Sunday, January 08, 2006

One Day He Will Disappear,

Unless you've been under a rock, you mighta heard about ol' tub o love Ariel Sharon. The Jabba The Hut lookalike PM of Israel, who last month was finally confirmed to have a "hole in his heart" is now in a coma, "induced", after suffering from a cerebral hemmorage i.e stroke. Now at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, he's undergone several emergency neurosurgery procedures in efforts to stop internal bleeding in his brain.

One side of his saga seldom mentioned in the sadsack American media is that the stroke occured on the same day the International Herald Tribune reported that Israeli police have secured prima facie evidence linking Sharon & sons to a secret $3 million dollar money transfer from two Austrian brothers. The long brewing allgations have Sharon using some of the $3 million to repay illegal campaign contributions he had received in 2001, but the rest was kept by the family. The allegations have been ongoing for four years but moved when Austrian authorities finally began transferring documents to the Israel Police, including bank statements. Vienna authorities have not yet acceded to Israeli police requests for permission to depose witnesses in Austria. Police are also seeking permission to qusetion witnesses in Canada, South Africa and the Virgin Islands.

Coma Lillies - One Day He Will Disappear

Coma Lillies - Fin

The Coma Lillies are a mostly instrumental band hailing from the Sonoma County CA scene ...

Coma is a Swedish custcore band, these two cuts are from two out of print 7" singles from 2002 one on the defunct Busted Heads Label and another on the Yellowdog label..

Coma - Misery & Chaos

Coma - War

Voivod are reportedly working on finishing their album utilizing pre-recorded guitar parts from late guitarist Denis ‘Piggy’ D'Amour who died last year. Michel ‘Away’ Langevin has starte drum tracking with producer Glen Robinson (Voivod’s ‘Nothingface,’ GWAR etc) at Piccolo Studios in Montreal.

They also have started a blog to report the progress of the studio work here.

Away, singer Denis ‘Snake’ Belanger and ex-Metallica bassist Jason ‘Jasonic’ Newsted - are using guitar recordings from Piggy's Pro-Tools enabled laptop that will be eventually released via The End Records in North America.

Voivod - War and Pain

Please Excuse Album Cover
a Voivod cover with female singer from the CD "Please Excuse All the Blood"

Dahlia Seed - Missing Sequences

The Inflatable Boy Clams were an all too clever for their own good San Francisco art performance scene band in the very early 80's who recorded for Subterranean Records. They played spots like ClubFoot, Deaf Club, and The Mab. The tracks here are from a rare dbl 7" EP recorded by Myke Reily of Voice Farm.

Inflatable Boy Clams - I'm Sorry

An obscure loosely organized oddball Bay Area party band that has links & ties through members & frends with the Clams was/is The Invertebrates. They put out their first record in 1981, and have morphed and continued in curious permutations to this day. Over the years they've collaborated with a roving coterie of musical characters including accomplished Clarinetist Beth Custer, and Brad Bechtel formerly of LA new wavers Outer Circle and middle eastern / western band Go Van Gogh. Here's something from the Invertebrates most recent effort, Garagezilla...(featuring special guest Big Bones on harmonica)

The Invertebrates - Drunk

and a track from the afforementioned Go Van Gogh

Go Van Gogh - Johnny Moody

The Metalizer attempts to turn songs that are "gay as f*ck" into "Metal"... you decide if it works...

The Metalizer - The Locomotion ( originally recorded by Little Eva, but The Metalizer claims he's doing the Kylie Minogue version... uh, whatever dude )

The Metalizer - Angel Of The Morning ( originally recorded by P.P Arnold although Juice Newton, Pretenders and Merilee Rush and others have made some dough off it as well)

here's a few more random cover tracks for ya...

Was Not Was - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Al Green - I Want To Hold Your Hand

Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun

Melt Banana - Surfin' USA

Mest - I Melt With You

any how

for some reason i can barely remember why I gotta bad hangover, gotta go...

see ya later in the week...month, year or whatever


Anthony said...

Ahh, I am easy to please with this Nina Simone cover. It's comforting.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting "I melt with you"!
It's the best cover ever and I couldn't find it anywhere else.