Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stumblin' Towards X-Mess

hey it's me...

hope yer all havin' a happy holiday entry way... as we boil down to the big year end rear end...

for me it's all about the humanity of it all...

ex. I just watched a video of chinese soldiers carefully executing pre-screened prisoners whose organs can be sold to donors...a $5000 dollar deposit can get ya a kidney on reserve, about $30,000 for the whole operation etc

hey, if ya wanna save some lives, ya gotta take some lives right?

...not sure what a liver is going for...but i'lll see if I can reserve ya one...

I'm still limpin' round w/ crutches...made it to work ...

today's mission included bulk erasing a buncha tapes of parole hearings...sad but true...

anyhow...since I'm in a cast, and spent my Sunday Morning trying to bail a 125 lb female friend out of jail who was senselessly and severly beaten til bloody & bruised & then dragged by the hair by cops who didn't like that she was standing in the wrong line outside a disco...

Ward Churchill - "In a Pig's Eye: Reflections on the Police State"

Guess, we'll call it an evil Christmas so far...might as well start with that notion...

here's some more of yer audio presents for the holidaze...

Ladytron - Evil Xmas Mix

DJ John's - Christmassacre of Charlie Brown

Rock n Roll Geek - Xmas Song

Sesame Street's The Count - Let It Snow

Jimmy McGriff -
Santa Claus is Coming to Town


at I found a cover track from a rawkin' Detroit band in the 1980's, ( a decade which according to the website has been over for at least 5818 days last i checked...).

Goober & The Peas - Snoopy's Christmas featuring Ernie Harwell, the original singer of Snoopy & The Red Baron
these fellers can sure crank up an ol' fashioned & fevered lil' storm, so here's more of em...

Goober & the Peas

They did such a nice job on the holiday Snoopy & The Red Baron number I decided to throw in a couple more from their shockingly obscure rock & roll ouvre....

first the socially relevant 80's masterpiece

Goober & The Peas - Killing Is Bad

plus a bonus track of their stunning interpretation from a 1992 Pravda records compilation of Jimmy Webb's classic

Goober & The Peas - Mac Arthur Park


hmmm what next ? I'll just throw some general junque du jour in your direction, maybe lemme know what ya liked...

Now, I bet yer wondering ...why did I put some whiny weirdo Icelandic jazz disco queen named Bjork after that rawkin' blast ... well uh,
because I can... that's why

Bjork - Hidden Place ( matmos mix)

Tipsy -
Kitty's Daydream (Longhair mix)

Nina Simone - House Of The Rising Sun

Aesop Rock -
Basic Cable


that should be enuf tuneage to tide ya over til tomorrow... or whenever i get my shit together to say hello again...

keep those cards and letters coming... tis the be jolly, blah blah blah

here's some of what got heard round these parts last week:

lil mike's tracks chart

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