Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy State of The F%$king Union To You & Yers

Happy State of The F%cking Union To You & Random Revelations For Shizzle My People...

Wanna hear more of that rabid rabble rouser, big fan of our prez , yes it's 70-something Harry Belafonte addressing thoegathered at last week's Bush Commision Tribunals in NYC?

Give Em Hell Harry !!!!

Harry Belafonte - At Bush Commission

The notable musician, actor and human rights activist stated in his opening remarks he hoped to help save the soul of our nation, noting: "It is important when all the instruments of government collapse, we go in the final hour, to the most important line of battle: the people themselves."

Harry has been lambasted lately in the right wing media for calling Bush the world's greatest terrorist, despite evidence that the Bush ideology has put hundreds of thousands in early graves.

Belafonte, who rose to fame in the 50's as a friendly Folksy Calypso singer was the first African American to win an Emmy, and was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement in this country. He helped organize the We Are The World single with Quincy Jones in the 80's and has been a critic of US foreign policy for many years, particularly with regard to policies in his native Carribean & in particular regarding Cuba.

Here's an interview Harry did with Democracy Now about his visit with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela where he called Bush a Terrorist...

Belafonte on Democracy Now

here's a classic

Harry Belafonte' with Odetta - Hole In De Bucket Dear Liza

and here's harry with the track he's best known for

Harry Belafonte - Day O

Comedians Cathy Griffin and Al Franken are celebrities who've come out against the War, yet have gone on USO tours to Iraq, and love performing for the US troops. They also wonder why the most vitriolic vocal war hawks like Rush Limbaugh & Bill O'Reilly have stayed safe & sound at home. Franken's comment on Sylvester "chicken shit" Stallone is worth clicking this short video link alone...Play Clip

Newsdesk.org, just published a story on January 30, 2005 about how legal music download services are making inroads, but P2P still outdoes em all... <http://www.newsdesk.org/archives/000475.php>

Speaking of legal downloads...
I haven't even had a chance to listen to it, but I found this & maybe you wanna kill some time... instead of fetuses...

That's right Anti-Abortion fans, pack yer i-Pod with this pro Judge Alito tuneage courtesy of Pro-Life dot com... here's yer MP3

Daniel Sisco - Worth Fighting For

here's another fave of you fans of legal travails and our court system

Peter Tosh - Legalize It

anyhow... I had a long weekend with too many highlights & lowlights galore, and I'd go on & on...but I'm exhausted and I promised I'd get to bed before 6am for the first time in daze...

so while i head off to my beddy bye... you can listen to some tunes...

see ya when the vampire awakes...

scrambled playlist of no particular order

Nine Inch Nails - Bite The Hand That Feeds ( Bitrot remix )

The Magic Numbers - She IS (Tim Buckley Cover)

Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Nocturnal House ( from new CD coming in April )

Cat Power - The Greatest ( featuring Teenie Hodges!)

Sepultura - Convicted In Life ( new track)

La Rocca - Sing Song Sung ( upcoming Irish band )

The Sounds - Painted By Numbers ( artsy Swedish rockers)

Les Savvy Fav - The Sweat Descends

Iron & Wine w/ Calexico - Prison Route 41

Tra la La - The Girls Say

Animal Collective - Winter's Love

2600 - Off The Hook ( Renowned Hacker Geek Mag Podcast )

gotta go... I'm fading hard...

is this a great country or what...

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