Monday, December 19, 2005

Laptop Mac & Cheese Mix

It twas a long weekend for me that began in a bar on a Thursday night, hopped into other bars, networked and headed out into a last call , an intervention of sorts at a retirement party that wasn't, and with lil' hands, and the 101, extended well into Friday morn with much mayhem & pre dawn laptop rocking as I tried to lay down some scratch vocals on a new insane screamo composistion in Mac-a-delic software with some fellow combatants... we did at least master the fade...

and I belive Howard Stern was there...or at least people that couldn't stop talking about him...

and somehow there was Crab & Asparagus soup and a sopping wet weekend just continued wandering wily & wicked as Southern Culture was on The Skids again, but I wasn't,

and it all stretched into a series of drunken stuporific moments, that included a strip club xmas party where the ex-mayor cavorted with a murderer and presented his pinky, I ate much cracked Dungeoness crab dripping with butter, and spent some some sort of sordid smoking moment in an alley off Polk St with a Randy midwesterner who praised a land of Karaoke opportunity,

and I believe it all officially ended after much Fernet, Khalua, Beer, Vodka, Chartreuse and limping about when I finally left that same bar circa 3:30 am this morn in a cab...

and i think I left my cheese there...

some darn good Mike's Firehouse Cheddar in fact ...

maybe if I go back, it will still be there... hmmm... sounds risky... matter if I get my cheese back, this might be my last post for awhile, so we'll try to stuff yer stocking wiff some tunes to get ya through the holly daze...

first up, a classic for all seasons... but particularly this one...

Oscar The Grouch - I Hate Christmas

As a final Xmess moment, we'll throw in a couple more hipster holiday hits just to clean out the collection for those of ya that ain't had yer fill yet ...

Beatles - 1969 Fan Club Christmas Single

Clearlake - I Wonder If The Snow Will Settle ( Ben Hiller Remix )

Donny Hathaway - This Christmas

Ella Fitzgerald - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

then we'll take ya to the special voyeuristic peek into the "under covers" lounge for a brief visit...

Butch Walker - My Best Friend's Girl ( Cars cover)

Capt. Sensible -
Happy Talk ( Rodgers And Hammerstein cover )

Ivy -
Let's Go To Bed ( Cure cover)

Gypsy Kings -
Hotel California ( Eagles Cover )

Nickel Creek - Toxic ( Britney Spears cover )

Sublime -
Smoke Two Joints ( Toyes cover )

then we let ya get trapped in a random jukebox mix o' mayhem with an orgy of original artists in no particular order, or particular genre, god or even belief system of orderly blog posting...

Apsci - Tirade Highway (Instrumental)

Architecture In Helsinki -
Potrero Hill

Chemical Bros. -
Galvanize feat Q - Tip

Children of Bodom -
Living Dead Beat

Children of Bodom - Trashed, Lost & Strungout

Corrosion of Conformity - Intervention

Death Cab For Cutie -

Dennis Leary - Asshole Song

Gang of Four -
Anthrax ( Blood Bros. remix)

J.F.A -
We Know You Suck

MDC - John Wayne Was A Nazi

Operation Ivy - Sound System

People Under The Stairs - Code Check

Takuma Itoi - Microbe

Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus

Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

Wolf Parade -
Shine A Light

anyhow, dig the music... or at least what you wanna dig,

my advice to you is : avoid saturated fats, and statuatory rape

partake little of aspartame or most any part of ghee...

stay outta trouble, and for starters ...
don't do anything I would...

but I'm now outta here, yer on yer own , as I'm done tinkering with the soldering iron, and now I gotta go try and get some X mess shopping done on crutches, and visit with my smarty pants niece...

cheers & beers, Lil Mike in San Francisco

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