Monday, June 27, 2005


Sadly this Flipper song is still a valid response to an ugly war mongering government stomping through the world in a death orgy, bloated off of short term greed, and brewing nothing but ill will.

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again...

Today, I'm running outta juice using a computer kiosk at a convention hall while the world's largest convention of Java programmer's runs rampant around me...

Yersterday I had to be here when the tradeshow opened & afterwards I bartended & cleaned up the slop all night, and then they had me back here today all day...and it's fricking 8:20 pm and I'm still here... I think I've had like 3 and a half hours of sleep in the last 48 hours... color me Sacrificed!

But at least I'm getting paid....

I used to answer Flipper's fan mail, not for the money, uh, just for the glory I think... besides they were too lazy. Their singer Will Shatter would show up and sit beside me at the record label at 10 am with a wine cooler in hand. he was really just hoping for spare royalty checks, and seemed disinterested in the fan mail from geeky kids. The label guy would throw him a few bucks to get rid of him lurking around the storefront, and will might even pilfer a couple 7"s on his way out to sell somewhere else. But Will was a beatnik poet, and really just a guy from Gilroy, and he died soon after of an OD...

lil mike on day will shatter's death hit the news

I think Will was the sweetest of the bunch, Bruce was such a prick, he was actually caught stealing his own master tapes in the warehouse a few years later, which he sold to Rick Rubin for chump change. It proved to be a stupid move, as now all the early Flipper tapes are out of print, and basically lost to the netherworlds of corporate negligence...

Flipper mighta been a buncha drug ravaged idiots, but they were also brutal artists who made a definite mark on the world. Really a band with no apologies, and a legacy of noise that still makes me smile despite knowing the muther fuckers.

They were one of the great band's of the early 80's post punk scene, and the only thing that held them back was their own dysfunctionality. I consider them America's nasty little answer to the pomp & circumspect Public Image Limited.

Flipper - Sacrifice

I dedicate it to all who stood up in opposition to Bush jr & his wicked War without End...

Can't you hear the war cry?
It's time to enlist
The people speak as one
The cattle, the crowd
Those too afraid to live
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Cant you smell their stinking breath
Listen to them
Wheezing and gasping and
Chanting their slogans
The grave diggers song
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Can't you smeel the fresh blood
Steaming into the soil
As our patriots
Fathers and mothers and lovers
Admire the military style
Praising Gog and the state
Crying tears of pride
For the sons and lovers
For all the fools slaughteres
For the maimed, the dying
And the dead
So the nation will live
So the people will remain as cattle
Demand a sacrifice
A sacrifice

Next time perhaps we'll get down to the nitty gritty out of print history of Flipper...

but for now enjoy the sick blast of what we have here

and lemme link ya to some other mp3'z from a recent Buddyhead post that also help ya relive the chaos that was the Flipper world order...
(Download - Flipper "Sex Bomb Baby")

Flipper - "Love Canal"

p.s here's a odd lil streaming file thang for y'all

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