Monday, June 20, 2005

Summertime & The Living Is Sleazy

On Sunday night I hosted a listening party for a new Sublime tribute Cd at the local bar I work at here in SF. Lots of fun people showed up on hardly any notice and reminded me of all the good times I had hanging with Sublime and their great jams and furiously passionate tunes that just melt your cares away. The new tribute disc is called "Look At All The Love We Found" and hits the streets this week ( Tuesday to be exact y'all). Check out the fine indie label for more info on obtaining, or if you do the I-tunes thing they pre-released for the I-pod nation at the link below Look at All The Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime - now on iTunes!

The compilation features contributions from a slew of current great musical greats, and likely offers up something for nearly everyone... from smooth latino grooves from the like of Los Lobos to punk rock blasts from Avail & Pennywise to funky interpolations from hip hoppers, ska bands and even the nearly unclassifiable Camper Van Beehoven.

Here's an Mp3 download from the compilation
The Greyboy All Stars - "Doin' Time" (7.68MB)

which of course, if you're familar with this song, was really just Sublime hacking up a Gershwin tune, and now Karl Denson & Co. cut it up one mo' time for a jazzy mostly instrumental trip down summertime memory lane.

If ya dig that you can click to preview some other tunesfrom Look At All The Love That We Found

Since I'm slowly coming out of a Sunday stoner coma, I'll keep it thick and funky for a bit until we juice up the super seventies white trash wagon...

Here's 9 minute version of a perfect summer funk track from the 70's. It's The Danny Krivits edit of Cymande's Bra. Cymande is right up there with Osibisa, Tower of Power and Mandrill on the list of large legends of cool ass 70's funk bands. Danny Krivits a.k.a Mr. K was/is a NYC DJ of some reknown who hung around the Paradise Garage scene with fellow turntable & reel to reel warrior Larry Levan and would offer up his remixed versions of funky tracks to be played . Back in the day, before sampling and scratching were popular, 70's disco DJ's would tape splice the beats & breaks on reel to reel tapes to get extended mixes ready for the late night coke fueled dancefloor action around NYC .

This track Cymande- "Bra" is from an out of print compilation of some of Danny's popular edits.


And not that it's particularly related , I'll toss in a link to download the Calexico version of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart", which actually is a poppy pleasant diversion from the original's over wrought gothic 'tude.

Calexico - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Prior to bartending and showing vids at The Sublime Tribute party, I hung out at the North Beach street fair this weekend a bit, drank some organic ales with my old pal Greg Mooney who's an ex-Ringling Bros clown, and an actual graduate of clown college. We were intermittenly checking out lots of crazy cleavage, and laughing at the cops, who never cease to amaze at the ways they can collect overtime by doing very little.

The day before I caught my pal, the mighty Greg Dale performing at a punk rock hootenany of sorts at Thee Parkside. Greg fronts a band called Sorrowtown Choir, who play a moody batch of trouble making songs like this one featuring my pal Bone Cootes on guitar.

Sorrowtown Choir - "Mama Don't Keep No Pictures"

Greg was on a bill with the "notorious" John The Baker, who once won a settlement from the town of Woodstock NY when the cops tried to keep him from singing some "sleazy" lyrics in their parks. Here's a real audio streamed interview with John The Baker.

Here's an MP3 of John The Baker and The Malnourished performing "Get Out of My Face"

If that ain't white trash enough for ya, I'll toss in a couple more to keep ya lazy fool's entertained:

Charlie Rich - known as The Silver Fox, he spent decades laying down the lush soulful trailer trash operas like no other. From his Sun records days and "Lonely Weekends" to his 70's shlock platinum hits like "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World", he was basically untouchable in my book. Here the late Memphis based singer showing why he's just the fucking man on this classic song ...

Charlie Rich - "Life's Little Ups and Downs"

Charlie Rich

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