Thursday, January 12, 2006

60% Crap

If only I hadn't stopped watching that Letterman guy's show years ago... finally he sends out a signal he's alive. I'm probably the last guy in the blogosphere to know, but on Jan 4th looks like Dave told his loudmouth "guest" Bill O'Reilly something millions would've loved to have expressed if they had the forum.

In a remarkably heated debate on the usually jovially irreverent show, Letterman admonishes O'Reilly for his chickenhawk bull-igerence and intones at one point...

"I think that 60% of what you say is crap."

Watch Clip From Jan 4 Letterman Show

Unrelated but related to things that occured on Letterman's show previously :

Arcade Fire - Rebellion ( Lies ) ( live on Letterman)

Dave Matthews - Save Me ( live on Letterman)

Damien Rice - Cannonball ( live on Letterman)

Pearl Jam - Grievance ( live on Letterman)

R.E.M - So. Central Rain ( live on Letterman _

Tom Waits - Make It Rain ( live on Letterman)

Ted Koppel the 42 year vet of ABC News has escaped a fate of blogging from the retirement home, and will join the paper of record, The NY Times as a columnist on Jan 29th.

Queer Music For The Straight World ? Sony, the conglomerate that invented portable music to go with The Walkman, but lost ground to something called the I-Pod, is starting"Music With A Twist" a gay-oriented major label.

In a strange twist Random House has announced they will be giving out refunds to purchasers of an alcoholic substance abuser's memoir, because he may have "exaggerated" his drug and alcohol problems. Most substance abusers tend to be in denial, but I guess James Frey is messed up, because he wasn't messed up enough. Now Oprah who loved & recommended his tale of tawdry terror, has come to his defense, and he's reportedly threatening to sue The Smoking Gun website for refuting his claims of being way f'kd up... The book, sold almost 2 million copies last year and has ramifications in Hollywood as A-list talent now stay away from the film production, not because playing a messed up alcoholic drug abuser wouldn't appeal to them, but a "fake" crack smoking drunk driver...

no way !

wonders never cease...

In another non-story that made a big above the fold, stop the presses front page headline news story in the constantly declining in importance paper known as The SF Chronicle... it seems a gay transvestite prostitute's memoirs may have been written by a lesbian woman, pretending to be a post-op transsexual... or something like that... ! To make matters worse, the paper actually printed a sidebar from a Chron editor who would work for free on the JT LeRoy books, for free...Sounds like know one knew what the f*ck was going on there... or cared... so what? what's news there?

How about The Scripps Howard news service columnist Michael Fumento who Business Week has revealed took a $60,000 payment from Monsanto to start hyping their products in his written work. For ex. he recently dropped the subtle hint that the genetic engineering chemical corp has 30 products in the pipeline that will not only aid farmers, "but also help us all by keeping prices down and allowing more crops to be grown on less land." Apparently Fumento sees no ethical conflict, admits he is a big fan of Bio Tech and claims he's the victim of a witchhunt since Business Week wrote that disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff has paid columnists for years to deliver good press to his clients (see BW Online, 12/16/05, "Op-Eds for Sale").

Chineapple Punx - Monsanto

Oi! No! Monsanto

There's fuck all left that I can eat

But you're creating more

I used to like my beans

But I'm not hungry anymore

When I'm eating dinner

I like to know what's on my plate

Genetic Engineering's

An indigestible mistake

From the Agent Orange company

A soyabean delight

But Vietnam's a wasteland

I don't want to eat your shite

In other news you might missed... I hand the reigns of the remainder of this section over to the News You May Have Missed crew

Students at the University of Michigan persuaded the school to suspend a beverage contract with Coca Cola due to alleged human rights abuses.

Lower 9th Ward activists in New Orleans chase away bulldozer crew

U.S. storm water rules revised to exempt oil and gas development

President signs bill to protect mail-order brides

these stories and more at

Anyhow... In show biz... why not talk up the amazing indie rockers that make the indie world go round...

How about Tom Heyman ... nice guy, even better musician , has got a gig at the Ivy Room with Mike Stinson on Saturday Night Jan 14th...

Stinson's band features former X guitarist Tony Gilkyson & Chuck Prophet's old bass playing chum Teenage Rob Douglas...

Another Case in Point... Miss Carla Kihlstedt and her new band 2 Foot Yard... who through the magic of transcontinental travel have three shows on two coasts and in the high altitude middle section in a span of a few daze !Carla Kihlstedt

Carla is an amazing violinist & singer whose done wondrous things in groups like Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat Trio

See her in On Jan 19th in San Francisco with her former group Charming Hostess at Amnesia ( 853 Valencia St formerly The Chameleon/Chatterbox/graffiti depending on yer intro to SF rock clubs)

Then on Monday Jan 23 she'll be with 2 Foot Yard at the world famous Joe's Pub at 425 Lafayette St in NYC

and if that's not enough, they'll also be doing some shmoozing at Sundance, playing the Star Bar ( 268 Main St.) at 3:00 pm on Jan 28th in Park City Utah...

Music featuring Carla Kilhstedt

2 Foot Yard - 50 Miles

Charming Hostess - War

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Neighborhood

Tin Hat Trio - Somniloquy ( w/ Trevor Dunn & Mike Patton of Mr. Bungle)

Curt Kirkwood of the quasi-legendary Meat Puppets has been doing solo shows lately, and is currently on the East Coast promoting his new outing on Pete Anderson's Little Dog Records

The last time I saw Curt he was jamming with some guys from the Long Beach Dub All Stars/ Sublime posse on Polk St at The Red Devil Lounge...It was a low key fun party vibe set, with some sublime & Mea Puppets tunes tossed in... Well Curt made it back to Polk St recently , and here's some recent live tracks recorded a few weeks ago when Curt was on tour in SF at The Hemlock Tavern... it was an early show, an I was still at work when a buddy called to alert me of his 7:30 start time... but thanx to the magic of the web, a few highlights are present so we can imagine ourselves on Polk St, listening to his closer Polk Salad Annie...

Curt Kirkwood - Polk Salad Annie

plus an old Meat Puppets fave

Curt Kirkwood - Plateau

and the title track to his new disc

Curt Kirkwood - Snow

Fish Ranch Road, a band featuring former members of The Uninvited & Red Planet sends me word they have a gig in Monterey CA on Jan 20th at Monterey Live ( 414 Alvarado St ). Not sure what Fish ranch Road sounds like , but I always enjoyed the Uninvited and their goofy humor , here's atrack from the Red Planet...

Red Planet - Star Force

'Tom Heyman - Deliver Me'

:: format :: cd

Tom Heyman - Alright

Tom Heyman - Crazy Ray

Thanx for Songs:Illinois for posting these Tom Heyman cuts

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