtesy:Undergroove

Anyhow...after that interlude, here's where we get to the classic disco deal... and these Boogie Oogie Oogie chicks were hot , A Taste Of Honey...

That Is...
( not DJ Mr. Dorf-whatever... )

(although he performs an admirable 21st century update of the 70's classic from Grand Slam, a remix collab from the notorious Richard Dorfmeister (Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Madrid de los Austrias.

Taste of Honey Remix by Richard Dorfmeister: “ Boogie No More (Taste Of Honey remix)

A Taste of Honey was a unique disco group featuring two ladies, guitarist Hazel Payne and bassist Janice Johnson, that could put down some groooves on their respective instruments. In era dominated with lip synching stars, these ladies were notable for their skills. They earned their chops playing parties at military bases, and had mastered the art of stage presence. One other historical footnote is that they became the first black group to win a Best New Artist Grammy at the 1979 awards ceremony. That of course is a curse as well, and although a couple more LPs were released, none touched the chart success of the debut 1978 disc. I saw 'em recently on one those disco reunion shows, and they still look pretty good too...

Download a Taste of Honey Remix : "Boogie No More (Taste Of Honey remix)" (MP3, 192kbps)

Grand Slamtrack courtesy:
G-Stone Recordings
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  • And y'all know our beloved Croc Hunter had to dig this tune...

    Elton John - Crocodile Rock


    atomic23 said...

    Great post. I like your style!

    Anonymous said...

    fuck you smelly poo.

    yes. he was irritating.

    but he was also quite the conservationist and quite a nice fella.

    ya little media whore.

    Anonymous said...

    I read your blog every now and then but I have to say that this post goes beyond bad taste. Whether or not Irwin brought it on himself is not the question.

    How the fuck did he affect you? Where do you get off making a joke out of a man's death?

    Think a little more before your next post.

    atomic23 said...

    When asked about his favourite childhood programmes,
    Steve Irwin replied, "Thunderbirds was best but
    there's always be a place in my heart for Stingray".