Thursday, June 23, 2005

Looking For A Kiss

Sealed With A Kiss, or at least in factory shrinkwrap, the CD pictured below is a hard to find Spanish Import CD that collects the New York Dolls earliest demo recordings before they signed to Mercury.

Back in the day when Prog Dinosaurs & Folk rockers were kings of the industry, The Dolls were wowing the crowds at The Mercer Arts Center with a blend of AM radio bubblegum sensibilities & a bit of Stooges like fury. These drag wearing goofballs were soon hanging with the hip gang like Bowie & Warhol at Max's Kansas City & becoming the talk of the town. In an effort to gain them exposure out of NY, their then manager Marty Thau gets the disheveled bar band an Oct 72 gig opening for Rod Stewart & The Faces in front of 13,000 people n the UK. Soon the buzz is so loud it's virtually unstoppable, fuck the Allman Bros. this is the new deal...

Staten Islander David Johansen bellows his way through the early hits featured here, while the late Johnny Thunders (aka John Anthony Genzale) a junkie goomba from Queens kicks out the jams with their illustrious musical sidekicks Arthur Kane, & vintage clothing retail pioneer Sylvain Sylvain. The drummer on these tracks rotates from Billy Murcia to Jerry Nolan, when Murcia O.D's on dope before the fledgling band even gets signed.

New York Dolls 02

ah, Youth is sweet... and these boys are caught on tape, all young and dumb and full of cum. Aside from Sylvain Sylvain & Johansen, the boys are now all dead, so this is the real deal, the first edition of a legendary act, and it's likely as good as it gets, phony recent reunions aside*.

When you crank up this collection you are digging back into a time when Tricky Dick was President, Vietnam lingered in the air, Times Square was a sleazy porn district, and CBGB's but a burgeoning dog doo stained glimmer in Hilly Kristal's eyes. Crank these tawdry tunes and catch a sonic glimpse of one of the most influential and fu*ked up groups of all time, before Malcolm McClaren came around to hang the Hammer & Sickel & squeeze 'em into red leather.

This disc from 72 & 73 collects all the early demo tracks in the order they were actually recorded, starting with their rave up "Looking For A Kiss", on through "Pills" (a.k.a Rock & Roll Nurse) & finishes with the great "Personality Crisis". That's of course not all, and several other lively blasts like "Bad Girl" from this seminal era complete this rare and hard to find disc.

Download The NY Dolls performing Looking For A Kiss

Eventually the aforementioned Malcolm McLaren, Booze, Heroin, Debts, Girl Trouble and all sorts of troubles would befall the Dolls... but that's another buncha stories for another day. This is the pure essence of the roots of it all... way before MTV and all that LA faux glam metal rehash b.s came along in their name a decade later.

Get this nicely packaged disc and learn about what it was really all about, before The Ramones, Blondie and others even set up camp in the Lower East Side to shake it all up. I betcha these boisterous rockin' tunes will likely be played over and over once you get your grubby hands on 'em in this cool gatefold record sleeve style digi pack slipcase.

Note: Spanish Import Edition, Made in EEC

New York Dolls - NYC  72/73 Demos - Sealed Spanish CDClick To Bid On This Collectable CD
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New York Dolls - NYC 72/73 Demo Sessions - New Sealed Spanish Import CD

psst - (download an alternate version of the Dolls "Looking For A Kiss" a track recorded surrepteciously during the June 2004 New York Dolls reunion gig put on by Morrissey in London. To download more tracks from the bands 2004 UK gig featuring the late Arthur Kane on bass before is death in Jan 05 click here.

New York Dolls - Pre-Crash Condition: Live From The Royal Festival Hall DVDBetter versions of these same tracks exist on the official DVD & CD release available on DVD for 18.59 or for $15.38 on CD via Sanctuary)

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