Friday, December 02, 2005

North Beach : Frisky Fashions & Cookie Crawl Today

Hey Are Ya In San Francisco This Saturday Afternoon?

Are Ya Hungry?

Over 5000 fresh baked cookies will be served today along Upper Grant Ave in a competition for Cookie of The Year !

RubyDolls is just one of the many shops participating today that invites you down to check out the North Beach Cookie Crawl on Sat Dec 3rd...

RubyDolls owner Ruby has baked up hundreds of tasty homemade Aloha Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies made with lots of love as well as butter, brown sugar, Macadamia Nuts & Coconut to give out.

It's Al Part of
"Nonna’s North Beach Christmas!"

a tribute to the Italian baking heritage of this historic neighborhood at the foot of Telegraph Hill

* The Inaugural Cookie of the Year award will be presented by Supervisor Aaron Peskin (for amateur & professional bakers) at 5:00pm (corner of Grant Ave & Union St)

* Participants include North Beach's favorite bakeries (Stella and Danilo’s), Kara’s Cupcakes , I Dream of Cake and residents and shopkeepers from the local community.

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print this ad and bring it in for a discount

other locally owned apparel shops to check out while on the street include:
Ooma, Delilah Crown, Knitz & Leather, Al's Attire, Pixie etc.

* Live Music will be provided by San Francisco's legendary humorist & jazz musician, Mal Sharpe, at the Savoy Tivoli, and watch for the Green Street Marching Brass Band will be roving with their joyful dixieland sounds.


Do Some Holiday Shopping, Enjoy Some Sweet Treats & Help Out Those In Need

Event Presented by Upper Grant Ave Merchants & Telegraph Hill Dwellers, in support of the following charities:

St. Vincent De Paul Meals for the Homeless
San Francisco Fire Department Toy Drive
Upper Grant Avenue Beautification Fund


Holiday Stuff:

The Sesame Street gang helps get in the cookie eatin' mood

Cookie Momster, Grover & Harry Monster - Blue Christmas

Maybe you caught the animated studio mix from his holiday special on Comedy Central, well here's a recording from a live date of the same tune.

Denis Leary - Merry F%@#ing Xmas

From Las Vegas, a band that turns a kiddie classic into a hardcore x-mess carol ...

Lay To Rest - Jingle Bells ( Batman Smells)

why did I put Billy Corgan after that? well, it's because I can... not because I like it...please understand, and forgive me's the holiday season after all...

Billy Corgan - Christmas Time

and here's the TV family that always looked like they were having more fun than anyone else...good thing we have tell all books, reality television and documentaries to straighten out that myth...

David Cassisy & Partridge Family - My Christmas Card to You

here's some more "secular" tunes for ya to enjoy:

From his "Water from The Wells of Home" collaborative album, recorded in the late 80's for Mercury whom he was feuding with, shortly before he was unceremoniously dropped. The writer of the track is the great Appalachian songsmith Tom T. Hall , who joins Johnny on this number.

Water from the Wells of Home (Bonus Tracks)

Johnny Cash - Last of The Drifters

raised in D.C, where Go-Go rules the streets, Amerie uses the local beat to her advantage on this tune

Amerie - 1 Thing

This song uses a sample from a 1965 Jagger/Richards composistion called "The Last Time" from an old Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra recording that unfortunately for the Verve was controlled by Allen B. Klein ( aka ABKCO). The Verve recorded the track before they negotiated the sample, and the price for getting their first real hit on the charts was an exhorbitant fee to Klein that the writers themselves eventually apologized for. Upset that he lost the royalties, Verve singer Richard Ashcroft was quoted saying Bittersweet Symphony was "The best song Jagger and Richards have written in 20 years." Here's the song without "Where Are They Now" file entry Richard Ashcroft bleating over the top...

Verve - Bittersweet Symphony ( inst )

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