Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cocktail Nuts!

i'm in the middle of a long weekend, and if all the booze, lack of sleep, extra sunshine & whatnot wasn't enough, I just got my first email threatening me for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act... gottta love it!

It makes me wanna harken back, to a kinder, gentler time... when men could swing without fear...

the Cocktail Nuts are a legendary band o' swinging jazz musicians who've influenced a generation of musicians including the Ramones & Dire Straits with their hopping original jazzy sound...

"Very few people outside of the inner circle of the music industry's elite understand the significance of the all-too-short career of the Cocktail Nuts. The midwestern jazz quintet toured relentlessly throughout the mid-50's and, with an LP's worth of original material on tape and a national distribution deal with the Planters label (a major contender at the time), the group seemed poised for success if not for the untimely death of singer and song-writer Pat Stachio due to a boating accident in Kansas during early 1958. " - from The Cocktail Nutsofficial website.
To better understand the group, we suggest you read the website devoted to the Cocktail Nuts Mythology

Check out a streaming audio sample of their early version of Blitzkreig Bop ( later recorded by the Ramones )

Download an mp3 of Sultans of Swing ( the track that put Dire Straits on the map)

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