Friday, January 27, 2006

Hmmm ...Thank Golly It's Friday

Hmm... Thank Golly It's Friday

Man, I'm watching T-Rex, Myrna Loy & Ray Davies documentaries on the sattelite, typing on the interweb, drinking cold Sierra and I just got back from a dinner feasting on the unruly sushi & sake' at The Drunken Fish in Oakland and i'm prolly beyond satiated...

If I keep my expectations and dissapointments in check, hey maybe life's seeming sorta good at the moment & it looks like lotsa loopy stuff going on as usual this weekend near my world...

Friday night my frisco freak pal Barry is DJing out at the outer avenue's finest dive bar The Riptide...

Barry's got one of my fave sick senses of humor and has played a role in so many wild show business exravaganzas over the years. A list of the bands he's played in since i met him is an awesome testimony to his dedication to the extreme lifestyles of being one of the nuttiest nutty buddies from beyond.

Barry is a road warrior and twisted punk noisecore metalloid genius who has played guitar for Rich Kids on LSD, Me First & The Gimmes Gimmes, GWAR, Embryo Killers, Osgood Slaughter and amongst numerous other dealios...

I've included a few mp3'z of Barry's current combo The Crosstops, they are a "trucker punk" band that to understand, I'd say ya gotta catch their shtick live...

Crosstops - I'm An Accident

Crosstops - Me & The Road

Crosstops - Camping With 2 Bi-Sexual Girls Unbuttplugged

However, as much as I love the fool, I've already notified the boy Barry that I'm likely to skip vacationing in his wonderworld in favor of catching The Leaving Trains at Annie's Social Club ( i.e Old CW Saloon )...

Audra has allowed my buddy Parker to slot in Falling James and crew along with DJ Eddie Budd and a slew of naughty nincompoops will be there I'm sure. Not the leat important fuckup on that list would have to be Falling James, whose street cred has to include the fatalistic footnote of living through being the first Mr Courtney Love.

The Leaving Trains have been Falling James and whoever he's fallen in with since the very early 80's. here's some sample 4 track recordings made in 1983 by in a suburban L.A garage by Vitus Matare.

Falling James & Leaving Trains - Leaving Train

Leaving Trains - Creeping Coastline of Lights

( both samples from the unabridged 28-song Wharf Rat Tales soundtrack with other scenesters The Gun Club, The Last, Rain Parade etc)

According to Parker this is thee way to spend a Friday Night... and no t just cuz of the revamped Leaving Trains...Opening the bill are two bands featuring ex-members of Zen Guerilla...I'll let GibbsMo fill ya in...

Opening the bill is Cheetah Speed featuring Carl Horn from ZG and a rhythm section that beats harder then a monkey watching the banana channel. Following will be the (so-I’ve-been-told) legendary High Karate featuring former ZG member Andy Duvall, his brother, and a band who will be doing their first show in 13 years. Just wrap your head around that: Brothers, alcohol, first show in 13 years? Think of the possibilities people!

Spinning all evening will be the immortal (I shit you not) DJ Fast Eddy Budds playing a bunch of rare 45’s that none of you could ever possibly own. And if you ask him why not, he will tell you. And before long your head is spinning and the show is over. Consider yourself warned.

Here's some Zen Guerilla from what so far appears to be their final throwdown on Sub Pop, but who knows...

Zen Guerilla - Staring Into Midnight

Zen Guerilla - Barbed Wire

Saturday night I'm foregoing a chance to catch the season opening Roller Derby battle in Oakland to help host a carnival of craziness going on in an old wherehouse at the bottom of Potrero Hill where many a Nirvana & Melvins record amongst thousands of others were shipped & Steelpole Bathtub lived...

Adventurous creative souls still lurk there, so keep yer eyes peeled for wacky whatnot

Thinking man's folksters and party hosts Sweet Crude Bill and The Lighthouse Nautical Society have honored me with the invite to do a lil mic watch for me to appear on some sort of manic MC duties...

Sweet Crude Bill debut with MC Lil' Mike

here's a Sweet Crude Bill teaser recorded deep in the heart of the Bluegrass Mountains of Virginny...

Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society- Get Back Into It

and while we're at it, why not some music from openers Low Red Land

Low Red Land - The Duke

Low Red Land - Bloodletting

DJs (Studio G)
Live Bands (Studio H)

Clide vs. Crocodiles @ 9:30

Low Red Land @ 11

Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society @ 12:30 (debut show!)

plus don't forget the Anarchist Kissing Booth

click for info on

The Fuego Fatale Electronica DJ Party in Studio G

party likely rocks into the way wee hours so don't be shy to stop by and say "high"...

anyhow, after living through the hangover, I'll also be on view and doing duty behind the bar whilst whipping up drinks and rawkin remixes sans crutches for the first time in weeks at Sadie's Flying Elephant... if you live in F CA, then hey, you know the joint...

stop by Sadie's on if yer a Sunday Night Survivor

we'll avoid talking about politics and concentrate on the booze...

zoinks !

Speaking of booze etc... hve ya noticed more people in the "media" seem outraged by the revelations that Oprah's pet James Frey exaggerated hi substance abuse than were about G.W Bush & Colin Powell's B.S WMD scare sessions before the Iraq war?

speaking of WMD scare session B.S, a former Undersecretary of the Israeli Foreign Ministry hassurfaced saying that Israel is deliberately exaggerating the issue of "nuclear" capabilities of Iran" because it's a discrete way of getting its considerably high amount of budgets approved to provide extra financial support for defense as well as intelligence services, claims Dr. Alon Liel.

A military industrial complex conspiracy ? jeeez, say it so?

Eisenhower woulda never believed it...

I Just Saw That Darn Dubya Dude Is Talking Up His New Nuke-lee-ur Plan...

Maybe it's clear indication that despite the bad rap he's taken on stem cell research, maybe Prez Bush is fully into science and stuff. Or maybe he's just completely insincere and lost in space on environmental and national security issues, anyhow let's just try and fathom his latest proposal for nuclear reprocessing in the U.S.

in other dealios... I've been killing time on the train ride home by getting pissed off while reading this book :

Tragedy and Farce: How the American Media Sell Wars, Spin Elections, and Destroy Democracy

It's just a basic rehash and forthright analysis of why our mainstream media sucks big fact-wads... I don't recommend it if ya ain't got a strong stomach for annoying observations about spin doctored modern media, but these people below do...

"John Nichols and Bob McChesney are the Paul Revere and Thomas Paine of our time. We ignore them at democracy's peril."
-- Bill Moyers

"The fact that investigative reporters went to jail while Bill O'Reilly runs around free as a jaybird tells us we need McChesney and Nichols desperately. Their book is a lifeboat for surviving the burst of dam of bullshit called 'American Media."
-- Greg Palast, BBC 2000 election correspondant, and author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Amongst some of the many infuriating passges are ones like these...

"Nightly news coverage on NBC,ABC, CBS,PBS,CNN, and FOX during the first three weeks after the Iraq invasion found that pro-war U.S sources outnumbered antiwar sources by twentyfive to one."

Click To Order "Tragedy and Farce: How the American Media Sell Wars, Spin Elections, and Destroy Democracy"

and the big meaningless pile of random audio I include just to fatten out your musical diet:

Pastels ( with into from John Peel)- Advice For The Graduate

Brian Eno & the Winkies - Paw Paw Negroblowtorch

Brian Eno - I'll Come Running

Brian Eno - An Ending ( Ascent)

Abductors - Adolescent Death ( RKL cover )

Ol Dirty Bastard - Sussudio

Paolo Conte - Happy Feet

The Mighty Stars - Suzanne

The Mighty Stars - Go!

Brian Eno - 1/1

Brian Eno - A Stream With Bright Fish

Brian Eno - The Windows Startup Sound

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