Friday, June 10, 2005

Slipping Into Darkness - Salsa con Soulfood

I'm back from a Florida jaunt and thought I'd at least give y'all a taste of something hot while I gather my thoughts. Not sure what I wanna spiel so let's just get a funky summer jam rolling. Since Miami is a hotbed of Hip Hop & Latin influences I think I'll go with a couple rare quasi oldie cuts.

This first MP3 came out awhile back, 1995 or '96 I think ,and features Tupac guesting with a Mexican American rap group from the East Oakland area. Since I'm back in the O as I write today, I think we'll drop this classic for y'all...

It samples the old WAR cut obviously, & gives it a meaner hip hop flava.
I've enjoyed putting this track into various mixes for years & dig how it respects and updates this fine spooky California groove filled oldie and keeps it relevant... but now with a decade under it's belt, I guess it's even sort of an oldie itself...

the track starts with a loc'd out verse from rapper Merciless...

Look at baby girl born in 19-7-deuce
Pop's on his fix, Mom's stuck on that crazy juice
went to school, It's all cool but in Junior Hiiigh
Little hooker in the bathroom getting hiiigh
What she doing and what she smoking, nobody knows
Is she addicted or just slipping into melbose
A bad ass broad running with the girl gang
just got some tat's,Talking all that girl slang.
first one to slap, because La vida dont matter
Wip out a cuete watch your brains get splattered
Selling them doves, hanging with thugs and all that
Beating up fools with a baseball bat
Started having sex at only 15
Imagine O.G. wears his clothes all crisp and clean
Got pregnant had a baby in December
she wont see the daddy till next September
Mom's and Pop's gave her the boot
Kicked her out La Casa, Now what Raza
with the money she got, She bought a spot of the block
Started paying the rent by slangin' phat ass coca rocks
Now shes 23 her four kids all alone, and loc'ed out
and plus shes all smoked out,the base face
You could see it in her eyes, it could also tell the tears
of a life long cries.
They was headed for self destruction
Conjunction Junction,(hey Yo!) Whats your Function?
Her own kids gotta healp, “cause they knew she was slippin'
took the devil away homegiiirl, You was Slippin'.

Chorus: x2

(Slippin' into Darkness Sample from War)
Slipping into Darkness
When you slip you trip and fall
Slipping into Darkness
Ain't no sense to give ya'll no love at all

(Tupac steps in later on Verse 3)

They tried to ban me cause a brothas making noise alot
I tear their asses about to foil the plot
They got me trapped, now I'm strapped getting harder
running from the cops as I try to cock my gloc
The war won't stop, Thats why they want to ban the music
Gather and notice how the cops can't stand the music
See a black man cooling with a mexican
We can all have peace on the set's again
Give a shout out to my homies in the pen.
They try to keep us down but we pound
every time we hit the Top 10
Once again is your friend out of Oakland
Hoping to keep your hip hop clubs open
Now we can fight and let them close them
or we could have peace at shows so we contol them
Now ain't nobody getting paid, It's a damn shame
Why gangbang brothas in the same gate
Say security is the plan cause they letting it off
Brothas come to have fun, but they setting it off
One-Time make it worse when they sweat us
Send a Army of pigs to come get us
So I'm running out of time
and it's cool down with the Aztecs
and it's Salsa con Soulfood.
I don't claim to be a major fan of Pac, especially when he decided to lose his way from the light & just thugged himself into the darkness & eventually blinged into an early grave. He seemed to stop spreading hope & knowledge and began an erosion signified by macho posturing, provocation, and hatred. By the time he was bought out of prison by Suge Knight, he was still just a prisoner in many ways. The bright sensitive & creative kid he was, had stopped developing his craft, sensed he was doomed and just kept spitting, he played the crazy mysoginist Thug role to the hilt. In the end he got played by the law, labels, media and his so-called friends, becoming worth far more dead to many than he was alive. Nowadays, he is a name brand logo & millionaire martyr for ghetto street soldiers, yet will forever be on my "coulda, woulda, shoulda" list. Live by the sword & die by the sword they say, and Tupac Shakur died a brutal uneccessary dawg's death in Vegas... but for what?

Enjoy the driving flow of his music, it's all we'll ever have...

here' s one more collab he did with the Outlawz Outlawz ft. Tupac - Thug Angel


[unity]WAR-Remixed[Latin Hip Hop]

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